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Thursday, September 17, 2009


The September 14, 2009 issue of Newsweek contains an article by its Science Editor Sharon Begley titled, Pink Brain, Blue Brain—Claims of sex differences fall apart, which she bases on the information contained in a book written by Lise Elliot titled, Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps—And What We can Do About it. The troublesome gap according to the article is believing that there are differences between men and women. You heard right. These two women want to assure us that sex differences are socialized and that there really isn’t any difference between those who have penises and those who have wombs.

How does one respond to such a preposterous assertion?

To respond to it gives it credence. Her article did not contain one conceptual viewpoint. That alone would indicate the difference between male and female thinking. Instead of conceptual thought the book relied on 46 pages of bibliography and apparently a mountain of empirical data. I’m not going into a challenge of the article, but I’m confident that one day when historians review the collapse of Western society they will consider it to be a natural consequence of a people who did not know the difference between those who have testis and those who have teats.

I will, however, address two areas of activity related to that article. Firstly, two well-educated scientifically oriented women in a major international news magazine bring us this supposedly enlightening news, not some radical feminist writer published in an avant-garde publication. Do you think that the publishers and moneyed interests that control Newsweek really believe that gender differences are socialized? This article reminds me of the one written by Jodie T. Allen that appeared in the June 23, 2003 edition of U.S. News & World Report titled Are Men Obsolete? Do you think that Mort Zuckerman, the powerful billionaire and owner of U.S. News, and the owners of Newsweek, Time, et al, really doesn’t know the difference between men and women? If so, why do all the major media carry advertisements drenched with sexual motivation?

Ads directed at women appeal to the “ME” aspect of their personalities. By going to a certain store or subscribing to a specific service a woman will become more fulfilled, desirable, and important. In the case of men the sex in advertising is more blatant; the promise of sexual fulfillment sells automobiles, cell phones, and nutritional supplements. If those who control the media believe in a genderless society how come they spend so much money to motivate the sexes?

It’s done for financial gain and societal control. The suppression of male authority and feminine nurturing has led to the dissolution of the family and the control of society by the government. Those that support the government and control it, reap fat profits from sexual exploitation through advertising.

The second area of activity that I will address deals with the mutation of the race. We learned recently that the South African woman runner of recent acclaim is really a hermaphrodite. While hermaphrodites have existed since the beginning of time the mass and self-imposed mutation of the human species is a recent phenomena—if it weren’t recent we wouldn’t be here. The toxic air, water and food that we ingest accounts for a large part of the mutations developing in the race; however, the genderless philosophy and the resultant activities that it encourages lead to mutations of the body, mind, and psyche.

Women are getting broader shoulders, narrower hips, smaller busts, and more sinuous flesh. This is contrary to the way they have been designed, which was to have wider hips than shoulders, large busts, and soft flesh in order to bring forth life and nurture the race. These mutations are affecting women’s ability and desire to propagate the species. Since these mutations are not natural the response on women has been an incidence of depression and female disorders that is beyond epidemic proportions.

What then are the women to do? What can they do? They are responsive, adaptable, accommodating and passive. The ethical standards that men established for their well-being have been removed and the family structure necessary to their secure functioning has been destroyed. Women are responding to the media and the government, there is nothing else for them to respond to—men have been emasculated.

In order to better the lot of women their environment must be changed and only men can do it; however, the majority of men have been neutered. This leaves women and society in a quandary. What women can do is pray that the divine power will motivate Real Men to rise up and start to assume their responsibilities, obligations, and considerations to the race. The men are going to have to be reborn. They must come to the realization that providing the environment and means for women to nurture the race is their paramount concern.

It is time to stop the whining and take action especially among the Men’s Rights Organizations and conservatives. Its time to change the focus from attacking women and defending the system, to caring for women and attacking the system that created this genderless society.

In keeping with that objective I am launching a video series on youtube titled The Natural Woman, which will discuss the environment conducive for the well-being of women and the negative surroundings into which they have been manipulated and how it affects them.

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