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Monday, August 17, 2009


American history, like all history is punctuated with eras signifying personalities, ideas, and practices that define the times. It has had the Reagan era and the Johnson era, the Clipper ship era and the Railroad era. It also had the era of the Horse Soldier, which made possible the conquest of the plains Indians and added to the lore of their famous Chiefs.

America and the entire Western world has moved into the Human Jackass era.

A jackass is usually kept in a barn overnight and in the morning the farmer brings it hay to eat before commencing the day’s work. The farmer provides the on the job training for the jackass, which tends to learn rapidly and becomes a reliable worker, often without use of a tether. If the animal is injured or sick the farmer provides for its healing and when necessary will call upon the services of a veterinary. The jackass normally does not mate unless the farmer brings in a she-ass for that purpose. After mating the farmer decides what to do with the offspring. Life is fairly simple for the jackass; the farmer provides for its every need—as long as it works.

Western man now lives the life of a jackass. He has been stripped of all his natural male authority, which has resulted in the demise of the family and reduced his function to that of doing the work that some higher authority dictates. He receives medical care in a form and degree dictated by the government. The state provides for his education, which in one way or another consists of vocational training. When he does mate the state takes over the care and training of his child.

Western woman, once revered for being a devoted wife and nurturing mother has been stripped of her prestigious position due to the elimination of the family. What is she to do? The government has told her not to worry that she has a right to do the same work as the men, and as verification of this right she will be given diplomas, licenses, and college degrees all of which serve as she-ass certificates that will enable her to do work similar to that of men. She-asses now toil on the treadmill of production as equals to the jackasses.

There are many people who like this beast of burden arrangement. They clamor for universal healthcare so that they will no longer have the responsibility of taking care of their bodies; they clamor for aid to education so that they will not have to prepare for their future; and they clamor for surveillance cameras and security police in an attempt to develop the safe environment once provided by men.

Many she-asses are content to have the state feed, educate, and provide healthcare for their offspring, which gives it the opportunity to indoctrinate them and thus proliferate the number of people who accept the jackass way of living. By the time state-reared children reach adulthood they look upon government as the source of all things and are quite content to become beasts of burden and let the state provide for all their necessities.

The human jackasses, not having families to care for them must rely upon government care when they can no longer pull their loads. Government provides retirement plans of various sorts and social security to help the aged, but eventually the effectiveness of these plans diminishes due to the erosive effect of government created inflation. No longer able to sustain themselves the aged are put in government housing and fed canned and packaged meals that have very little life-force in them. The aged develop reactions to the poor quality of nutrition, which the government treats with medicinal drugs. Eventually these aged bodies can no longer cope with the toxemia of poor diet and pharmaceutical products and they develop “incurable” illnesses attributed to their age. Since families have been eliminated, the government makes the life and death decisions for the aged.

The jackass era has no culture for it was stripped of any traditional practices relating to the propagation and preservation of the species as part of its training for the workplace. Entertainment has become strictly sensation in one form of licentiousness and debauchery or another. These escape mechanisms provide only short-term relief from the boredom and un-natural life of being a jackass or she-ass.

All is not well in the human jackass community. Ten percent of the she-asses in America and 15% of those in Europe suffer from debilitating depression They are slowly learning that the government is not a good substitute man and/or husband. Mental illness has become the number one health issue in the English-speaking world. Some jackasses have begun to chafe in their stalls as they become increasingly dissatisfied with their un-natural environment.

Eventually the more enlightened of the jackasses will look into the mirror and see that they created their environment by buying into the materialism of Western thought. The indwelling spirit causes a realization in each one that life consists of more than the acquisition of things. It awakens him to the higher purpose of spiritual growth and the importance of the propagation and preservation of the species. He comes to the realization that to consider those with testis and those with teats as being the same reflects asinine thinking and it was only natural that he began to live the life of the jackass as a consequence.

Realizing his responsibility for his present situation he becomes aware that he also has the power to alter it by changing his thinking and having the courage to live out those changes.

Some believe a new spiritual era will be ushered in by divine intervention. Such thought—the expectation that some other force will take care of things—is part of the passive feminine thinking that led to the jackass era and the institutionalization of human beings. The universe is designed to operate in a certain manner. What is in harmony with the universe endures, what isn’t doesn’t. The society created by Western thought is an aberration and is imploding. When it collapses the “opportunity” will be there for men of courage and spiritual insight to start rebuilding a more natural society.

Change begins with the individual and societal change requires the cooperation of others. Like-minded men working together will break free of jackass thinking. They will unhook women from the treadmill of production and return them to an environment focused on the family that will permit them to fulfill their natural purpose of bringing life into the world and nurturing it. These few men will be known as the rebuilders and in the words of Isaiah they will rebuild on the old foundations. They will realize that the propagation and preservation of the species is the highest material calling on the journey of spiritual unfoldment and that patriarchy provides the structure that enables the establishment and support of the extended family.

The time is at hand for those men and women of insight and courage to rid themselves of the jackass mentality, get off the treadmill of production, and start living the lives that they were ordained to live.

It is time to spread the word of another way of life, which can be done by sending this essay to newspapers, magazines and various organizations that have an interest in family and personal accountability. You can invest in the various information materials offered by Men’s Action and distribute them to friends, family, and associates. You can subscribe to the Men’s Action website and to its videos on youtube. No one is going to make the change for you. You and like-minded people working together can provide the change that all of humankind is thirsting for. Now is the time to start.


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