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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have repeatedly stated that the purpose of the masculine gender is to provide the environment and means for the feminine gender to bring forth life and nurture it. Western society rarely uses the term nurture. Instead, it uses the term care and refers to those in need of it as children, aged, indigent, homeless, poor, under-privileged, hungry, uneducated, sick, infirm, orphaned, handicapped, and jobless.

The “care” expressed for others in Western society focuses on the need to sustain them physically. Requests for care for the needy can be heard in the rhetoric of those in the pulpit, in politics, and in various humanitarian and community organizations. The solution recommended by all of them requires contact with the appropriate institution that has the facilities and structure to provide for the specific needs of those requiring help.

The institution-oriented nature of Western thought has made the institutionalized care of humans a cultural export. Day care centers, orphanages, old age homes, mental asylums, homes for unwed mothers, and homeless centers are all of Western origin.

The institutions that have the most complete range of services including provisions for food, shelter, recreational facilities, medical care, vocational opportunities, and educational facilities are prisons; however, prisoners do not seem to be particularly happy. On the other hand, people on the outside of the prisons do not seem to be happy either. Depression is running rampant for people inside the cages and outside of them. Could the reason be that the institutionalized care of people is inhuman and unnatural? Could it be that institutionalization—which is a prison mentality—does not make for happy people?

The gross materialism of Western thought has reduced human needs to material considerations even though the great Master has stated clearly that man does not live by bread alone. Nurturing can only begin when society understands that truism.

What is the difference between walking in the doorway of your home or the entrance to a prison cell? The prison might have more material facilities than the home. Is it freedom? Then what is the difference between walking into your home or your barracks on the army post or your cabin aboard a naval vessel? Army posts and naval vessels offer all sorts of amenities free or at low cost that are not normally found in the home or in small communities. Prisons, army posts, naval vessels, universities, and institutions provide for material needs and desires, sometimes better than the home does, but still we all yearn to be in the home. What draws a person to his or her home?

The home contains special attention transmitted by a loving wife and dedicated mother to all within her jurisdiction. She transmutes spiritual love into physical expression. She infuses all her actions and activities with unconditional love. When she cooks she adds an ingredient to all her food not found in stores; it’s called love. When she prepares a meal she envisions the effect it will have upon those whom she loves. When she does the laundry she adds love to every fold. When she makes the beds she tucks the sheets with love. This special attention is called nurturing.

Women who dedicate their lives to nurturing tend to be very happy, and free of severe emotional issues. They exude love and in turn they are filled with divine love. They create a loving aura in their homes that draws members of the family to it. The warm and caring environment of the home affects all who reside there and helps them to live a more relaxed, productive, and caring life.

The nurturing woman needs a safe and secure environment in which to function; mother’s milk can only flow freely when she is safe and secure. Family provides a secure environment.

Unfortunately mother no longer has a safe and secure environment in which to function. Government has eliminated the authority of the natural provider of a safe environment—man. Women now are “independent” and on their own. They can work, vote, own property and provide for themselves. The children whom they once nurtured have been turned over to the state for “care,” not nurturing. Her children live in an institutionalized environment for most of their childhood and are conditioned for further institutionalization upon adulthood.

These conditions make for unhappy women with the result that their primary health condition is debilitating depression. The children raised in institutionalized care aren’t doing well either. America now has the most violent boys in the world, which makes them prime candidates for penal institutions, where close to three million men now live. Three million girls now suffer from depression and close to one million grade school boys take Ritalin on a prescribed basis. The World Health Organization announced that the number one health issue of England, the United States and Canada is mental illness. The institutionalized non-nurtured world of Western society isn’t functioning very well.

There is only one species of human life designed for nurturing; it’s called woman.

The only natural institution for a woman to live in is called family. Men make families. Men with authority commensurate with their responsibilities make families. Male authority derives from the natural patriarchal structure of the universe. No patriarchy—no real men. No real men—no families. No families—no nurturing.

If we want to change the conditions of our society we must change the thinking that caused them. To treat the differences in gender as similars is an aberration of nature that inhibits both genders from functioning as they were designed to do. Men must take the initiative and rebuild society along patriarchal lines. Any structure other than patriarchy ultimately results in strong governments that institutionalize the care of people, which dehumanizes them and enslaves them.

Are you ready to take the steps that will provide the environment necessary for women to nurture the race? If so, then let me hear from you.


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