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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Religions are feminine; they materialize and personalize impersonal and unseen spiritual truths. In theory religions represent the collective understanding of the populace regarding the teachings of prophets contained in various texts; in actuality they represent the belief system of those in charge of the religion. The less understanding a group has of matters spiritual, the greater the need for a belief system and the authority necessary to enforce that belief. Western materialistic thought has little understanding of matters spiritual (the unseen); therefore, its religious structure relies heavily upon authority, law, and punishment.

Western thought develops religiousness in all its institutions. The medical field has little understanding of health; therefore, it developed a religious structure to sustain itself and enforce its beliefs. What the AMA refers to as a protocol is a liturgy prepared by drug companies in collusion with attorneys and enforced by the high priests of a medical oligarchy who demand absolute adherence to the liturgy with the threat of hell and eternal damnation to the physician who disobeys. That means the loss of his license.

The government has little understanding of unseen ethics; therefore it has no basis for developing moral behavior. It focuses on legal and illegal, for it does not know right from wrong. It has created a huge religious institution called the American Bar Association, which has authority, laws, and punishment. Those who do not meet the criteria of the high priests are disbarred.

The educational system has little understanding of knowledge, which is unseen; therefore, it focuses on information, which is seen and develops religiously oriented institutional structures based on authority, law, and punishment. It will only consider new information if it is based upon the approved liturgy (materialistic scientific approach) for developing and presenting this information. Those within the institutions who do not conduct themselves in accordance with the accepted academic liturgy face expulsion, or if tenured, ostracization. Those who attend these institutions will be fed a diet of rote learning and examined on the retention of the information fed to it.
Western thought has little understanding of the unseen forces of nature; therefore, it ravages, pollutes, and distorts the environment. In order to administer the use of natural resources (that’s the name it gives to nature) it has made of it a commodity controlled by international finance. These moneyed interests not only bought Manhattan from the Indians, they bought the world; they own it and decide who lives where and how. They have created an international economic cartel that has its authority, laws, and punishment. They enforce a belief structure predicated on the power of money.

Every activity that Western thought engages in is based upon what it sees and believes; not upon what it doesn’t see or understand. The entire world of Western thought is a vast empire of religiously structured institutions based upon gross materialism, which in one way or another acts to enslave the populace.

The major manifestation of Western thought is the lack of understanding of the purpose of human existence. It does not “see” that we are here to propagate and preserve the species on our journey of spiritual growth. Therefore, it does not understand the purpose of gender and the patriarchal structure necessary to attain that objective. Instead Western thought believes in the finiteness of the material world and the unlimited opportunity to indulge oneself in it. This thinking has created a religious materialistic governing structure with a multiplicity of institutions with authority, laws, and punishment designed to propagate and enforce its belief.

These institutions by nature attempt to expand their power. Ecumenism attempts to create a one-world religious order. National governments attempt to create a one-world social order. Financial institutions attempt to create a one-world financial order. The collective goal is to have an institution to govern every facet of life on an international basis. Western thought considers that to be absolute fairness; it does not realize that it is absolute subjugation of the people. It eliminates the necessity for discernment and replaces it with the necessity of absolute obedience.

Western thought has enslaved its society through the religiousness of its institutions.

Various men’s groups around the world (the Western world) are attempting to fight the punitive laws directed against men and family. They attempt to do it through the very institutions that emasculated them. These men’s rights groups are now fighting for parity with women. Imagine that; the Adam principle of the universe is begging the institutions that it created to treat them the same as women. This thinking leads to the impotence of society. “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

However, all is not doom and gloom. The universe is always in divine order. What is natural endures; what isn’t doesn’t. The society and institutions created by Western thought are in their death throes. We are witnessing its demise in real time. As it collapses those that remain will be forced to see the thing behind the thing—the spirit behind the material world. Society will recognize its purpose to propagate and preserve the species while on its journey of spiritual development. Men will realize their obligation to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. Instead of focusing on religion, humankind will focus on spiritual understanding. Instead of focusing on the law it will realize its obligation, responsibilities, and considerations toward its brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters.

Prior to the collapse and the enforced change that it will produce, a small and virile minority with more enlightened views will begin to make its presence felt. Those minorities of people are with us now, and their numbers are growing. They have been reborn; their thinking has changed. They consist of women happy to be women, and men cognizant of their manliness. Working together these men and women realize their responsibilities, obligations, and considerations to the human race. They rear their own children rather than having the state do it. They have ethics that govern their moral conduct. They recognize the impermanence of the material world and have an understanding of matters spiritual. They have an appreciation of nature and the interdependence of all life. These people will serve as the nucleus upon which the new era will be built. The small and growing minority with us that will meet that challenge is fulfilling the prophecy contained in Isaiah, which states that they will rebuild on the old foundations and will be known as the rebuilders.

As this year draws to a close we welcome not only a new year but also a new decade, one that will usher in a period of change perhaps unparalleled in human history. We will see the institutionalization of human beings reach its peak and then crack and implode as the impotence it created gives way to the growing virile minority that will be the cornerstone of a new era.


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