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Monday, February 1, 2010


Polls indicate that the dissatisfaction of the American public with its institutions has reached an all time high. This statistic when coupled with a recent finding that most people express dissatisfied with their jobs leads to a reasonable conclusion that discontent prevails in our society. The high rate of depression and mental illness found in all Western societies supports this conclusion.

I have indicated my opposition to men relying on institutions instead of themselves in many essays, and I have also frequently mentioned that jobs are unnatural and breed dissatisfaction followed by discontent.

Our institutions have failed us and their deterioration has begun, which gives evidence of the crumbling of Western society. The West will eventually come to the realization that institutions are but poor substitutes for the responsibilities, obligations, and considerations of men, but not before they beg one last institution to save them—the government. When that last institution fails—and the cracks have already appeared in its walls—then people will have to fend for themselves by learning to work cooperatively outside of institutions and a new era of enlightenment will manifest.

Let’s take a look as some of the major institutions in our society. Our legal institutions have been revered since the beginning of Western society. From Draco, to Solon, to Justinian, to Napoleon, Western society has seen an ever-growing influence of legal institutions. The result in modern America is that we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. We have a greater total number of men in prison than India and China combined. Only conquering armies were once capable of putting such a large percentage of the population in prison, and in America we do it willingly.

Our medical institutions have developed protocols, which are liturgies developed by pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with our legal institutions and enforced by the high priests of a medical oligarchy that inflicts eternal damnation to those who do not comply. That means the loss of a license. The result has been a highly medicated society so in need of medicinal drugs that it is bankrupting the nation.

Our vaunted educational institutions produce high school graduates that have to be tutored in how to fill out an employment application. A test given to high school graduates when given to college seniors 50 years later resulted in the college seniors scoring below the high school graduates. What this means in practical terms is that parents and grandparents who only graduated from high school know more than their offspring who are now in college.

All Western institutions are declining. All.

Yet, Western man has become so dependent upon them that he cannot envision life without them. This is one of the points to be understood in the film Avatar. James Cameron created a green society without Western institutions. It had no purpose. There were no babies, no old people, no families, no religion, no worship, no temples, no growing of food, gathering of fruits, hunting for meat. While the intent of the film might have been good, the end result is that it depicted a society bereft of any concept of the propagation and preservation of the species and spiritual growth. Pandora depicted a vacuous society and represents Western thoughts inability to function without its institutions.

Until Western thought is reborn and frees itself from its myopic materialistic thinking it will remain a slave to its institutions.

God did not establish institutions. He created men with the authority and the ability to create a society in harmony with its environment while promoting its spiritual growth. Men provide the environment and means for women to bring life into this world and nurture it as humankind progresses on its spiritual journey. Institutions can’t do that, and that’s why we are discontent.


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