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Sunday, March 7, 2010


This week the world news media reported on demonstrations by college students in California and by the citizenry in Greece. In California the students demonstrated against cuts in the State educational budget and in Greece the people demonstrated against cuts in government services and employment.

When people demonstrate they indicate displeasure with their environment and hope that they will influence a higher power to take the necessary action to improve conditions and eliminate their displeasure.

This activity is akin to a wife creating a scene with her husband in which she hopes to motivate him to take action that will relieve the displeasure that she could not alleviate on her own. When a group of women make a scene it’s called a demonstration, but the intent is the same as when a wife make a scene with her husband, to get a higher power to make changes which they could not make on their own. This behavior is natural for women because of their receptive, responsive, and adaptable natures; they inherently know that the power resides outside of them.

What excuse do men have for demonstrating? Men—real men—know that the power resides within them; therefore, they do not have an inclination to demonstrate; however, Western thought has motivated men to relinquish their natural power and turn it over to the government. The education, health, safety and security, financial well-being, and administration of inter-personal relationships of society now depend upon government largess. Men have no authority over anything anymore; therefore, they now—like women—demonstrate for solutions to their issues. How sad.

Demonstrating men cause extensive disconcertment among women, though society tends not to realize it. When a woman screams, cries, and demonstrates she is transmitting a signal that she needs help and inherently she hopes that this help will come from a man. If the man also screams, cries, and demonstrates, then she has no choice but to seek an alternate source to alleviate her fear, sorrow, or discontent.

From a practical basis, if a man cannot provide the help that a woman seeks, she has little need for him; consequently marriage rates have dropped and divorce rates have increased.

The alternate sources that women approach for help—whatever and whomever they might be—cannot provide the love and security that a man can. Consequently women become disconcerted, which manifests itself in depression, the number one illness of Western women throughout the world.

Depressed women engage in therapy, take anti-depressants, and join support groups, but all of these activities focus on alleviating the symptoms but not the cause of depression. Depression comes from the unnatural lifestyle of attempting to live independent of men, which results in insecurity, loneliness, and angst. Only men can change the situation of depressed women and the neglected children that result from this depression, but they won’t be able to do it by demonstrating.

In order to change the lot of women and children and improve the condition of society in general men must regain their authority and exercise it. They must understand that there is no higher power than themselves. They must realize that they created all the institutions that now have power over them. Institutions have no ethics, no love, and no reality. Ethics come from men who realize the purpose of human existence is the propagation and preservation of the species while on its spiritual journey. They must rise up and reassert themselves, and this is a good time to do it as a growing discontent has arisen against all the institutions that Western man has created. People have lost faith in government and all the bureaucracies that they have spawned.

Why don’t the men act? They have been conditioned to be unsure of themselves regarding their relationship with women. Frequently I am asked by men, “What do the women say?” in response to my message. I have received letters of support from women young and old, domestic and foreign, black and white, and from Muslim, Jew, and Christian. Today I will publish another letter of support from a woman under Men’s Action News. I know with a certainty that I will receive positive response from women to this article on demonstrations, but I won’t make any bets that I will get positive responses from men.

It’s time for the men to step forward and create a society outside of the existing institutions. The only natural societal structure is patriarchy and only men can establish it.

Institutions will not get any better—they can’t. They have no ethics.

Demonstrating acknowledges your dependency and subordination to a higher authority. You my sons and brothers are the highest authority. It is time to act accordingly and stop demonstrating and do what is necessary to bring about change.

The prophets, enlightened masters and saints who came before us did not demonstrate. They were the demonstration of manly power. It is time to emulate them and foster a natural way of life for humankind. The power resides within you—be its demonstration.



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