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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Below is an edited version of an Email sent out by Peter Zohrab, a gender activist in New Zealand, concerning the attack on the male influence in educational institutions. The conditions that he describes in New Zealand and Australia occur in America as well, and throughout the Western world.

I addressed the gender bias in our education system in my blog The Boy Crises and in my essay The Reason for the Collapse of the American Educational System. If there is any concerted effort to reverse this trend I am unaware of it.

The suppression of the male influence runs contrary to the fundamental operation of the universe and everything in it. Gender is not a social construct or a religious fabrication; it is a fundamental metaphysical truth. Nothing moves in this universe without the interplay of gender. Nothing. The logical consequence of the suppression of the masculine influence by Western institutions is the collapse of the natural functioning of society and the intrusion into it by the various facets of government.

There can only be two reasons why Western society proceeds on this path of gender destruction; one is ignorance and the other is evil, or more properly stated an evil born of ignorance. My essay Ignorance Empowered Becomes Evil explains how this evil came about and how it is destroying our society.

Recently Vice President Biden announced that the government would take steps to tighten Title IX policy in our education institutions, a policy that already severely restricts male athletic activity. The government intends at every level to squeeze out of every segment of society any evidence of natural gender differences. This will enable it to control society completely. We are close to that point and many people have begun to realize it. Unfortunately most of them still hope to make change through the very institutions that perpetuate the evil of a genderless society.

If you recognize the negative effects of a genderless society and understand that change can only come about outside of the institutions that created it, then Men’s Action is the organization for you to support and get involved in. Our mission statement is to foster a natural way of life for humankind. Gender, family, and the patriarchal structure that supports it are natural. After you read the Email below I hope that you will recognize that Men’s Action serves as your only option for change.


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Is there a deliberate Feminist strategy to scapegoat men in relation to the issue of sex abuse, in order to further the female domination of education, and hence of society as a whole?

In New Zealand, at least, there has been some publicity about the phenomenon of men schoolteachers and complaints. One estimate is that every man schoolteacher in New Zealand could expect to have no less than three complaints made against him per year - mainly over sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, etc.

Much the same thing has occurred in Australia, and men school teachers have to constantly be looking over their shoulder for silly and unfounded complaints that are usually about some little feminist not getting the marks she feels entitled to, and who is then pushed by mum to complain as a means of getting better marks. In at least one Australian high school, any discussions between a girl and a male teacher are held in a glass room in the middle of the playground, so that everybody can see what goes on.

Consequently, very few graduate men go into school teaching now -- nobody would put his head in that noose -- and the result is that -- you guessed it -- all those feminist indoctrinated little girls from university with their cheap and easy credits from Women's Studies are now running the show.

Some teacher unions indoctrinate female teachers with Feminist propaganda, e.g. by sending them a special newlsetter, which is only for female teachers. In this way, many female teachers may end up believing Feminist propaganda, because they have no access to alternative information on the relevant topics. If they end up believing Feminist propaganda, then they are Feminists, and it doesn't matter if they are generally thought of as Feminists or not.

Fergusson et al. (1991a) gives the following as the reason for boys' comparatively low educational achievement in schools:... the higher rate of educational under-achievement in males was adequately explained by gender related differences in classroom behaviours with males being more prone to disruptive and inattentive classroom behaviours that appeared to impede male learning and lead to a male educational disadvantage.

That may or may not be a correct conclusion for the authors to have drawn. If so, there remains the question of why males are "more prone to disruptive and inattentive classroom behaviours." The answer to that question may lie in Fergusson et al. (1991b), which finds that...

in the areas of reading and written expression teachers showed consistent tendencies to evaluate the performance of girls more favourably than the (sic) boys even after adjustment for gender differences in objective test scores were made.

This introduces the possibility that most teachers are anti-male, which is a fact that former teachers like ourselves can testify to. It is possible that, with most teachers being female, and even most of the male teachers being feminist, some of the boys pick up on the anti-male atmosphere and are turned off.

It is interesting that the same classroom behavior by boys has often been described by feminists as hogging teachers' attention and impeding female learning! Feminist teachers have, firmly implanted in their brains, the notion that females are disadvantaged, and this has the following results:

- They interpret, as much as possible, every difference between boys and girls as a disadvantage suffered by girls;

- They interpret, as much as possible, any attempt to help boys as an attempt to divert effort away from helping girls;- They actively intervene to bias systems and processes in a way that advantages girls;

- They are unable to conceive of bias against boys as being possible, or -- if possible -- as being a bad thing;

- They are biased against boys in their teaching and assessment;

- They turn some boys off the educational process, resulting in poor academic performance.

Students who make false accusations against male teachers, or who behave provocatively towards them should be disciplined, and other measures should be undertaken to make schools a safe and attractive working environment for male teachers -- both for the benefit of the teachers concerned and for the benefit of the male students.

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