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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday in a discussion with a colleague I stated that Western society couldn’t be fixed and that it would not last much longer. It is built on a weak or un-natural foundation. Any further tinkering will only move the problems from one location to another, but the overall health and well-being of society will continue to degenerate. Western society is a sinking ship, and now is the time to look for a good lifeboat.

Section IV of our mission statement contains steps for living a more healthful life that will lead to health options in addition to those provided by drug companies and the AMA. These steps will lead to having a lifeboat. On November 6, 2011 I posted the essay Holistic Healing Available from Men’s Action, as a step in fulfilling the mission statement. Two of our subscribers took advantage of this healing and their testimonials follow:

Cluster Headaches

I suffered from cluster headaches for 25 years. These headaches would occur about every two years lasting a few months each time and causing severe pain. The pain of cluster headaches is so severe that they are known as “suicide headaches” due to the fact that some sufferers have chosen to end their lives rather than endure the pain of the headaches, which can be described as a stabbing, and tearing pain located behind the eye socket.

I took pain pills along with a prophylaxis but nothing helped. When Elder George started treating me from New York City I stopped taking pain pills at the end of the first week. I stopped taking prophylaxis a couple of weeks later. The headaches have not returned.

Thanks Elder George

B.C. Torrance, CA Nov 2011

Arthritic Ankle

In the mid 1970's I was in a rather serious auto accident. Among other injuries my right foot was crushed. The resulting arthritic condition had worsened over the last several years and my radius of operation had been decreasing. The pain had become severe and I considered pain management as the next medical procedure.

One day Elder George whom I had never met but considered a close friend from internet correspondence, suggested I give Pranic Healing a try. I thought, “Sure, what have I got to lose?” I was not familiar with the concept of Prana but George said it had worked for him (and when one is in pain one is open to experimentation with whatever offers relief). We agreed to try three sessions a week for a month to see if it helped.

A few hours after my phone conversation with George (he was in New York and I was in California), I was sitting in my chair in my office when I felt this wave flow through me. The feeling was sort of like when one takes a deep breath and holds it for a time to build up the tension and then lets it out. I had never spontaneously witnessed this sensation before. (I assumed that George was doing his Energy Healing).

Over the next few days I became aware that my ankle felt different. It was very subtle and I am unable to describe the difference. I do know that I was striding out more confidently, unconcerned with the likelihood of pain. Prior to my treatments I would be hesitant in my movements, anticipating the discomfort with each step.I was stunned at how quickly the pain ceased. I have essentially no pain in my ankle when I walk now. One day I walked several miles with no pain.

And the very best part: I did not have to do a thing. The pain just magically disappeared.Thank you Elder George

H. D. Sacramento, CA January 2012

The purpose of my article of last November was to acquaint you with one of many forms of alternative healing. A dream of mine is to someday have on our website a list containing the names of practitioners of alternate forms of healing. Until then look in your own area and give them a try. If you cannot find one that you are confident with, send me an Email or give me a call.

When I treat you there is no taking time off from work, no travel time or expense, and no physical examinations. I can examine any body, anywhere, and at any time. As H.D. said above “The pain just magically disappeared.”

I strongly urge all of you to prepare for the day when the Western way of life degenerates into deep collapse—a collapse that has already begun and is intensifying. Please do not give these articles a complacent Ho-Hum response or you will get caught up in the sinking of our grossly materialistic ship without a lifeboat available to you. I am offering you a lifeboat now. Start thinking and living differently.

One way you can do this is to contact me for any ailments that you might have.

You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains.


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