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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This past week members of the United States Congress and the media made it clear that the care of women has become a responsibility of the state. On Thursday February 16th a committee of the U.S. Congress held a hearing regarding abortion. Those asked to testify were apparently all clergymen. Two female members of Congress, Representatives Carolyn Maloney of New York and Eleanor Homes Norton of Washington, D.C., took umbrage that no women were asked to testify and walked out of the hearing.

Rep. Maloney made the following statement: What I want to know is, where are the women? When I look at this panel, I don't see one single woman representing the tens of millions of women across the country who want and need insurance coverage for basic preventive health care services, including family planning. Where are the women?

Rep. Maloney apparently considers the care of women to be a function of themselves and the state. She is probably unaware—or at the least does not like to admit—that the care of the family, tribe, and race has always been the responsibility of men. The responsibility of males extends to the care of the pride, herd, flock, gam, and most all groupings of mammals and birds.

Spiritual texts throughout the world and from all ages motivate men to take care of women and children, of widows, and orphans (that could account for the clergy being at the hearing). All cultures of indigenous peoples show an inherent understanding that men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. Western society worships materialism and has neutered the male, which has destroyed the family and now makes women dependent upon government largess and law to care for their well-being; and they have been told they are liberated.

The result of government care of women has had a devastating effect on their health. In the United States 300,000 new cases of breast cancer occur each year and the majority of women now develop fibroids. Ten million American Women—ten percent of the adult female population—suffer from debilitating depression; this malady also affects three million girls. The use of stress medication has become the norm as increasing numbers of women suffer from a variety of stress related disease; but that’s okay because they are liberated.

The removal of men from authority resulted in the elimination of ethics from which moral behavior stems. The sexual promiscuity promoted due to the lack of morals that men once established has resulted in increasing cases of chlamidia, human papilloma virus, and herpes; all very painful conditions for women. But then they are liberated.

The decline of ethics has wrought even deeper devastation on society. Forty percent of all births occur out of wedlock, 24 million children go to bed at night without a father in the home, 82% of children the age of 18 do not live in a home containing both of their natural parents. The liberated mothers that spawn these births are too busy working to nurture their children and the state has taken over their rearing. This has resulted in America now having the most violent boys in the world. The chances of boys having a relationship with the law, using drugs, joining street gangs, going to prison, being shot dead in the streets or all of the above increase with every out-of-wedlock birth. Still their mothers are liberated.

The Western ignorance of the purpose of men and women knows no bounds. The day after the media’s blanketing of its outlets with the abortion controversy the Huffington Post revealed that The New York Times Book Review used the term “chick non-fiction” in referring to the work of women non-fiction writers, as though they were different from men. Women’s Editor Margaret Wheeler Johnson wrote “So here we are again. I thought after the Great Jonathan Franzen Debacle of 2001, no man would ever again dare to suggest publicly that there is an inferior class of books that only women read.”

Get that, that a man should “dare” to suggest publicly. Well I ask that all of you who read this essay please send Ms. Johnson of the Huff Post an Email, a twitter, or whatever method of communication that you use and tell her that there is a man that says so emphatically and publicly and will continue to do so anywhere and without charge.

He will state unequivocally that a woman cannot do anything that a man can do; and that the reason society is degenerating is because male responsibility and authority have been removed. Every society that has seen the removal of male authority has disintegrated. The Taoists state that without the Yang the Yin will disappear. The whole non-Western world knows that.

Regarding women’s communication, women think in pictures and speak in nouns; men think in concepts and speak in verbs. The entire communications media deals in effects (pictures) and describes them in nouns. That accounts for why women’s health in particular and all of society in general continues to deteriorate. To change things requires getting at the cause (conceptual thinking) and taking action (verbs).

Representative Nancy Pelosi joined the fray concerning the abortion hearing by repeating the question “Where are the women” and then finishing off with “duh.” Send this article to all the “duh” women and let them know that the sickest and unhappiest women in the world are Western women because “duh” they don’t have men to care for them.

By the way, if you click the link on the Huff Post article you will find one of the articles available on that page titled, Ready to be a Single Mom? Isn’t that great? Screw up the race a little more, remember you’re liberated.


P.S. Please mail copies of this article to any media option available to you. E.G.

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