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Friday, September 28, 2007


I came across an Internet article indicating that some men would give up sex before giving up their opportunity to blog. That same day I scanned a magazine article in which the CEO of a company asked the question, “Who doesn’t own a computer, Blackberry, ipod, and cell phone?” He stated that America is becoming increasingly “wired in.” That seems true to me, and if people are removed from their “wired in” position they exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

When mensnewsdaily.com altered its format resulting in less blogging activity, I detected withdrawal symptoms on the part of many of the subscribers. Some searched for and found other blogging venues; however, most still appear to be going through withdrawal symptoms. What do they miss; chitchat about things that no one does anything about? That’s gossip. The wiring in of America makes it increasingly docile and manipulated. It facilitates control of the user and inhibits his ability to make change. The average American not only willing accedes to this control but desires it and thinks he has a right to own these gadgets that will enslave him.

A conspiracy film that I saw recently contained the statement that the way to enslave people is to get them to want to be enslaved. “Wiring in” America enslaves the mind of its people; and yet they clamor to be more “wired in.”.

Don’t give in to the withdrawal symptoms, break away from the urge to blog and start taking steps to promote Men’s Action; it will free you from the enslaving influence of blogging—a cyberspace version of gossip. One of our members sent me an E-mail stating that he isn’t so busy now that he severed all his links to MND. He stated, “I’m much happier now. I guess all those negative comments depressed me.”

Gossip fatigues and depresses men; it is not compatible with the male psyche, which communicates for the purpose of passing on information that ultimately leads to action. Few venues offer men the opportunity to be assertive and make change. Most jobs stifle assertiveness. Spectator sports have become a vast arena of make-believe manhood and entertainment that affords people another opportunity to get “wired in.”

Unhook yourselves from the “wired in” conditions. Disconnect from the enslaving progress of gossip and no action. Spread the message of Men’s Action. You will feel better and you will be serving others.

Last Saturday I sat next to a young African-American woman on the subway who was reading a book. I struck up a conversation with her and eventually sold her my book. Below is a copy of an E-mail I received from her:

Hello Elder George,

If you run into me on the train again you will see me reading your book. I am enjoying it very much and learning a lot. It was a pleasure meeting you and when I am done with the book I'll let you know my opinion of it. Although you wrote it 15 years ago the issues are timeless. At this point I can see why your message has a strong influence on the black community as well as how it is relevant to any community. Keep up the great work!


There are millions of people thirsting for our message and they are grateful to those who bring it to them. When you carry the message to them you will be active instead of passive and you will be helping others.

Continue to withdraw from the “wired in” state and do not relapse. Preach and share the word with others in the flesh. Get out of the cyber world and into the real world. Talk to your brothers and sisters and create a following. They await our message. Giving it to them enables you to act freely and influence the world around you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The extensive use of the phrase “I’m going to” serves as another indicator of the feminization of men in our society. With increasing frequency I hear men say I’m going to: attend a meeting, give you a call, by a book, write an article, write a book, change jobs, do this and do that; but nothing happens. This inability to do occurs at the local level in politics, among non-profit organizations, and religious organizations as well. As a nation we work very hard on our assigned tasks as jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production, but other than that we seem unable to fulfill our desires, promises, and obligations to get anything done. Instead we talk about it.

Women talked about things and men changed things, that is, until the age of women’s liberation evolved. Now everybody talks while the government does things, and even the government does less and less while it controls more and more. The masculine sounding term blogging serves as a vehicle for men to engage in gossip, but not as a vehicle to do or accomplish anything. Chitchat has supplanted action and has become widely accepted among men, as they become noun oriented instead of verb oriented. They talk about the things they have rather than about what they have done. Even the phrase “I’m going to” contains a conjugation of the “to be” verb, which is a non-action verb.

Most American men no longer have the capability to live out their manhood due to a combination of many factors. Many have had tyrant mothers (see chapter XII in my book), most received coed educations presided over by women who taught a female- oriented curricula. A feminine value structure dominated what they were exposed to on television, the movies, the written media, and the workplace. Men have become neutered; they have become incapable of action, and herein lay the problems of society.

It is with compassion that I address this issue, but not with an attitude of acceptance, but rather with the hope for change. Men’s Action to Rebuild society has a four-step program. First, is the recruitment of men, which is the stage that we are in now. Second, these men need motivation to action, but because of their emasculated state, they must first receive empowerment training, which will be done through various seminars and various types of training made available only to members after we incorporate. Third, we must rebuild the family, which will lead to the final goal, the rebuilding of society.

I realize that many men suffer inwardly at their inability to make outward changes, and would like to participate, if only they could. They need to develop courage, which is the ability to do what one is fearful of doing. The manifestation of courage serves as the first step in breaking out of the prison of inaction. Take that first step to make change, no matter how small it is, then after that more and larger steps will follow. Remember always, that you are a man, there is no greater power on the face of this earth than the masculine principle, and it resides in you.

I hope soon to be writing in Men’s Action News about the steps you have taken to increase our membership as part of your participation in step one of our program. Just do it. You will find that no one else is doing anything, which will make what you are doing look gigantic. Do you want to be an actor on the stage of life or a reactor? Do you want to act as a REAL MAN, or are you content to act like a weak-kneed milksop? The choice is yours. You can take the first step.

In closing I post below for your consideration a sign that I have hanging over my desk.






Monday, September 17, 2007


The statement “I’m busy” permeates our society. Radio and television interviews will invariably elicit the “I’m busy” statement, as will newspaper and magazine commentary. Support groups and self help businesses strive to assist people in coping with busy. “I’m busy” accounts for a lack of sleep, nervous tension, depression, and psychiatric care.

In the midst of all of this “I’m busy” living I decided to share with you the knowledge that I am not busy. I have never been busy, nor will I ever be busy. I am a man and I control my environment. Busy is a condition that I deal with; I do not become it.

“I’m busy” comes from the kitchen. Women are responsive, accommodating, and adaptable; they become their environment. Mom is busy don’t go in the kitchen, mom is irritable don’t talk to her, mom is late don’t bother her. Mom becomes her environment. She becomes the clothes she wears. She also becomes caring, joyful and passionate, which we will come back to later.

Now that women have permeated the work force “I’m busy” has permeated its language. Also, since most children are raised in an environment with a minimal masculine presence they pick up the language and mannerisms of the kitchen. They make excuses for their performance. They were busy. Even more, they now return calls and take action when they are ready rather than when it is appropriate. They act like a woman being courted rather than as a man fulfilling his obligations.

All my life I have returned calls within 24 hours at the latest, and I still do. A few months ago I severed my relationship with a 27-year-old man who was taking care of my computer because he was always “busy.” It’s not that he wouldn’t come and do the work, but he always responded late, didn’t answer his messages, and then when I would see him he would indicate “something came up.” That phrase “something came up” has been in the female vocabulary as long as I can remember. They are always responding to what comes up—a natural activity for them. What is not natural is for a man to become his environment.

The feminine principle is responsive, that’s why we check the weather every day—to see what kind of mood mother earth is in. We don’t have to check sunrise everyday—that has been calculated for the year. The Sun is constant; mother earth is inconstant. If the Sun were to become inconstant the solar system would break up. If men become inconstant society breaks up. Have you noticed?

It is one thing to understand that patriarchy is the natural way of life and another to live it. It is one thing to say, I AM A REAL MAN, and to live it. Being a man starts on the inside. You are a center of consciousness around which your world revolves. When you change the inside the outside will respond accordingly. When I lived in Harlem a song I heard sung in the churches was “Working on the inside, changing on the outside.” Those words contain a great spiritual truth.

You can’t get by with just saying you’re a man—you have to act like one. You have to be dependable, constant, reliable, considerate, and respectful. When you do that then you will find women will be caring, joyful and passionate with you. Mother’s milk flows freely when she is safe and secure. A woman can only feel secure with you if you conduct yourself in a manner to make her feel that way—firm, yet caring.

You don’t have to go to a foreign country to get a good woman; all that you have to do is act like a real man here. I will grant you that most American women are spoiled, but if you want to find out who spoiled them look in the mirror. When you change the image in the mirror you will start unspoiling the women.

The reason I have prepared male Enlightenment and Empowerment seminars is to wash away the feminine habits that our men have acquired and replace it with their natural masculine attributes.

In your relationship with men your word has to be your bond. Women make excuses; men give reasons and there are few reasons that hold up to the WILL to accomplish. Today’s society subscribes to the philosophy that if a fly shits on a railroad track, the train stops. That philosophy has no place in Men’s Action or among real men.

In my solicitation of members, I look for quality, not quantity. I look to build a core group of real men who will train the quantity of people who will join next year. Those men who conduct themselves as real men will want to associate with their peers. Men’s Action to Rebuild Society is a place for this association.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ineffectiveness--the Norm in the Men's Movement

Yesterday (Sept. 9th) I became aware of the resignation of Dr. Stephen Baskerville as President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC), an organization that I had little familiarity with although I was aware of the activities of Dr. Baskerville.

The reasons that Dr. Baskerville gave in his letter of resignation tie in strongly with the message of Men’s Action and I will address their basis.

He stated, “I have heard complaints that ACFC has become a "do-nothing" organization, that its efforts are half-hearted and inept, and that some of its actions are actually counter productive. Ambitious projects and grandiose schemes are conceived and launched but never completed. Promises of major change are offered, but the changes never materialize.”

“ACFC seems to be pervaded by a "can’t do" rather than a "can do" culture. It seems there is always a reason we cannot do something, always some excuse for not taking action, for not completing some project we have begun, some reason we cannot assist or work alongside some other organization who has offered to work with us, some reason for failure. And in the end nothing is done and failure is the result.”

“At the same time, a culture of unrealistic self-congratulations has developed, with inflated and overly-optimistic reports about the increases in our membership and revenues, when no such increases have occurred. At some point we must ask, what precisely are we doing with $100,000 a year?”

He points out that there are:

Conferences no one attends; press conferences with no one from the press; demonstrations at which no one shows up; and failure upon failure, with no effort to assess why.

The above contains a smattering of the dissatisfaction contained in Dr. Baskerville’s letter of resignation. If we go through each of the paragraphs quoted from him above we will note that they describe an aspect of the feminine principle or a lack of the masculine principle. The assertive influence of the universe is the masculine principle; without it there will be promises to do, but no accomplishment.

Also, ACFC had no philosophical message that people could identify with and rally around; it dealt with effects, which the feminine principle responds to, but it cannot initiate causes. The feminine principle is aristocratic, and in true Western fashion ACFC could not imagine that the solution to the problems that it created could come from a source outside of itself. Probably 5 billion of the earth’s 6.5 billion people were raised in a patriarchal structure that contained low rates of divorce, adultery, mental illness, incarceration, foster children, and suicide. To recognize that perhaps their way of family life was better than ours is like asking a woman to admit that she was wrong.

Dr. Baskerville’s description of his dissatisfaction with ACFC applies to all so-called men’s movements; they are crumbling, as is society in general. In the article Who Wants to See Change that I wrote just yesterday I stated the following, “All institutions suffer from the malaise of vacuousness and impotence resulting from the emasculation of the American male.” That is exactly what has happened to ACFC and all men’s movements.

I want to make clear that I find no fault with the intent of ACFC, it members, Dr. Baskerville or any of the other multitudinous organizations and their activities that have failed to stem the tide of the destruction of the family. In general the people that participated in these organizations were dedicated and altruistic; however, they have never determined a cause of their problem and therefore never arrived at a remedy.

The alternative to the men’s movements-all of which are in a state of demise-is Men’s Action to Rebuild Society. We have a mission statement. We have a philosophy that can be reduced to simple terms: family is the focal point of society and patriarchy is family. That’s easy isn’t it?

The difficulty lies in under standing this on a subjective level, which is why I push my book and information booklets. It is my hope that reading my book and booklets will stimulate within the reader a subjective understanding of the importance of gender in society and his or her role in establishing and supporting the family.

You who are still sitting on the fence have two options and one choice. You can hope the government is going to change things for you (that same government that created this mess), or you can join with other men and bring about change yourselves.

I hope that your decision is the latter and that I will hear from you

Sunday, September 9, 2007


In soliciting support for change the people to approach are those who want change. That sounds so simple that many of you are probably saying to yourselves, “I know that.” If we all know that, then why do we ask the government to make this change when they are the ones who created the issues we want changed? Why do we go to the political parties from which the government draws its members? Why do we go to the media who support the government and political parties? Why do we go to community organizations, religious institutions, schools, and various non-profits all of which in some way depend on government influence, direction and/or intervention?

Every institution knows that its philosophy is right and superior to that of others whether or not they are religious, racial, political, or ethnic. Their paramount activity is the preservation of their fiefdoms and their allegiance is to the liege lords who grant and support their institutions. All institutions suffer from the malaise of vacuousness and impotence resulting from the emasculation of the American male.

In starting this article I referred to the “people” to approach. That’s who we must approach-people-not institutions. Like-minded people who desire change, who crave it.
Those who feel stifled, suppressed, frustrated, lonely, impotent, bored, rejected, and disaffected will respond to a message of hope and change. The disaffected are found in all walks of life and most often fall into the following categories: the poor, misfits, minorities, outcasts, adolescent youth, the ambitious, the bored, and the sinners. To this standard group of potential revolutionaries we can add the divorced; those who have lost custody of their children; and those unjustly imprisoned for false allegations of rape, sexual harassment, and child abuse; and those who clearly understand that there is a difference between the sexes.

The people who are least likely to desire to make change consist of those who have done reasonably well in society such as the professional class, and those who exist on the dole. The former feel that the system provided the environment and means for their success and the later feel that the system provides for their financial survival. The conservatism of the destitute is as profound as the conservatism of the privileged, and they both resist change.

The inferior elements of society (and more and more of us are falling into that category) have no reverence for the present and its history and are most prone to support change. Let us not forget that it was the inferior elements of Europe that came and built this nation. It is the inferior elements of the Hispanic population that immigrate to this nation today in the hopes of building a better tomorrow.

Speaking of hope, that is the main ingredient of our offering. Hope for a better life. Hope for the renewal of the self. Hope for a Utopia of some sort.

As a classification, non-Western immigrants and American born Blacks-people who have a cultural history of extended family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it-are most receptive to our message. They want to hear our message and they will rally to support it if they believe we represent a viable organization of dedicated people.

We must offer people an alternative to what they have. We must offer them a means to return to a society in which family is its focal point and where men have authority. We must welcome them into our ranks with open arms. There is no one offering that message or the opportunity for others to become a part of change.

Before we can go out and solicit others with zeal and conviction we must develop Men’s Action into a compact viable organization with the ability to absorb and integrate all who would support us.

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