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Thursday, September 6, 2012


As the greatest battle of recorded history enters its most expansive stage, we have all been drawn in as participants, willingly or unwillingly, aware and unaware, our lives in a process of tremendous change and upheaval as the forces of gross materialism attack the foundations of spirituality and the natural way of life that we were ordained to live.

The enemy’s position was made clear yesterday September 4, 2012. Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State, stated women are capable of taking care of themselves and do not need men, the Democratic platform eliminated all references to God, and a panel of physicians revealed the results of a study showing that organic food is no more nutritious than that raised chemically.     

No God, no gender, and no nature. And by inference no family either, a view supported by a description of president Obama’s childhood as raised by his mother; his father was not mentioned. The Western grossly materialistic philosophy has no ethics, no spirituality, and no understanding of the fundamental operation of the natural world. That thinking identifies the enemy and consists of people of all ethnicities, races, and religions.

Even though the outcome of this battle has been assured, those who end up on the victorious side will have disassociated themselves from the confines of materialistic thought and conduct, started to live a more natural way of life outside of the societal mainstream, and made the propagation and preservation of the species the focal point of their activities as they travel forward on their spiritual journey. No easy task by any means as the enemy controls education, medicine, finance, the food supply, the media, and all utilities.

The nature of this battle is not to destroy the proponents of materialism—that has already been decided by a higher power—the challenge is to not get sucked under as their ship capsizes. 

Living outside of the mainstream will require the cooperation of like-minded people. The adage, “no man is an island unto himself” applies well to those who plan to survive amidst the gross materialism that engulfs every aspect of our environment. We must learn to work together with people of similar values regardless of their ethnicity, race, or religion. Sharing has always been a spiritual goal, but it will soon become a survival necessity.

We must learn to raise our own food, even if we do not have access to land. Much food can be grown in apartments by sprouting. We must learn to eat naturally and rid ourselves of the unhealthy eating habits foisted upon us by a greed driven food industry.

We need to establish home schooling. Most learning in our schools today concerns things un-necessary and matters irrelevant. Necessities such as reading, writing, counting, reasoning and expressing our thoughts clearly can be learned by the age of 18 at the latest. Anything after that is vocational in nature and can be learned at work.

(This website will be updated within the next few months and it will contain alternate food sources, home study information, holistic healing practitioners, and home economics ideas.)

Ethics must be developed for the establishment of moral standards necessary for the proper functioning of society. Only those men who realize that the purpose of human existence is to propagate and preserve the species while on its spiritual journey have the capability to develop ethics and establish moral standards.

The natural gender relationship of the universe called patriarchy must be adhered to if chaos is to be averted. Women will bring forth life and nurture the race—men will provide the environment and means for that to take place. Creation of family and attunement with nature will serve as stepping stones for spiritual advancement.

The battle rages my sons and daughters and the enemy—gross materialistic thought—has been clearly defined. Whether republican, democrat, liberal, progressive or conservative in America, or Tory and Labor in the UK, or Communist or Capitalist elsewhere, their commonality of materialistic thought has created conditions that are coming to a head as their  institutions fail and their governments move about frantically to avert disaster and cope with the growing discontent of the populace.

The political conventions of both parties served as omens of the expanding battle and the events of September 4th clearly expressed the values plaguing society, even though at the last minute the Democrat party recanted and inserted God-given in its platform. This essay is not about political parties; it is about the materialistic thought prevalent in our society.
To survive the raging battle requires knowing a power created this universe, provided the principle of gender so it could function, ordained family as the focal point of humankind, established the patriarchal structure necessary to support the family, and designed a harmoniously functioning mother nature to provide for our every need.

Live simply my sons and daughters; love God and be kind. It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth. They always do. Be patient as the battle expands and know with utmost certainty that the forces of materialism cannot prevail.



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