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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Feminists have taken deliberate overt action to destroy the value structure of women in order to motivate married women to leave the home and single women to avoid the institution of marriage altogether.

Removing women from the marriage environment served as the vehicle for fulfilling the ostensible purpose of giving them independence and equity in society, including entry into all organizations that men made. This goal of parity masks a more sinister objective the effects of which have produced devastation among the ranks of women and a deleterious effect on society. The time has come for the unmasking of this sinister objective and then for a return to a naturally functioning society that cares for women and children. However, we first need to determine the reason for the creation of the institution of marriage along with related institutions that have become subject to attack.

The mating ritual of most all life results in the forming of a reproductive structure that supports the propagation and preservation of the species. Among humans that structure has become known as the institution of marriage and it existed long before the enactment of any governmental laws to sanction it.

Women bring life into this world and provide its nurturing through their natural attributes such as adaptability, responsiveness, and visual thinking. They can only fulfill their function in an environment that provides them with safety and security. The highest order of activity for men consists of providing the safety, and security that enables women to bring life into this world and nurture it.

The attributes of constancy, assertiveness, and conceptual thinking enable men to provide the environment conducive to nurturing through the organizations they create and by the ethics they develop. These organizations and their ethical foundations interweave into the development of cultural mores and religious rites that in one way or another relate to the propagation and preservation of humankind.

By removing male authority from the home the institution of marriage has crumbled resulting in high divorce rates, low marriage rates, and an explosive rate in unwed motherhood, which in 1950 hovered between 1% and 2% in America and has now reached close to 40%. The same increases have taken place on the European continent with unwed motherhood near 40% in England and 50% in France. The negative effect on the children of unwed mothers has far reaching consequences such as high drop out rates in school, increased likelihood of a relationship with the law and prisons, and the prospect of their daughters becoming unwed mothers as well. The effect on women of unwed motherhood and the efforts of the government to deal with it such as promoting birth control pills, condom usage, and abortion, has been devastating.

By destroying the institution of marriage women also lost their prestigious positions of good wives and mothers. All through history women who were raised to be good wives and mothers were sought after by men and revered by society. Women dressed and acted in a manner to be attractive to men and men dressed and acted in a manner to be worthy of having such a woman as his wife. Women lived in a “win-win” situation. No man could compete with a good wife and mother.

Women no longer have that prestigious position because they are no longer considered to be women. They have become persons instead. What is a person? What does a person do? How many ethnic groups have the word person in their vocabulary? Most of the world refers to its members as men and women. The Bible states that God created men and women. What part does a person play in the propagation and preservation of the species? Persons do not desire to become attractive to other persons; their dress and behavior reflects this lack of desire. The attire of men has become slovenly and that of women runs the gamut between dressing as a street person or a porn queen.

Women do not naturally feel any joy in being a person. The motivator of a woman’s life is the ME aspect of her personality. The ME factor motivated a woman to become a good wife and mother. How does personhood satisfy the ME aspect of a woman? It doesn’t; other criteria have been developed in an attempt to satisfy the ME aspect of the female psyche.

Girls are now taught to go to school, get and education, get a job, and make some money, so that they can be somebody. A big step towards becoming that somebody requires obtaining a piece of paper that indicates completion of certain areas of rote learning. That paper will serve as a pass to do what ex-men do (relieved of their former authority they have now become jackasses on the treadmill of production). These pieces of paper that women receive entitle them to join the jackasses on the treadmill. Regardless of the name given to that piece of paper—whether degree or license—it falls under the greater heading of what I call “she-ass certificates.” These “she-ass certificates” serve as the primary criteria for hiring and admittance to the treadmill of production.

Part of the requirement of utilizing these she-ass certificates necessitates turning over to the state the responsibility of all aspects of child rearing. The state now sets the requirements for health, education, discipline, food, and dress for children. If these requirements are not met the child is taken from the custody of the she-ass certificate holder and given to other persons that the government deems qualified to raise children according to their standards.

Since men have been removed from all levels of authority and their organizations and institutions weakened the meaning and purpose of life has become obscured and ethics have disappeared as is evidenced by the removal of restrictive laws on incest in Europe. Three European Union nations -- France, Spain and Portugal -- do not prosecute consenting adults for incest, and Romania is considering following suit. It will soon become the norm in the Western world to conduct sexual relations between mother and son, father and daughter and brother and sister. Livestock raisers know that this type of inbreeding weakens the herd, but in a genderless person society apparently this fact has little significance.

The establishment of a genderless society had nothing to do with the liberation and benefit of women; on the contrary, women have lost out on all fronts. They are being used and abused and consequently suffer from mental, physical and spiritual deterioration. Feminists served as dupes of a sinister conspiracy to have government control all of society. By neutering the male all institutions designed for the propagation and preservation of the species were weakened or destroyed, which enabled the government to step in and take over the administration and control of every aspect of societal activity and in the process has reduced men and women (or persons) to the role of jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production.

Government can provide substitute authority but it cannot provide substitute ethics, which can only come from men; consequently we are witnessing the complete moral decline of the Western, genderless, person oriented world, which is responsible for the devastation of its women.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of our supporters forwarded me an excerpt of an evaluation of patriarchy in India, which I have posted below. I received his Email the same day that I sent an Email to Henry Makow of savethemales.ca concerning his article Helen Gurley Brown: “How to be a Whore.”

I will address patriarchy in India further in a subsequent essay. This essay will address the significance of Henry Makow’s article as it relates to the material Emailed to me and the action that Western man has taken about this matter, or more correctly, the action he hasn’t taken.

The excerpt follows:

The focus of this paper is domestic violence among rural women in India. The question asked by this study is: How do regional, family, and personal characteristics of a woman affect her likelihood of being hit by her husband?

Contrary to predicted results, however, being in a nuclear family structure, having greater decision-making power, and labor force participation increased the risk of women beingassaulted by their husbands. These surprising findings, taken together, suggest that the relationship between patriarchy and violence is not a clear-cut one.

A deeper understanding of the conditions under which violence is used by patriarchal families to control recalcitrant women will enable feminists and researchers to more fully comprehend the ways in which patriarchy controls women’s lives.

The conclusion reached in this study indicates that women are less likely to receive physical abuse in patriarchal environments than in Western nuclear family arrangements. Keep in mind that this study focused on patriarchy in Asia, a continent that has a gender imbalance just as Europe does except that in Asia the imbalance tilts towards the masculine, whereas, in Europe it more than tilts towards the feminine. In both cases women suffer. In Europe the suffering results from neglect by the masculine presence and in Asia the suffering results from abuse by the masculine presence. Nevertheless, we have a confirmed study that Asian women are less likely to suffer from abuse in patriarchal structure than those in the Western nuclear family arrangement.

Yet the intent on the part of feminists and liberals will be to debunk this study. We have only to look at the opening paragraph of Henry Makow’s article to learn why. He writes:

In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of Cosmopolitan, said that a housewife was "a parasite, a dependent, a scrounger, a sponger or a bum." She didn't call them whores because she teaches them to be whores. Her sister-in-arms, Betty Friedan, compared homemakers to "concentration camp inmates" because of the lack of stimulation and opportunity for advancement in concentration camps.

These two women along with contingents of other feminists and an army of liberals attacked the very foundations of human existence. These were Western women, working through the governments of Western nations. And what did Western man do about it? What did the religious right do? What did the Catholic Archbishops do? What did the Imams here and abroad do? What did real men do? What did anybody do to protect humankind from the self-inflicted scourge of Western society?

I say self-inflicted because feminism did not develop from some organism found under a rock or in the trunk of a tree. It did not come from an asteroid crashing into the earth’s atmosphere and spewing out a virus. Western man created feminism. Not only did he create it but, but he brags about his enlightenment—how he gave women equal rights in all things. Why is that considered an achievement? What is the benefit of treating dissimilars as similars? By bringing women into the organizations that men create—and which women on their own cannot create or maintain—causes the weakening of the organization and the defeating of its ultimate purpose, to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race.

In the more than forty years since Helen Gurley Brown expressed her degenerative opinions the lot of the American woman has done just that—degenerated. The number one health issue of the American woman is debilitating depression. Close to 10% of the adult female population suffers from this malady. In Europe where feminism has taken stronger root 15% of its women suffer from depression. Do those figure indicate progress for women?

What were the men doing as this monstrous attack on human life progressed? We can say that we didn’t know, that we were busy earning a livelihood and raising a family. Really? From the earliest days of television “family entertainment” such as “The Honeymooners” depicted men as buffoons and women as the stable and dependable homemakers. Didn’t we all see that? Didn’t we see the end of all male educational institutions and clubs? Didn’t we see our sons taught physical education together with girls? Didn’t we see the teaching of promiscuity taught in the schools and all the media? Didn’t we see pornography and smut develop into accepted businesses? Didn’t we read articles such as Do We Need Men Anymore, which appeared in US News and World Report, or witness Oprah expressing the same sentiments to millions of viewers? Did we miss all that?

We have witnessed an overt attack on the fundamentals necessary to maintain human existence, and it has been and still is overwhelmingly successful. Right now conservatives are introducing legislation in various state legislatures calling for equal rights for men. The feminists must roll in the aisles with laughter every time they read of such activities. I find the very thought of men asking a third party to treat them equally with women, repugnant, especially when that third party is responsible for the usurpation of their manly authority.

We can no longer claim unawareness to the degenerative conditions around us. In addition to savethemales.ca there is rense.com and books by David Icke describing in detail the conditions caused by deliberate attacks on natural value systems. Videos can be seen of these conditions on nmatv.com, on youtube, and on a host of other websites. Whoever does not see these conditions does not want to see.

The time to take action is at hand, and Men’s Action to Rebuild Society offers a vehicle through which to do it. It has a mission statement, essays, videos, information materials, and most importantly a message. It calls for a patriarchal way of life to be conducted outside of the mainstream of society. It calls for an understanding of the purpose of human existence—the propagation and preservation of the species while on the path of spiritual growth. The only thing required for it to succeed is a collective will. Do you have the will to make change? If so, then subscribe to our website, and join with others in spreading the word.

The time for action has arrived.


Monday, April 13, 2009


Newsweek’s cover story for the April 13th issue entitled The End of Christian America, provided me with the motivation to address religion from a gender perspective—something I had intended to do for a long time. However, as I started writing this essay I realized that the Newsweek story came out during Easter Week. For an international news magazine to promote its lead story with the words The Decline And Fall Of Christian America written in large red letters on a black background of its cover during the holiest week of the Christian calendar was an “in your face” attitude of disrespect by the media.

This blatant public disregard of the feelings of the Christian community in essence proved the point of the publishers. What would or could the Christian community do about it? The article—like most that appear in major news magazines—covered both ends of the spectrum that they addressed in an effort to show fairness; however, the headline and title of the article delivered the message. This attack on religion by the media and the powers that control it is part of a planned effort to destroy religious influence in society. I have addressed this issue in other articles and will now continue with the original intent of this essay.

The Newsweek article expressed little understanding of the reasons for the waning of religious and non-governmental institutional influence. I will comment on both of these conditions, as one bears upon the other. The reader familiar with my message will see gender woven into many paragraphs.

Religions are feminine in nature and reflect the materialization and personalization of unseen spiritual truths. They also represent the understanding by the local populace of matters spiritual and its resultant method of worship, which accounts for the same religion having dissimilar practices in different parts of the world.

Religions represent the common understanding and interpretation of the unseen by a particular group of people. This understanding might be based on scripture and/or from the sayings of prophets and other categories of “holy men.”

Changes in religion are not changes of the truth, which cannot be changed, but in the understanding of the truth, which continually changes. The Christian religion had its first change in understanding when Eastern Orthodoxy broke away from Roman Catholicism. The next major change came with the Protestant Reformation, which ushered in several different denominations. Every major religion has its various offshoots or sects, which represent groups of people with a similar understanding of matters spiritual.

The practice of considering religions as synonymous with scripture reflects erroneous thinking. Differences—sometimes vast—exist between religious practices and their sources. Christianity in particular was formed by a feminine materialistic culture more than three hundred years after the death of Jesus and spearheaded into acceptance by a Roman emperor who worshiped the Sun god. All liturgical Christian denominations derive their liturgy from the ritualistic worship of the Sun god for which there is no basis in the vast spiritual compendium called the Bible. Significant remnants of the European culture in the Middle East during the time of Mohammed influenced the interpretation of the Koran and the practice of Islam.

The spiritual understanding of a religion and its ability to communicate it varies inversely with the authority required to maintain its influence. The more that a religion can teach, guide, and train its members, the less authority it needs. Religions that preach blind obedience to dogma require complete authority over their members.

As spiritual awareness of people grows they become less inclined to have religious authority imposed upon them and instead seek to increase their understanding of themselves and their world. On the other hand, people want a certainty and constancy of matters spiritual. They want religion to be authoritative without it becoming authoritarian. The European influenced religions have never offered much enlightenment to its members and now that they have lost their authority they are rapidly losing their influence in society.

The societal structure in which religions function also affects their influence upon that society. Religions little influenced by European thinking offer great enlightenment and seemingly hold little authority over their members even though vast populations operate in accordance with their teachings. These religions function in a patriarchal society, which by definition has authority. There is respect for the father, the mother, for elders, for ancestors, for everybody and everything. Religions do not need added authority in patriarchal societies. Society IS the authority and all activity centers about the well-being of the family—the core of all patriarchal societies. You can be sure that the gurus, swamis, and enlightened masters that now offer their enlightenment to the Western world did not do anything without the blessings of their fathers.

We do not have such a society in America or the Western world, hence the Newsweek cover article indicating the decline of Christian influence in America. Indeed it has declined, and for two significant reasons. It has failed to provide enlightenment of the true meaning of Biblical scripture and instead relied upon fear to maintain its hold on the people. Secondly, all institutional authority in America and the Western world has collapsed.

While all religions are feminine in nature, the structure in which they function is masculine. Men build organizations; an inherent trait that manifests early in childhood. Boys form clubs, teams, and gangs. They know the abilities of each of their members: who can yell the loudest, run the fastest, lift the most, spit the furthest and even pee the furthest. These traits are utilized when it comes time to accomplishing a task that requires the participation of all members. As the boys grow into manhood the purpose of forming groupings becomes manifest—to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. Whether to form a sailing crew, hunting party, or defensive detachment, the objective remains the same: the care of women and children.

Now that Western governments have done a comprehensive and thorough job of legislating away all male authority, all organizations and institutions have lost their virility. Civilizations decline when virility declines. All institutions and organizations in the Western culture have declined in influence and now rely on government support and involvement in one way or another as it attempts to become the substitute male.

The institution of the Church requires the same masculine leadership as any other institution. Its failure to provide this leadership is self-imposed. Focus on the Family for example, in its three decades of existence never extolled the virtues of manhood. It believes it can build families with fathers but without men. It does not understand the patriarchal structure of the universe. This thinking permeates all of Western society and consequently the influence of all its institutions are declining including its religious institutions.

As humankind continues its quest for spiritual meaning, the trend to meditation and an awareness of unseen forces increases; however, a new spiritually oriented world will not come about without the development of natural gender relationships called patriarchy. Enlightened or not, people need the patriarchal structure in which to function. Chanting OM, Amen or praying the Rosary will not sidestep that need.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In my frequent referral to the gender imbalance of Western thought it might be perceived that I do not appreciate all that it has accomplished. To the contrary, I am well aware that the industrious nature of Western thought has literally moved mountains and produced an unprecedented amount of material development. The feminine principle reflects industriousness; therefore, feminine, materialistic, Western thought will by its nature produce great quantities of material product.

Western man has exhibited an almost superhuman intensity of thought and physical activity in his efforts to produce more goods and services for the world. Whether climbing frigid mountains with 100 pounds of belongings strapped to his back in order to enter the Yukon and search for gold, or forging a path through mosquito infested tropical forests of Panama to build a canal, he has endured severe physical hardship to reach his goals. His prodigious mental achievements exhibit similar stamina. Authors such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Turgenev wrote their voluminous works in longhand in pen and ink. John A Roebling, builder of the Brooklyn Bridge designed every component of the bridge himself. Superhuman efforts and their resultant achievements permeate the history of Western man.

However, for all his industriousness, pioneering efforts, and inventiveness, and the huge material accumulations that they have produced, Western man has not found truth or peace—the ingredients for happiness. He has looked in the wrong places. The following parable will shed some light on his misdirected efforts.

A man searched every corner of his garden for his keys. After a few hours of this activity his wife came to the window and calling out to him asked what he was looking for. He told her that he had misplaced his keys. When she asked him where he had seen them last he replied that he last saw them in the house. She then asked why he didn’t look in the house and he replied, “I see better out here.”

Western thought functions best in the material world that it sees; therefore its activities relate to external pursuits. Truth and peace however, reside within, and cannot be found through the external searches of Western thought. Unable to find truth, even after diligent search, Western man developed theories, which are guesses as to what the truth might be. He especially likes to develop economic theories, which he hopes will give meaning and justification to his material pursuits. Keynes, Friedman, Malthus, Galbraith, Smith, Marx, and Veblen have all espoused economic theory and their names have migrated into the common Western lexicon. None of these economic theories ever work, and as I write this article an international meeting is taking place to determine what to do about the deepening world economic crises.

Western thought creates theories about all observable phenomena and academic disciplines. Some of the more famous are Einstein’s theory of relativity and Darwin’s theory of evolution, but there are psychiatric, medical, nutritional, and political theories as well. All theories eventually pass away as new observations are made along with the development of supporting data.

At this point my sons and daughters I interject that my message about the universal principle of gender and the patriarchal structure is not a theory; it is a truth. It does not require proof, only understanding. Western thought has difficulty with understanding because it has made a god of the material world and has developed a belief structure based upon what it can “see.” A collection of what it sees has been given the fancy name of “empirical data” and is used as “supporting evidence” for its theories.

Getting back to the thread of this essay, there are two approaches that the man in the garden can use to find his keys. He can start to look inside the house where he would more easily find the keys, or he can increase the intensity of his search on the outside. He can pull out all the weeds, then the flowers, and then every bit of vegetation until he leaves the garden completely barren. He will then deduce that if the keys are not on the outside they must be on the inside where he last had a glimpse of them.

Western man has chosen the latter option. He will develop one theory after another, as he continues to exploit the material world in his quest for peace and truth. Only after he has significantly disrupted the natural order of things without coming any closer to peace and truth, will he come to the realization that maybe he has been looking in the wrong place.

He is close to that point now as he sees the earth deteriorating from the ravaging of its resources and his own life suffering from increasing economic exploitation and environmental pollution.

Once he decides to go inside he will find the keys that will unlock the door to peace and truth; which will enable him to get on the road to happiness. The inner quest requires the same diligence and passion that accompanied his material accomplishments. It will require service, devotion and an expression of love in all that he does. He will come to the realization that just as everything seen outside the house in the parable—its color, state of repair, type of garden, and condition of the property—depends upon the unseen thinking inside the house, so does all that he sees in this world come from unseen influences. He will come to realize the necessity of maintaining a balance between the inner and outer, between the seen and the unseen.

As he changes his direction and begins to spend more time looking within he will come to the further realization that he couldn’t be on this new path if he wasn’t here; therefore, in order to make it possible for others to gain access to the same path the primary activity and objective of humankind must be its propagation and preservation.

The propagation and preservation of the species requires the efforts of a receptive adaptable, responsive, and caring entity that will bring forth life and nurture it. In order to function properly that entity requires a secure environment and the means with which to conduct its nurturing. It is the responsibility of man to provide the environment and means for this function to take place. It can only be done through the interplay and balance of gender called patriarchy.

That’s the truth.


Friday, April 3, 2009


Who will bring about change in society? Who can we look upon to leave the beaten track and pioneer the different? Who will stand up and take the abuse and face the ridicule of others who want to maintain the status quo? To answer those questions we also need to ask why and when people seek change. Dissatisfaction with themselves or their surroundings causes people to seek change. People might be dissatisfied with their appearance, locale, employment, health, negative habits, or relationships. When the dissatisfaction reaches a point that they can no longer tolerate—when they hurt enough— then they begin to seek change.

We will address who will make change in depth; however, another area to explore before discerning who makes societal change is to determine who won’t make change. Those who depend upon the existing structure for their livelihood in one way or another will resist change. Those who receive government doles will be loathe to make change and destroy the hand that feeds them. Our government provides increasing supplements to people’s services in order to maintain their dependency upon it (government) and quell any thoughts of change.

The professional class will express the same conservatism towards change as people on the dole, for the system has made it possible for them to prosper; to change the system puts their livelihood in danger. You will not see doctors, lawyers, educators, and corporate executives supporting change unless they have left their chosen fields. People with a vested interest in the system cannot muster the courage to change it; they want to work inside of it. They want to “fix” it. Those people will not make change.

Unfortunately it is from these ranks that Men’s Rights Organizations (MRO) draw their support. Oh, how they love to put on their letterhead advisory boards containing prestigious names that will add authenticity, stature, and renown to their organization. These prestigious people represent the system and they will not support any change to it. The MRO’s have not built a following because they have not reached out to those who want change, and they have not done that because they are part of the same aristocracy they complain about. They want to “fix” things, not change things.

Now that we have identified those who won’t make change we can more easily determine who will make change. The disenfranchised, minorities, unemployed, disenchanted youth, the frustrated, the outcasts and the misfits of society will make change. Those who earn their livings from their individual efforts such as house painters, photographers, limousine operators, carpenters, small business operators, musicians, painters, writers, blue collar workers and white collar workers who feel that life offers more than routine labor will also step forward to make change.

These people will readily give of their time, talents, and treasures. They do not consider that they are giving anything up, but on the contrary they feel they are investing in a message and way of life that they believe in and want to propagate. They give out of proportion to their worth because they believe the life they live under the present system has become increasingly worthless. The true fanatics necessary to materialize a movement come from these ranks. They want change and will go to great lengths to make it happen; in their eyes all that exists is garbage, and they see no sense in reforming garbage.

The above description applies to people who want to make change at most any time in history. The characteristics of those who want to make change in our specific environment will also be discussed, but first I take this opportunity to express my elation that the supporters of Men’s Action come form this group and I am grateful to them for their support. They have demonstrated the characteristics that I have described. Some have voluntarily ordered three, five, or a dozen or more of my books to give to friends, family and acquaintances. They have done the same in distributing my information booklets. Recently the first order arrived for a packet of the fliers The Raw Truth, which one of our supporters will distribute to his friends and acquaintances. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a donation of $100 through our website. Outreach on the part of our supporters has begun to increase. My essays and videos are being placed on other websites. The message has taken root and is now gradually expanding.

Regarding the specific dissatisfaction of those who seek change today, they have become keenly aware that men have lost their natural authority, that the family has been destroyed, standards have deteriorated, and that it requires more labor to earn enough to pay for the essentials of life. They have become aware of a government that has expanded its reach into every aspect of their lives and is putting forth efforts at solidifying and expanding this reach under the guise of benevolence. They have become aware that they no longer have authority over anything and are being reduced to automaton workers and directed consumers. Maybe they just didn’t enjoy living in a home without a father and with a stressed out mother. Maybe they didn’t like being treated the same as girls in school and women in the workplace. This group has expressed frustration with the impotence of existing political institutions and has come to a realization that fundamental changes need to be made and that these changes can only occur outside of the system.

These men and supportive women will spearhead the change that will come about in order for society to survive. On the one hand they are fighting what appears to be tremendous obstacles, a firmly entrenched materialistic aristocracy that controls the media, political structure, educational system and the economy. On the other hand they are up against an enemy that has no purpose other than self-aggrandizement. Its members lack both virility and spiritual understanding. Eventually the entire system will implode.

To all who have accepted my message I say that the task before us is not to attack a decaying entity, but to prepare ourselves for a better life. The Men’s Action mission statement calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. The first step in doing that calls for the rebuilding of the family. We have to enlighten and empower men so that they can once again handle the responsibilities of being a husband and a father. All systems, procedures, rituals, and societal structures will evolve out of that understanding and purpose.

Now that you know who will make change and if you are one of them, I offer a bit of advice. Welcome into your ranks those who tried to make change through institutions of their choice but failed. Whether liberals or conservatives, democrats, republicans, independents, and others of various persuasions, welcome them into the fold. Give them a new vehicle and a message. Work together to create a life outside of the system. Keep spreading the word, handing our material, and referring people to our website. Be a change maker.


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