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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Everybody knows something but nobody knows every thing. The purpose of earthly existence is to learn and grow. To assist in this process prophets serve as teachers to help replace ignorance with knowledge Enlightened masters travel about his world teaching and training but not judging. They emit love as they go about providing enlightenment. The scriptures instruct us to not judge so that we in turn will not be judged. People don’t like to be reminded of what they are doing wrong, they respond more favorably when they are instructed in how to do right. We are all in the big classroom of life and learning at our own pace; however, when there is a collective ignorance that becomes empowered and then imposes its will upon others then ignorance becomes evil.

Collective Western thought has resulted in empowered ignorance. It does not understand the purpose of gender differences or the concept of patriarchy, and it is imposing this ignorance upon the people, resulting in the mutation of the race. This empowered ignorance is evil; a very deep evil. I have become more aware of the magnitude of this evil the past couple of weeks as a result of two activities. The first has to do with the correspondence I receive from those who have chosen to use the legal system to redress gender issues in family court. Whether in California, Colorado, or New Zealand the relationship between men and women is worsening dramatically. The adversarial positions are deepening. Men and women look upon each other as the enemy. The natural relationship of gender consists of working together towards a common goal. Never before in history has there been such a corruption in gender relationships. Empowered ignorance perpetuates these conditions.

The second activity that has honed my awareness of this evil is the video series I am making titled The Natural Woman in which I show the effects of the body, mind and psyche of women of Western thought and its environment. We are already up to part 4 of the series and I ask that you all view these videos. Women’s bodies are mutating—they are getting broader at the shoulders, narrower in the hips, their breasts are getting smaller and they bodies are becoming hardened. This is an unnatural design and not one conducive to bearing and raising children. It has come about by the gross ignorance of Western thought, which empowered is creating a great evil upon the race.

These physical mutations are but surface manifestation of the mutation of the female body. The common age at which menarche (a woman’s first period) occurs is when a human female is about 12 years old. Among women gymnasts the age more commonly occurs at 14 and 15 and sometimes as late as 17. A woman’s body begins producing estrogen at menarche in order to provide for the various changes that are bringing her into womanhood and preparing the body for pregnancy. The bodies of these teenage athletes are not developing properly and they are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis at a younger age. This condition exists among figure skaters as well. Did you ever see a gymnast, figure skater, or swimmer with big teats? Why not? Their bodies have mutated; they have been inhibited from developing along natural lines. Instead of big teats they all have broad shoulders. Have you ever noticed the common wearing of bandages and supports by young female gymnasts? Their bodies are being stressed to the breaking point.

Of course these conditions do not disturb the Western mind, which supports genetic engineering. If Western thought believes it can design a better apple than God did then designing a better female body than God did is not that big a leap. The gross ignorance of this materialistic thinking has produced an evil of such magnitude that it has not yet registered on the collective consciousness of the populace.

These physical mutations occurring in the female body accompany mental mutations as well. Since they have bodies no longer compatible with nurturing they are less inclined to nurture. They dump their children into pre-school programs when they are still in diapers. They not only have no remorse about not nurturing their children, they brag about how early they placed their children in these programs. The state has taken over the “care” of children (it can never nurture them) while their mothers get hooked up to the treadmill of production under the guise of self-development.

Poorly nurtured children also mutate. America now has the most violent boys in the world. Three million girls now suffer from depression. Ten million women suffer from debilitating depression. The race is mutating and going mad.

I believe that it was to address this collective ignorance and the evil it produced that enlightened personages chastised the people. Jesus said of John the Baptist “There has never appeared anyone greater than he.” Yet John called the people hypocrites and snakes. Why these words of judgment from a man who belonged to the mystical and peaceful order of Essenes that foretold of the coming of the Master? Why did the loving God have Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah wander about Israel chastising the people for their unnatural behavior? I think it was to wake the people up from their empowered ignorance and to show them the evil that it created. The Koran also speaks of the evil of empowered ignorance. It states, “God’s curse is on the wrongdoers, those who debar others from the path of God and seek to make it crooked.” Paul said, “The greatest sinner of all is he who makes another sin.”

The most ignorant act of Western thought occurred when Western man willing turned over to the State his natural authority and responsibility for the well-being of women and children. When historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists review Western society they will be astounded at the depth of such ignorance. Once Western man turned over to government his God given authority and responsibility he created in the government a great evil that destroyed the family, eliminated liberty and mutated the race.

Can a man who reads this essay and understands it sit back and do nothing? Can he live in the middle of the mutation of the species and ignore it? I hope not. The making of change will require a change in thinking. Men must be reborn into a more spiritual and less material way of thinking. I hope that you are one that can no longer sit by and watch the mutation and deterioration of the species. You know where we are. The rest is up to you.

At the bottom of this essay there is a link, which I ask that you look at. It is an essay titled Should Women Play Sports. It was written from the Christian perspective, but I feel the reasoning in it is valid in any religion. Take a good look at the expressions of the women as they compete with one another. Do you think they can naturally nurture the race?



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