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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


At a recent gathering of Men’s Action supporters consisting of five men and one woman I asked them to imagine the following scenario:

In leaving the meeting we noticed that there weren’t any people on the streets, no vehicles were moving, and all indications of human life had ceased to exist.

One of the men had a car and toured the area but could not find any people. We then decided to spend the night at the store where we had our meeting. Besides myself, one man was in his mid 40’s and the other three were in their late 20’s or early30’s. The woman was in her early 20’s.

Soon after the realization that there might not be any life other than us, the men selected a leader and then formed a plan of action. The man whose business we met at was also the one in his 40’s and he became the leader and I served as the elder with whom the group discussed their plans.

We decided that the woman would mate with one of the three younger men. She was given a period of time to decide who she wanted to mate with. During that time period each of the three men tried to convince her why he would be the better mate. This activity represented the fundamental activity and purpose of mating. Fortunately for the woman, she had no competition, but even if she had, the same mating ritual would occur.

The men developed basic moral standards designed to protect the well-being of the group. The safety of the woman was of paramount importance, for without her the hopes of propagating the species were non-existent. She was never left unprotected; she never walked a step without the watchful eye of one of the men upon her. No monetary value could be placed upon her. Gold and silver had no more value that sticks and stones. Everyone shared what they had for there was no purpose in keeping anything that did not serve the well-being of the group.

Food and bottled water from the abandoned stores provided for our sustenance, but the availability of electricity and running water had ended thus creating the need for different methods of sanitation and living habits. Finding new sources of water, energy, and methods of sanitation became full time activities for the men, as did feeding, cleaning, mending, and nurturing for the woman. Also, methods of self-defense had to be developed to protect against any wild animals or unfriendly strangers.

Eventually sources of fresh water were located, and rudimentary farming begun. The woman produced offspring and a tribal culture evolved. Spiritual focus rapidly developed, as we realized that we lived in an environment that was completely dependent upon our creator.

The woman developed a sense of respect and gratitude for the men who helped to provide all that she needed and were willing to die to protect her. The men developed an appreciation for the nurturing care that she gave to them and her offspring.

The group evolved to the lifestyle they were designed to live; they loved and devoted themselves to each other and worshipped God as they proceeded on their spiritual journey.

As this scenario unfolded the listeners agreed that it represented the most likely way our relationship would evolve under the circumstances presented. They also agreed that this relationship was more wholesome, safe, and secure than the individualized self-indulgent materialistic lifestyle of Western society.

The lifestyle described in the above scenario reflects the manner in which indigenous peoples all over the world lived.

There are two fundamental lifestyles. One involves propagating and preserving the species as humankind progresses on its spiritual journey; the other involves exploiting a finite materialistic world for individual gain and self-aggrandizement. The Western psyche has chosen the latter and is now paying the price for this ignorance.

The control of the world by international finance stems from the gross materialistic belief and practices of the populace at all levels. “Go to school, get an education so that you can get a good job and make a lot of money and be somebody” has become the international mantra of Western society. The worship of materiality as the solution to all problems pervades Western social mores.

Demonstrations against the practices of government and finance by conservatives and liberals alike are well-meaning but do not address the fundamental issue. They believe the system can be fixed. They do not understand that a system of gross materialism can never be fixed. A genderless society can never survive—it is purposeless and the antithesis to natural living—it is an aberration.

We must learn to live outside of the system, an activity that will become increasingly necessary as the collapse of Western society accelerates.

I recommend that you review the Mission Statement of Men’s Action as a guide to participating in the lifestyle necessary for survival.


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