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Sunday, March 29, 2009


In my first attempt at writing an opening paragraph for this essay I referred to the materially oriented aristocratic way of the life of the West. As I proceeded with the essay I reflected upon my readership, which consists for the most part of people of European extraction, and realized that some might be annoyed that I belabor the description of Western society as materialistic and aristocratic. I empathize with their feelings, as both of my parents were of European origin and I am not comfortable with people criticizing my way of life either; however, as I see it crumbling about me if someone were to point out why, I would become receptive to their criticism. It is with this thought in mind that I will expound upon the feminine, materialistic, and aristocratic nature of Western thought and its societal effects.

In my last essay I referred to author David Icke’s alien reptilian conspiracy theory in which he claims that reptilian aliens have infiltrated the earth primarily through the European culture. He speaks of their concept of royalty and aristocracy and refers frequently to their worship of the mother goddess. An independently made conservative film titled Indoctrinate-U contains a segment in which a liberal white professor says that whiteness is oppression and racism is an example of it. He goes on to say that to do away with oppression is to do away with whiteness. These were strong terms that I will come back to. However since my mind was focusing on the term aristocracy it motivated me to check The Republic and in it I found that the one form of government that Plato liked is the Aristocracy. Here we have the post Socratic and truly European thinking of the Greeks—which I believe began with Plato— admiring the aristocratic form of government.

Whether Elder George though his understanding of the universal principle of gender, or Davis Icke with his reptilian theory, or the political science professor in the film Indoctrinate-U, or Plato, the observation is that Europeans develop aristocracies. They do, and there is a reason for it.

Before addressing the reason for Western aristocratic thought I refer to the comments of the professor in Indoctrinate-U who refers to racism as white oppression. I consider racism to be one of many examples of the Western aristocracy. Even in an all white environment the aristocratic thinking presents itself in the form of religious, ethnic, educational or economic exclusivity. This aristocratic thinking is evident in both conservative and liberal attitudes. The very professor that complained about white suppression was himself an oppressor in the academic profession in which non-liberal thought was ostracized, persecuted, and rooted out.

The Western aristocracy is evident all over the world, although it frequently goes unrecognized, especially by Americans who have an extreme naiveté when it comes to understanding other cultures. All of South America is one huge European aristocracy. Those Hispanics that we see in our country are of Indian or black extraction and are not welcome into the aristocracy. I have seen this first hand in my travels to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, and in my marriage to a member of the Cuban aristocracy. General Batistia the dictator of pre-Castro Cuba was never invited to the Havana Yacht Club because he was not a member of the aristocracy.

As I worked on this essay I learned through the internet that Brazilian President Lulu de Silva blamed the world financial crises on “white and blue eyed bankers” and indicated that there weren’t any black bankers in the mix. Eventually there will be, but first their thinking will have to be in accord with the governing aristocracy.

Now in finally getting to the reason for aristocratic European thinking we must first determine where this thinking originates and why. In the relationship between males and females the male represents the masculine assertive influence and the female represents the feminine receptive entity. In the human mating process the female (woman) has to make herself attractive to the male (man) so that he will select and pursue her. She focuses on the ME aspect of her personality in the hopes that the man will choose her over other women. She tries to be better than the other women in the attributes that the male considers worthy of mating. Even after she mates she tries to show that she maintains the expectations of men better than other women do.

When the primary classification of women was called housewife or homemaker, women would frequently have tea parties or café klatches in each other’s homes. These activities gave them an opportunity to evaluate how the other women took care of their home, children, and husbands. Those who did not meet the standards of the inner group were drummed out of the circle. Those who did the drumming out were members of the clique. Among females cliques begin in pre-kindergarten, continue through the school system, and in all organizations containing women throughout their entire lives. The formal name for clique is aristocracy.

Aristocracies have their benefit for they tend to level people up. The activity of tea parties and café klatches leveled up the entire social strata. The housewives made sure their homes were shinny bright, their children well behaved, and their cooking and/or serving flawless when the women came to visit. Aristocracies tend to level up all areas of activity, which is fine provided that it takes place within the environment of the tempering effect of the masculine influence. Left to their own accord women will ultimately exclude themselves completely—there is only room for one Oprah in any grouping of women. In the larger sense all aristocracies will ultimately collapse.

Now that we have seen the genderless society (which means the suppression of the masculine influence) firmly established in America and Europe and in growing areas of the world, women no longer have standards to uphold. As a consequence marriage has faltered, unwed motherhood has mushroomed, chastity has disappeared, and moral decadence has grown. People indulge themselves in various forms of behavior that in essence provides escape from the un-natural way of life imposed by a ruling materialistic aristocracy. Consequently mental illness has taken over as the number one health issue of Western countries.

All aristocracies will ultimately collapse because they lack purpose. Aristocracies represent the feminine “ME” aspect of life and become almost devoid of the masculine “I” aspect of life. The masculine principle provides direction and purpose; without it society collapses. Solomon wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people shall perish.” Of course they will perish. Vision gives purpose, and purpose provides the structure and functioning of society. Western thought has created a purposeless self-indulgent aristocratic society that is collapsing before our very eyes. The solution requires a change in thinking.

That thinking has to come out of its narrow materialistic paradigm and expand into a more gender balanced value structure with an awareness of the purpose of life, which is the propagation and preservation of the species while on the journey of spiritual growth. To attain that objective there will be an evolvement into patriarchy, the natural societal structure.

Whether we go through a cataclysmic change, a mass spiritual enlightenment, a revolution against the tyranny that is building up in our government, or individuals and small groups starting to live their lives differently, the end result will see the re-establishment of patriarchy. As Solomon also said, “There is nothing new under the Sun.” Other forms of government will rise and fall, but patriarchy will always return.

The future society will be patriarchal. We can prepare for it now or deal with it when it is thrust upon us. In either case we will have to adjust our thinking to properly live in it.

In my next essay I will describe those who will bring about change in this society and spearhead the development of patriarchy.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Most people know that something fundamental is wrong with society; they don’t know what it is, how to replace it or who will replace it. This essay—the first of three—will explain what wont work. The second essay will explain what will work, and the third essay will describe who will bring about change.

Every institution created by Western thought will collapse as they are all built upon an aristocratic and materialistic foundation. All aristocracies ultimately destroy themselves and all things material eventually disintegrate.

Western society cannot be fixed—it cannot be changed—it is imploding. The fathers of the Constitution such as Madison, Jefferson, and Adams realized that it would eventually lead to tyranny and rued that they had taken part in creating it. Democracy has never worked anywhere. None of the institutions created by Western man are effective. They all lead to control. The nature of Western thought is to control. Ecumenism, universal healthcare, and no child left behind are all vehicles of control. Increasing numbers of those associated with our government now openly call for a one-world order.

The nature of our political leadership works to strengthen governmental control. We have a governing aristocracy that functions well in any political organization and it gravitates to one party or another as opportunity and necessity dictate.

New York City has a mayor who belonged to the Democrat Party but obtained his current position by running on the republican ticket. General Clark belonged to the Republican Party but ran for president on the democratic ticket. Senator Kerry, presidential candidate of the Democrat Party tried to influence republican Senator McCain to run as vice-president. Democrat Senator Lieberman ran for re-election as an independent and supported the presidential candidacy of Senator McCain. It is common knowledge that the Bush’s and Clinton’s visit each other. Our new president who campaigned on the promise of change has an administration made up of democratic and republican regulars. The same group always runs our country regardless of which political label they wear at the time. How then can we expect government to make change? The government created an out-of –sync with nature system; it will not change it.

In my lifetime from the beginning of the Great Depression to the present there has been a continuous growth of government and a breakdown of the family. There has not been a resolution to any problem and all problems have increased in magnitude. Let’s take a look at the more pronounced issues facing this nation.

We have the world’s largest prison population. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prisoners. We have 2.4 million of our brothers and sisters rotting away in cages, and this figure does not include those in local jails, on parole, and on probation. Our prison population has increased 15 fold since 1930, and we call our country the land of the free. If we challenge this statement about our freedom we are called un-American. Oh how we love our oppressors.

The unwed motherhood rate has during that same period of time increased from a little over 1% to 30% today. That should come as no surprise as children raised without fathers provide 90% of the prison population.

The number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression with upwards of 10 million suffering from that disease, and the number one health issue of the United States is mental illness. Suicide causes more deaths in America than does homicide. We are a nation that is literally going out of its mind.

American boys rank as the most violent in the world. They provide a growing field of recruitment for street gangs and prospects for future incarceration.

The educational system continues to deteriorate. A test given to high school graduates in the 1950’s when given to college seniors 50 years later resulted in lower scores by the college seniors. John Taylor Gatto—a distinguished public school teacher—in his book Dumbing Us Down, felt our youth would be better served if public schools were shut down altogether.

The very core of our society has been in a state of continuous decline, especially during the past 50 years. This decline has seen the tentacles of government reach into every area of our private lives. It has grown in size and influence. It has destroyed the primary institution of humankind—family—and rushed in to institutionalize the care of every aspect of societal activity.

I have said many times in my columns that the thinking used to create a problem cannot be used to solve that problem. Last week I came across the following statement from Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” That’s just another way of stating the same truth. Western society will not change until it changes its thinking, and it shows no proclivity to do so. On the contrary it is digging in and hoping that its impotent institutions whether political, religious, educational, or professional will find some miracle that will somehow change everything.
It will not happen.

Perhaps it cannot happen because of the set feminine, materialistic, and aristocratic basis of European thought. In his tome The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it), David Icke espouses a theory that reptilian aliens have infiltrated the earth primarily through the European culture. He speaks of their concept of royalty and aristocracy and their obsession with ritual and hierarchy. That’s pretty much the description I have used these many years and I never heard of David Icke until a few months ago.

I do not speak in terms of theories but in terms of truth that has been revealed to me. Nevertheless, the conspiracy groups that Icke refers to whether tri-lateralists, Bilderbergers, Jesuits, Masons, Zionists, or a host of others, are all Europeans. They created the Federal Reserve and the global banking systems that are exercising increasing control over us.

Western thought cannot change the issues confronting us—it created these issues. It’s over. It’s done. Bye-bye Western society.

Those concerned people who know that something fundamental is amiss in our society and who try to make change through the institutions they are familiar with are becoming increasingly frustrated. Whether conservative or liberal, democrat, republican, or libertarian, religious or non-religious, their energies are being dissipated through impotent institutions that will not change. It’s time to direct those positive energies into another venue, into another paradigm of thinking.

That other paradigm is patriarchy. It focuses on the family—the only natural institution—and is in harmony with the universal vibrations.

I will be writing about that in my next essay The Society of the Future.

Until then, I ask that you take a good look at society as it continues to crumble before your very eyes. Are you going to just watch it happen or will you do something to prepare for your survival and a return to a natural way of life?


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Two of my readers, one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast alerted me to Henry Makow’s article The Men Who Ran Away, which appeared on rense.com as well as his website. I normally don’t comment on other people’s articles, as I have my own agenda as to what I will write about, as they have theirs. However, since my readers felt that this article was germane to my message rather than comment on it other than to say it clearly reflects upon what has happened to the males of society, I decided to write about what it triggered in my mind.

First, I will briefly narrate an event that occurred on the New York City subway about a year ago. It was in the afternoon on the elevated section of the #1 train when two teenage boys, one black and one white started giggling and screaming and running up and down the car. They had apparently seen a mouse running under the seats along the length of the car. They made such a commotion that I finally told them that they were acting like girls and to keep quiet.

That incident provides further evidence of what has happened to the males of our society. They act like females. In a genderless society the males will always tend to act like females because females can’t act like males. Males can be neutered by castration. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a testes implant to females. Male characteristics can be removed but they cannot be transplanted; therefore, in a genderless society the government will attempt to substitute for the male. Thus we have in our genderless society big government and none of the positive attributes of the male.

In our modern world men are not physically castrated but they are mentally and legally neutered. They are raised in homes without competent fathers, educated in schools that cater to female understanding, told that they are no different from girls, banned from having men’s clubs, and removed from all familial authority.

Boys and girls need training to fulfill their natural obligation to the family and tribe. They need to be trained for the responsibilities of parenthood and their obligations to the greater good. By removing male authority we have reduced men to be nothing more than workers—jackasses on the treadmill of production. The women wanting parity have become she-asses on the same treadmill. They no longer need males. They do however, want security guards, surveillance cameras, and locks, gates, and fences to provide for their protection. Somehow these devices didn’t work at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Canada, or at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School in the United States. No amount of security can protect people against a society that does not have ethics and the moral behavior that results from it. Men develop ethics and moral standards. Real men have courage to stand up and protect women and children. The function of the male is to provide the environment and means for the female to bring life into this world and nurture it. No men—no ethics, morals, or protection.

When family served as the focus of societal activity the ritual of marriage signified a commitment on the part of both people to fulfill their obligations to each other and to the greater society. In the selection of mates the female looked for the strongest most powerful male to protect her—especially during the time of pregnancy when she was most vulnerable—while she went about her nurturing activities.

Now that marriage has gone our of style and being a loyal wife and devoted mother are no longer held in high esteem we have developed into a society of workers—jackasses and she-asses—who are measured by the loads they haul. The government attempts to provide protection by onerous laws against men and a multitude of security measures to protect women from those evil men.

Apparently the system doesn’t work very well as 10% of the adult female population suffers from debilitating depression. Maybe they are beginning to realize that being a she-ass isn’t as secure and self-fulfilling as being a wife and mother.

The only hope that they have of getting out of their un-natural and debilitating lifestyle is to pray that somehow a few real men will rise up and make the changes necessary to provide a natural way of life. Real men don’t run away.

In the interim increasing numbers of women will have to settle for taking tranquilizers and anti-depressants while working under surveillance cameras as they pull their loads.


Monday, March 9, 2009


Upon the creation of the physical universe gender came into existence. An understanding of and attunement with gender—the source of all movement—results in harmony with universal vibrations whereas, ignorance and/or a disregard of gender results in disharmony, which in societal structures leads to chaos, decline, and dissolution.

Today I will address the causes of the disharmony that engulfs our society and what to do about it. Author David Icke attributes the negative conspiracy theories that Henry Makow covers so well in his essays on savethemales.ca to be a result of an alien reptilian influence manifested primarily among Europeans. Whether the actions taken by these conspirators are the result of an alien influence or the result of ignorance (which is the source of all evil) the method used to control society is the same; it calls for the breakdown of the family structure.

An event that had significant worldwide implications concerning the breakdown of the family but which the media all but ignored was the 4th International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995. This conference called for the elimination of gender in all societal activities, and for the elimination of religious influence as well. The United Nations sponsored this event and supported it with its huge financial resources and international political influence. It should be noted that Hillary Clinton and Bella Abzug were but two of the heavy hitters of the feminist movement that attended that conference.

This event sought the destruction of the family through the noble sounding goal of equality for women, which translated meant equal authority in the home. No organization has two heads because it cannot survive with two masters; a truism that applies to the family as well. The removal of male authority from the family results in its destruction and makes the government the arbiter of relationships between people. All modern marriage and divorce laws now focus on the relationship between people, not families. The almost 14 years that have elapsed since the conference in Beijing, has seen an extensive attainment of its goal.

The “liberation” of women was a cruel hoax used as one of the vehicles to destroy male authority and put the population under control by government. Women have suffered horribly since their so-called liberation, especially Western women. Whatever the conspiratorial organization, whether the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, Zionists, Jesuits, or Satanists, or others, the primary method of control consists of the removal of male authority, the destruction of the family, and the elimination of all standards. Government control cannot occur without the destruction of patriarchy.

To remedy this influence of centralized government control does not require an attack on the perceived enemy. Evil is the absence of good just as sickness is the absence of health. Diabetes, cancer, autism, and arthritis do not exist as entities unto themselves. They are symptoms of poor health caused by the pollution of air, water, food, or thinking. When the causes are removed the symptoms will disappear.

When we walk in the light the darkness disappears. Part of the light is an understanding of gender, the importance of family, and the patriarchal structure that makes it possible. Family is the only institution necessary for the development of humankind. All the manmade institutions were designed as substitutes for the patriarchal structure and eventually became means of control. We now have government institutions controlling, education, health, employment, business, and societal relationships. We are almost completely controlled.

The un-natural control upon us will eventually self-destruct and all its institutions will come down with it. Only one institution will survive—the original one—the family. The propagation and preservation of the species is the focus of universal activity. All of nature revolves about the family and the extended family, which we call the tribe.

After the collapse occurs spiritually based and gender oriented men who know that their responsibility requires them to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race will start the rebuilding.

The collapse of our society is near at hand and now is the time to prepare for the rebuilding. However, it must come from outside of the conventional thinking and activity of our society. Men must realize the power within themselves. They are part of the Adam power of the world, which is the only power and it is manifested in men in the form of virility. Institutions are not virile. The only power they have is the power that men give to them or that men let them have.

On our website I have a streaming video titled Vagina Vocational Centers in which I call upon men to leave college. Sometimes the men ask what will happen to them. Nothing will happen to them. They will still have their manhood; the universities won’t, and there is no institution that can survive if in someway it is not connected to men. Men have built every institution. If they were all to crumble men could rebuild them. It is the institutions that will be in trouble when men leave them—all of them.

Do not concern yourself with the institutions that men have made or corrupt organizations. Concern yourselves instead with the power within you, for it is the unseen power within that controls the material world that is seen. I realize that for most Western men this is a difficult undertaking because the approach of Western society has been to address all issues through institutions ever since the Greeks first turned over to the city-states the care of society while they pursued material interests. The forming of institutions is a feminine reaction that wants to associate with a strong external entity. This focus on institutions has caused many modern writers to address all issues on an institutional basis without even thinking about what individuals can do to make change. It has caused people to be dependent upon the certificates, degrees, and licenses that institutions bestow upon those who have given the proper recitations.

Some of the most successful people of our time did not have any institutional recognition. Bill Gates and his VP dropped out of college, as did Steve Jobs and his VP. Bronson of Virgin Air is a high school dropout. Edison was a grade school dropout as was Premier Krushchev of Russia. Most of the famous African-American bandleaders and musicians could not read music—neither could the Beatles.

The power of men does not require authentication by an institution. Men authenticate institutions. It is only necessary for men to realize the power within and utilize the universal will to translate this power into action. Patriarchy is a spiritual concept that provides the vehicle for the manifestation of this action. Spread the message of patriarchy far and wide and you will find increasing numbers who understand and are willing to step forward and live the life they were ordained to live by providing for the care of women and children.

Say to yourselves upon arising I AM A MAN, I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN. Say it as you are walking down the street. Say it whenever you have doubt about what you can do to change or build a better society. There is no power on the face of the earth that can withstand the collective assertive power of the masculine principle. Not one!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The March 2nd issue of Newsweek contained an article by Joel Kotkin entitled Death of the Dream, which focused on the decline of the technological, political, and environmental leadership of California, which I thought would be of interest to you because the fundamental reasons for this decline—while not addressed in the article—are germane to our message.

Before writing an essay critiquing Joel Kotkin’s article I decided to check his area of expertise. He is executive editor of newgeography.com, the author of six books, a fellow of urban affairs at Chapman University, and a Senior Fellow at The New America foundation. He also writes in a pleasant non-adversarial manner and strikes me as a person who would be a friendly neighbor. He is obviously a learned man in the area of Western thought and therein lies his limitation in assessing the problems of California or of America, which he addresses on the on the homepage of joelkotkin.com.

Joel Kotkin’s Newsweek article opened with the following paragraph: “For decades, California has epitomized America’s economic strengths: technological excellence, artistic creativity, agricultural fecundity and an intrepid entrepreneurial spirit. Yet lately California has projected a grimmer vision of a politically divided, economically stagnant state.”

Mr. Kotkin laments the decline of technological, political, and environmental leadership in California and attempts to explain this fall from leadership in economic, ideological, and demographic terms. He addresses all issues as though they occur in a finite materialistic arena. He seems to not understand that all materialistic events are effects of unseen actions and unless the unseen changes, the seen will continue to deteriorate.

The one unseen area of influence that he touches upon gingerly and refers to as “its own culture of self-regard” and “an evermore inward-looking form of narcissism,” he tends to treat as a mild character flaw rather than as a part of a lack of fundamental values. The California psyche does not understand the universal activity of the propagation and preservation of the species including its spiritual growth; consequently, it has little regard for the family or the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it.

Its laws focus on civil arrangements rather than spiritual values. It promotes the sameness of sex and homosexual unions while simultaneously enacting laws that breakdown male authority in the home thus destroying the family. A manifestation of this disregard for family is reflected in the soaring rate of unwed motherhood in California. It is reflected in the pregnancy of unwed congresswoman Linda Sanchez. The flaunting of female independence by becoming unwed mothers creates a class of males that will be underachievers and potential gang members and prison inmates. California’s governor symbolizes its lack of gender understanding having played the role of a pregnant man in the movies. Those that have eyes, let them see.

While referring to the many material accomplishments of California such as its high tech companies, the film industry, and environmental leadership, Kotkin does not mention that California is the pornographic capital of the world. Thousands of women journey to that state each year to participate in pornographic movies and not for the money, for they act as interns or apprentices in order to build up a resume that certifies them as whores so they can perform in “adult” clubs around the country. I often wonder what that interpretation of “adult” has on our youth.

There has never been a society that did not implode once men lost their authority. There has never been a society that did not sink into moral decadence once the ethics created by men was removed. There has never been a society that long prospered after it abandoned as its primary focus the natural activity of the propagation and preservation of the species. There has never been a society that has survived the destruction of the family.
As mentioned earlier, Joel Kotkin is a learned man and surely knows that the above statements are true, yet he does not address the fundamental unseen issues that have led to the decline and eventual demise of California in particular and to our nation and the entire Western world in general.

Mr. Kotkin, like so many of his contemporaries, attributes changes in societal activity and performance to the institutions that Western man has established. He writes about political parties, educational systems, economic developments, religious organizations, social strata, and financial policies. His works are easy to read and follow, but they serve more as historical perspectives rather than studies of cause and effect. Unfortunately this approach is the norm of Western society. Women complain about what is wrong; men are expected to take action. Since men have been neutered in our society everybody writes and talks about its problems and no one offers solutions. The hope is that somehow institutions will fix things. If nothing works, the institution of last resort—the government—is called upon to “do something.”

We live in a society incapable of resolving its problems. No matter what the problem, it never goes away; it gets talked about and talked about as it festers and grows. The thinking used to create a problem cannot be used to resolve that problem. Western feminine materialistic thinking has created its problems; it cannot resolve them. Only a change in thinking will bring about the action necessary to bring about resolution.

The change in thinking necessary in Western society requires an understanding of the universal principle of gender and a change in focus from maximum freedom for self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement to a life dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the species. From this objective ethics will develop that will create the moral atmosphere conducive to mental, physical and spiritual growth.

California and the Western world put their faith in matters material. When the material world became unraveled, whether in the form of the bursting of the high tech and real estate bubbles or the collapse of the stock market, society began to decline. What needs to be understood is that society did not decline because of the collapse of the material entities, but that the material entities collapsed because of a lack of ethical standards and moral behavior.

Civilizations die when they lose their virility and ethics. Only men are virile. Only men develop ethics. No men—no virility. No men—no ethics. No virility and ethics—no society.

It’s time for a change in thinking, not only in California but also throughout the Western world.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Our federal government has a noose around the neck of individual responsibility and authority of society. The actions of the present government taken before and immediately after its inauguration have tightened this noose considerably. It has taken overt and covert steps to remove any vestiges of patriarchy thus leaving the functioning of society completely dependent upon government fiat.

Prior to the inauguration this administration had already begun its contribution to the continued attack on family by choosing Senator Joe Biden as Vice President. The ostensible reason for the selection of Senator Joe Biden was because of his foreign policy experience, which other than his time as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee was rather limited. He does however, have a significant credential towards governmental control of the family in his authorship of the Violence Against Women Act. This act removed familial authority from the male and put it in the hands of the government making it the arbiter of relationships between men and women living together. That action destroyed the family; it also increased the prison population and caused more children to live in a home without a father present.

President Obama’s first legislative act signed into law the Landbetter Act, which calls for equal pay for women. This act serves as intrusion by government into the running of private business. As a former business owner I can say that most business owners pay people according to what they contribute to the enterprise, they really don’t care about sex, race, ethnicity, or religion. Those few who have genuine prejudices ultimately pay the price in reduced productivity.

Women challenge how anyone can oppose violence to women. People are not opposed to violence against women; they are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act, which aside from not taking into consideration the fact that it does take two to tango, this law destroys the family, and makes children wards of the State. It is a cleverly named law that hides its sinister intent and with its specific gender designation, it along with the Landbetter Act creates a schism between men and women further destroying any remaining natural gender (patriarchal) relationships and solidifying the power of the government over both sexes.

A third step towards complete government control is the effort to enact universal health care, which has nothing to do with health just as the much-heralded Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan had nothing to do with health. Her plan had to do with sickness and how to pay for it, and that in essence is all that the present administration’s proposals deal with. I am a veteran and receive care at Veteran’s Administration hospitals, which I find to be reasonably good care. However, I am always defending myself against their attempts to have me take flu shots, medication, or invasive examinations. If universal health care becomes enacted people will either do what the government says or they won’t be treated.

Another step in the governments move towards complete control of all aspects of societal activity is its increased influence in education. The Los Angeles Times reported, “The government proposes to take on a greatly expanded role in making college affordable and in ensuring that students earn degrees or credentials. Pell Grants would be tied to inflation for the first time since their inception, providing annual raises for recipients. The grant program also would be turned into an entitlement program with guaranteed funding, like Social Security or Medicare. The government proposes to take on a greatly expanded role in making college affordable and in ensuring that students earn degrees or credentials.”

The government desires to take on this expanded role in education so that it can influence the thinking of greater numbers of people and also keep them in debt to the government. It conducts a combination mind control and financial control operation. By eliminating family and at the same time making the government the provider of all services it cultivates in people the belief that all issues must be resolved through governmental action.

The scope of the government’s efforts to destroy family and entrench its powers cannot be over-estmated The activities mentioned here have to do with the efforts of our new administration, which has been in office a little over a month. However, there are those who feel these efforts to further destroy the famiy were manifested the day after the present administratin came to power. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, described those policies on his Web site the day after the inauguration. “Minutes after Obama took the oath of office, the transfer of power was made complete on the White House Web site. The page, once home to a host of family values, now welcomes an extreme collection of anti-life, anti-woman, and anti-family agendas. Under the caption "civil rights," Obama pledges to fight for nationwide civil unions [for homosexual partners], repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, homosexual adoption, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, expanded "hate crimes," and over 1,100 costly same-sex benefits. He promises to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" [in the military] as well as block a federal amendment to preserve marriage. In exchange for the support of groups like Planned Parenthood, the abortion business is also due for a rich payoff from the 44th president, including his support of abortion-on-demand, more funding for "family planning" programs, embryonic stem cell experiments, and tax-funded abortion.”

Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, the march of the government to greater control of our lives continues, and the present economic crises serves as a diversion that enables it through the enactment of seemingly innocuous legislation, to strengthen its hold on all aspects of our lives

The noose around our individual initiative continues to tighten. What I find particularly disturbing is the willingness of a large part of the population to have this noose around them. It gives them a sense of security. The way to enslave people is to get them to want to be enslaved and there are many who clamor for this enslavement whether by calling for universal health care, universal aid to education, for surveilance cameras, or for an infinite number of laws to protect them.

We are very close to the establishment of complete tyranny. When that happens essays such as this will not be permitted on the internet or anywhere else. The time to step forward and do something to protect yourself and those who think as you do has arrived.

It has been said that when people hurt enough they start to look for change, but I wonder if by the time they desire to make change from government control the noose will be so tight that it will be impossible to get out of it. What seems more likely is that the majority will have been so indoctrinated that they not only won’t hate their oppressors—they will love them. They will be comfortable in the noose.

Now is the time to stand up and start living the patriarchal life as best as you understand it and as best as you can. The longer you wait the tighter the noose will become.


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