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Monday, April 26, 2010


A seemingly innocuous event occurred recently that I feel has great import concerning the increasing dependency of Western society upon its institutions and I decided to share it with you.

After having cold symptoms that would not break for more than a month and in the process becoming fatigued and achy, I visited my doctor who conducted a series of blood tests, which determined that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. A few B12 shots later my body returned to normal functioning. This event on the surface did not contain any newsworthiness as it occurs many times a day every day throughout Western society.

However, the event did concern me because I am a vegetarian and common knowledge (a myth) holds that vegetarians tend to suffer more from vitamin B12 deficiencies than non-vegetarians. Upon some personal questioning and internet research I learned that many, if not most, vegetarians take B12 supplements, which if true caused me to wonder how all the vegetarians survived through the millennia before the development of synthesized B12 by Western society. Something didn’t ring true about the understanding of vitamin B12 deficiency, especially since I learned that many non-vegetarians suffer from B12 deficiencies and also take supplements.

I phoned a friend well steeped in nutrition and holistic medicine and he informed me that vitamin B12 did not come from foods; the body generated it. I later remembered that in my youth, perhaps in grade school, one of my teachers taught us that the body generated all the B12 that it needed. This caused me to reflect on why the body of modern man (whether vegetarian or not) had difficulty in producing B12.

One view holds that people live longer now and that nutritional deficiencies existed in earlier times but did not manifest because of the shorter life spans. This view is pure propaganda. If we check our own history we will learn that Indian chiefs such as Sitting Bull rode into battle at 50, 60 and even 70 years of age. Geronimo was selling his autograph to tourists in Florida when he was in his 90’s. The ancient Greek philosopher Democritus lived to the age of 109 and he was one of a host of ancient Greek philosophers that lived beyond the age of 90. Every society of indigenous peoples throughout the world had its elders that lived well beyond the age of 90. All these societies did it without the availability of modern Western nutritional supplements. Even the Hunzas of today live well beyond 100 years of age without access to modern technology.

The reason that an increasing number of people require vitamin B12 supplements, and other supplements as well stems from the damage done to the food chain and then to the body from medication, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, genetic engineering, and preservative packaging that contaminate our foods. The intrusion of these toxic elements into our food chain (with the complicity of all of our institutions) has destroyed the body’s natural inner balance. The same imbalance has been created in the womb of women due to the use of antibiotics, which alter the ph levels and cause an increased incidence of yeast infections. These very institutions that offer “cures” for our illnesses created the conditions that spawned them.

What we do to another person happens to ourselves and what we do to the environment affects us personally as well. We have created dead zones in the environment such as in the Gulf of Mexico in which marine life can no longer develop properly. Dead zones have also developed in our bodies in which bacteria and microbial life can no longer develop properly. As we desecrate the earth we desecrate our bodies. As mother earth suffers, we too suffer.

Western thought does not harmonize with nature; instead it strives to control, fight and tame nature so that it can be exploited. As we have seen this materialistic thinking leads to the demise of all life. The technology that provides antibiotics, vitamin supplements, and synthetic hormones used to prolong our lives actually shortens our lives and makes us dependent upon artificial sources to survive.

Technology is an extension of gross materialism and those who are enamored with it believe it can solve all problems; an arrogant point of view based on ignorance of the workings of the universe. Technologists actually believe they can make a better apple than God did. They believe they can improve upon nature. They practice genetic engineering in order make and do things not found in nature.

The prophet Jeremiah speaking the words of God tells the people “You forgot who I am, I’m the one who gave you everything. I gave you cisterns of living water and you have made for yourselves cisterns that leak.” Several centuries later Paul said, “There is no single gift that you have not received.” Still today, Western thought actually believes it can improve upon nature, as though God forgot something. This thinking is evidence of the imbalance of gender, of a failure to realize that what we see is predicated upon what is unseen. Only the unseen provides for the seen and only the male provides for the female.

There are two significant points that I make with this essay, both of them showing the imbalance of gender in Western society and the negative effects that they produce. The first and more obvious being that the destruction of the natural by the technological results in the malfunction of life and ultimately its demise. I am 80 years old and represent a generation raised on natural foods. The animals that served as our food were raised in free range and ate a natural diet. We as a generation were not injected with antibiotics and did not take drugs to alleviate the discomfort of colds. We were not subject to high frequency radiation from communications products. We are the last of a generation that lived a relatively natural life. I take no medications and the vitamin B12 injections were the first medically prescribed supplements I ever took. I expect to live many more years, not as a result of technology, but as a result of having lived the formative years of my life without it. I was a poor boy raised during the Great Depression and I didn’t see people suffering from lack of medical attention. There was no health crisis.

My mother, father in law, and mother in law all lived to be 90. My stepfather died at 88 and never went to doctors. These people lived a relatively natural life and required relatively little attention in their old age.

Let’s contrast my generation to the present generation which contains an increasing number of diabetics among those in their 30’s. Thirty-year-old diabetics usually do not reach old age. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is occurring more frequently and at lower ages. Technology is searching for a cure for this debilitating condition. There is nothing to cure. God did not create Alzheimer’s; it is a direct result of Western technology and the aberrant lifestyle it creates, as are most of the new diseases of the modern technological age.

If modern technology is such a blessing why is there a health crises in America? The material focus and ignorance of the unseen has mutated every facet of life in modern society. All of our institutions whether medical, legal, governmental, educational, scientific, and pharmaceutical are infected with gross materialistic thinking and are imploding from a lack of virility.

The second point I make with this essay—and perhaps most important—addresses the docility that accompanies the feminization of our society. We accept nutritional supplements, inoculations, the destruction of the food chain, the destruction of the family, increasing incarceration rates, the prevalence of divorce and adultery, and the multitude of aberrations of nature that constitute modern Western society. It has become the norm of society and whatever becomes the norm gains acceptance, even if it is unnatural and detrimental to our lives.

Ten percent of American Women and 15% of European women suffer from debilitating depression. The number one health issue of the European world is mental illness. In America 26.2% of the people at any given time are diagnosed as having mental illness. As those who suffer from these maladies increase they will be considered normal and those who do not suffer from these conditions will be considered abnormal. This is not a joke. I am considered to be an anomaly by the American Medical Association. According to their figures the average person over 65 takes eight prescription medications. I do not take any; therefore, I am not normal. Normal people take drugs. Think of the ramifications of that value structure.

It is time for people who understand the principle of gender, which is manifested as the balance of nature, to begin to do something different with their lives before they become classified as abnormal. We are a society that has already become enslaved; it is only the degree of slavery that is questionable. It is time to come out from under this enslavement and start living a life apart from the institutions that created it.

I ask that you review my essays The Cubists and The Fix It Society. You might also review the following link on B12 deficiencies. http://www.vibrancyuk.com/B12.html

Don’t be docile. It’s time to act. Let me hear from you.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


People of the Western world feel an increasing constriction of their freedom. They see a growing involvement by government in every aspect of their lives. The simplest of disputes require going to court and/or hiring a lawyer. The government has taken over every aspect of domestic relations. It dominates the standards to which children are raised. It has taken over every aspect of education. It will soon take over every aspect of the care of the health of society. It is increasing its influence on the nature of the foods sold and/or made available. Governmental regulations now control most every aspect of the operation of the workplace. Government has replaced moral and immoral, right and wrong, with legal and illegal. People have little latitude in the conduct of the most personal aspect of their lives. They feel boxed in on every side and have developed an increasing urge to break free of these constrictions.

People will soon start taking the action necessary to break free; however, contrary to common thinking and practice the way to freedom will not come about by breaking out of this confinement. The focus on the outer world and all its institutions has caused the encroachment by government and the feeling of helplessness to do anything about it. The path to freedom requires changing the focus from the outer world to the inner world. People need to break into the inner world and realize the power and ability they have as men and women. Western thought has focused on the outer material world for a long time and this process has suppressed the inherent power of men and women and made them dependent upon and then controlled by governmental institutions.

Men created institutions; institutions did not create men. Every institution that exists, regardless of its size, power, and scope came into existence from the inner power of men. The only assertive influence in the universe is the masculine principle; it resides within man, not outside of him. When all the institutions pass man will remain, but when man passes none of the institutions will remain.

The influence of man within the institutions he created is passing as a result of laws demanding equality (sameness) of the sexes. All institutions are losing their vitality and to compensate have welcomed governmental intervention in order to maintain their operations. The government can only shore up the institutions from the outside, whereas they are collapsing from the inside. All Western institutions are failing. All.

To attempt to improve the conditions within by changing the conditions without is working contrary to nature. When the inside changes, the outside changes. When the influence of the inside is inhibited, restricted, or impeded the outside begins to whither.

Institutions have been established to check on the institutions that are failing. Institutions have been established outside of institutions to monitor activities within institutions. All institutions are being attacked and even sued by their members. Ultimately the government is called on to monitor all institutions, and then investigative committees are formed to monitor the government. No amount of institutional adjustment and tinkering can save the institutions. They will all fail because among other things, they do not possess the ethics necessary to maintain moral behavior. They cannot. Ethics do not exist in the material world. They only exist in the unseen world of the masculine principle. When the authority of the masculine influence was removed from institutions all ethics disappeared and the decline began.

The basic institution created for the propagation and preservation of the species is family. All the other institutions that Western thought created are ineffective substitutes for that basic institution. Men make families. They make them for the express purpose of propagating and preserving the species while on its spiritual journey. In order for that objective to be realized women must be included in the institution, not only for the purpose of procreating but also for what Western thought refers to as the “care” of children.

Western society uses the term “care” to describe efforts that support the sustaining of all life such as care of the aged, health care, pre-school care, after school care, home care, animal care, livestock care, poultry care, pet care, and garden care. The term “care” usually means the providing of food, shelter, and if necessary, clothing.

Institutions have been established to provide various forms of “childcare” thus “freeing” women from its “drudgery” and instead enabling them to pursue “self-fulfilling” careers. Institutions now feed children, provide shelter, change their diapers, provide for their recreation, teach values, and even provide free condoms for their sexual activities.

The institutionalized care of children does not produce positive results. The United States has the distinction of having the most violent boys in the world. Three million American girls suffer from depression and close to one million American schoolboys receive prescribed doses of the drug Ritalin. The number one health issue of England, The United States and Canada is mental illness. Fifteen percent of European women suffer from debilitating depression. Something is missing from the “care” of people in the Western world.

The essential ingredient for the sustaining of a healthy natural lifestyle is “nurturing love.” Institutions cannot provide nurturing love. Only the female of all species can provide nurturing love. Women are equipped to bring forth life and bathe it in nurturing love. The ingredient they put into food that cannot be found elsewhere is nurturing love. They put nurturing love into the folds of the laundry, into the making of the beds, and into every thing they touch in the home. All life needs nurturing love to develop properly and women provide it.

Women can only provide nurturing love if they live in a secure environment. Mother’s milk flows freely when she is safe and secure. Men naturally provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. With the removal of male authority the environment necessary for women to provide nurturing love disappeared. Consequently, our children and all of society suffer from mal-nutrition of nurturing love.

Western society suffers from a lack of nurturing, and is love-starved; it has attempted to supply through institutions and material means the non-material qualities necessary for the development of life.

A growing factor in creating a love-starved society is unwed motherhood, which now accounts for 40% of births in America and for 50% in France. Unwed motherhood results in a non-conducive environment for providing nurturing love, thus it exacerbates the downward spiral of love-starved Western society. Their children are dumped into after school programs when still in diapers and at best receive nurturing love on an installment basis.

This essay has gone into considerable length to explain that all that is necessary to propagate, preserve, and develop a proper life comes from the unseen inner qualities of men and women, not from institutions. Paul said there is no single gift that you have not received. Matthew contains the words “There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not be known.”

In the duality of the physical universe there are two poles or powers. The first is the masculine principle, which is the assertive influence of the universe and supplies the structure, direction, and environment necessary for the second, the feminine principle—the receptive entity—to provide the nurturing love necessary for all of existence. These two poles working together provide a unity of purpose in the physical world as humankind progresses on its spiritual journey.

Now is the time my sons and daughters to break in and utilize these inner powers to create a more natural way of life for humankind as the institutionalized environment crumbles. To assist you with these efforts the focus of Men’s Action has changed its course. Its message has been clearly defined by the 90 essays on its website, and by my book and information booklets. The manuscript for my second book A Gender Handbook For Western Man is at the publishers, which when published and combined with the other materials should make our message abundantly clear. The new direction entails more specificity concerning the building of an alternative lifestyle outside of the institutionally oriented system.

You can help with this change of direction by investing in my book and information materials, promoting our website, and propagating its message. The time for change is close upon us; let’s collectively participate in it. The power is within you; use it. Now.


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