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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I write this material for my own clarification as well as for the purpose of presenting my thoughts to others.

For some 15 years I have written and lectured about the principle of gender and how it affects the operation of the universe and our individual and collective lives as well. My book, Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility, describes the principle of gender along with the gender characteristics that enable the propagation and preservation of all life.

In the process of disseminating my message I came to the realization that Western society represented the feminine principle and did not understand gender differences. I later realized that those who most readily understood my message consisted of non-Western immigrants and African-Americans, people who have a cultural history of extended family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it.

One realization led to another, and I came to understand that the patriarchal structure permeated the entire universe. The solar system, mammals, birds, and all human societies function within some sort of patriarchal structure. Only Western man did not practice patriarchy, which is the natural expression of gender attributes necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species. Instead he delegated the care of society to the government while he pursued material interests.

In its attempt to substitute for the natural patriarchal order Western society developed and experimented with various forms of government—none of which had any long-term success. These governmental forms always developed into strong central control in an attempt to cope with the void caused by the absence of masculine authority and the chaos that would ensue.

Western society’s unsuccessful attempts at stable governments reflect its continuous efforts to substitute something man-made for the natural order of things, which it does not understand. Western society does not know how to harmonize with nature, but rather looks upon nature as a vehicle to exploit in order to satisfy its desires for material accumulation and self-gratification; it literally destroys the environment in the process of attempting to fulfill its insatiable desire to consume. Also, the unbridled expression of the feminine psyche of Western society resulted in an aristocratic way of life intolerant of other cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

The materialistic psyche of the West inhibits its ability to understand the unseen forces of life and instead focuses on what is seen; consequently it deals only with physical effects rather than unseen causes. Dealing with effects has met continual failure regarding the well-being of families, effectiveness of schools, health of the people, and safety of society.

The Chinese refer to gender differences as the Yin and Yang from which all life flows. The West attempts to run with the Yin only—the feminine principle—ignoring the masculine principle and deprecating it in all segments of the media. This ignorance has led to the greatest evil inflicted upon humankind by Western thought—the abandonment of the preparation of people for their role in the propagation and preservation of humankind. The activity of every species of life on the planet focuses on reproducing itself. Cultural practices of all societies support the activity of propagation and preservation, as do most religious tenets. Western man on the other hand turned the responsibility for the propagation and security of the populace over to the State 2,500 years ago and instead trains his children to go to school and get a job and make money. Any societal grouping that does not work diligently for its propagation and preservation sows the seeds for its own demise.

Theories and conspiracies abound concerning the cause of the gradual control of Western society by evil forces, but they all stem from the lack of interest in propagating and preserving the species. The focus on the material world has led to a destruction of all values and practices necessary for the well-being of the race, which has resulted in unlimited self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement.

People have become upset over the increased loneliness and insecurity they experience as a result of the breakdown of the family and natural tribal structure. They seek change; however, Western society cannot fix its problems—Western thought created them. The feminine political and socio-economic structure of Western society cannot imagine that it is wrong; therefore, it opposes and suppresses any attempts to make change.

Change can only come from outside of the system. It will come from men and women of all faiths, ethnicities, and races who have an understanding of the unseen and who recognize the importance of family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it. Society will rebuild on the old foundations, which were the original patriarchal structures necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species. Men’s Action to Rebuild Society was formed as a vehicle to help bring about that rebuilding.

At first glance it appears that a huge challenge lies before us; however, the enemy—Western thought—is in the process of self-destruction. To survive, it is only necessary for those who understand the basis of patriarchy to begin living a life in harmony with nature. They will survive the collapse of the Western era and usher in a new age.

I will continue—through Men’s Action—to spread a spiritually based and gender oriented message that will awaken people to their inner powers and motivate them to discard Western thought and replace it with an understanding of the universal principle of gender and the natural patriarchal structure necessary for the support of family and evolvement of humankind.

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