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Thursday, December 27, 2007


This week many will prepare for a New Year’s Eve celebration or at least a commemoration. Some will reflect on the activities of this year as it draws to a close and some will make plans for the new year. Reflecting upon what we have produces many benefits for it instills in us a sense of gratitude, which in turn gives us a more positive outlook in life.

Looking at Men’s Action today and comparing it to last year instills in me strong feelings of gratitude. A year ago I wrote blogs on mensnewsdailoy.com (MND), which contained a readership that at best was not receptive to my message and at worst was openly hostile to it. Someone had quoted Gandhi’s remarks concerning change as follows: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” The readers of MND responded to my message by first ignoring me, then ridiculing me, and then attacking me. Ultimately my message received acceptance and support.

At the time that I started writing for MND my secret goal was to ultimately develop from its readership six true believers for Men’s Action. When I parted company with MND I had a mailing list of 80 which rapidly pared down to about 20 and which will be refined to a half dozen true believers and activists. My goal has been attained and I am grateful. When I add to this group those who were with me before my writing for MND and those who have since joined has a result of investing in my book and booklets, we have the nucleus for an organization that will develop a strong membership in 2008.

Another event for which I am grateful is the development of the Men’s Action website, which, now contains streaming video, podcasting, RSS feeds, and various vehicles through which to relay current activities and member viewpoints. Steps have already been taken to digitalize the tapes of my nine-year television series and insert edited portions of them on the website. As we enter the year 2008 we will do so with the most modern website in our field, and perhaps in any field. This website has produced results averaging 6,000 hits per week and 1,200 viewers/week for the months of July and August. I am grateful to all who participated in this development.

This past year also saw the publishing of my book, which gave the movement impetus. While some books were purchased through the internet the bulk of them were distributed through personal effort. These personal sales resulted in reorders for friends, family, and associates, which in turn produced members. I am grateful to all who have invested in my book and who promote it along with our information booklets. These booklets have been translated into Dutch and are now being offered in the Netherlands. Hopefully they will be translated into Spanish this year and will be offered to Spanish speaking people everywhere.

Opportunities for spreading our message have also opened up. I write for Le Griot a West African paper in Harlem, and for The Muslim Observer, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. I launched our movement on a Harlem internet radio station and hope to penetrate the Hispanic market in early 2008.

I am grateful for all that has developed in 2007 for Men’s Action and I thank all of you for helping to make this growth possible. Please continue your efforts in promoting my book and booklets, and our website through whatever means is comfortable for you. Personal contact is the force that will make our organization grow.

Lastly, Men’s Action is no longer an idea or hope. It will be incorporated in as soon as my attorney returns from vacation in January. Incorporating has its expenses, as does the operation of an organization. These expenses can no longer come out of my pocket, as I have no income other than social security. I will formally be asking for donations in January and hope to raise $10,000 for operational expenses to give us a start to become self-sustaining. I will give a breakdown of our needs in January, but if any of you can make a contribution now it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to all of you for the contribution of your time, talents, and treasures. We are collectively making history by filling a need in society. For this, let us all be grateful.

Have a happy, healthful and successful New Year.

Elder George

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