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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The world financial crises, especially the crises in the United States has created warnings from those on high that unless national budgets are made and adhered to there will be serious consequences. Almost daily, talk shows interview those from the materialistic hierarchy who warn humankind of the grave consequences of their fiscal irresponsibility. The Western world in general and the United States in particular suffer from angst as they hear pronouncement that the gods and very-gods of finance, industry, and investment are angered by the irresponsible behavior of governments.

This fear has come about by the worship of the material world and those who run it; they have become high priests in a materialistic hierarchy. The high priests express anger and concern over fiscal irresponsibility because it portends the end of their power.

Humankind needs to realize—and will in fact learn—that the world will continue to function; the Sun will still shine, the earth will still produce, and humankind will survive, just at it did long before the advent of Western materialistic thought. People survive plague, pestilence, drought, famine, and floods. Only governments fail. The creations of man always fail and the creations of God always remain. Frequently the cost of learning this truth is high, but the truth will be learned.

The words of God speaking through the prophet Jeremiah were, “You have forgotten who I am. I am the one who gave you everything. I gave you cisterns of living water—you made for yourselves cisterns that leak.”

Centuries later Paul said, “There is no single thing that you have not received.”

The Koran states, “All things are from God.”

Western thought believes that all things are from humankind, and that humankind can actually improve upon nature and all that God has created. It does not have the concept of matters spiritual, of matters unseen, or the purpose and nature of human existence. It creates for itself false gods and bows down before them and shudders at their pronouncements.

This material world that Western thought has created is now in a state of collapse. The economy is damaged beyond repair. The priesthood will soon be seen for what it is—an impotent hierarchy incapable of understanding the divine nature of existence.

All this bodes well for humankind. As the material powers collapse there will be a return to spiritual values and an understanding of the nature of existence People will begin to realize their individual responsibility, obligation, and consideration for the betterment of the race.

There will be a realization that the proper understanding and application of gender known as patriarchy is essential to the operation of the family, which will once again become the center from which all values emanate.

Do not be saddened my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters; you are at the threshold of great change and human growth. You have the good fortune of not only seeing tremendous history being made, but of also becoming one of the actors in it. The decade ahead will usher in tremendous change. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.


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