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Thursday, September 17, 2009


The September 14, 2009 issue of Newsweek contains an article by its Science Editor Sharon Begley titled, Pink Brain, Blue Brain—Claims of sex differences fall apart, which she bases on the information contained in a book written by Lise Elliot titled, Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps—And What We can Do About it. The troublesome gap according to the article is believing that there are differences between men and women. You heard right. These two women want to assure us that sex differences are socialized and that there really isn’t any difference between those who have penises and those who have wombs.

How does one respond to such a preposterous assertion?

To respond to it gives it credence. Her article did not contain one conceptual viewpoint. That alone would indicate the difference between male and female thinking. Instead of conceptual thought the book relied on 46 pages of bibliography and apparently a mountain of empirical data. I’m not going into a challenge of the article, but I’m confident that one day when historians review the collapse of Western society they will consider it to be a natural consequence of a people who did not know the difference between those who have testis and those who have teats.

I will, however, address two areas of activity related to that article. Firstly, two well-educated scientifically oriented women in a major international news magazine bring us this supposedly enlightening news, not some radical feminist writer published in an avant-garde publication. Do you think that the publishers and moneyed interests that control Newsweek really believe that gender differences are socialized? This article reminds me of the one written by Jodie T. Allen that appeared in the June 23, 2003 edition of U.S. News & World Report titled Are Men Obsolete? Do you think that Mort Zuckerman, the powerful billionaire and owner of U.S. News, and the owners of Newsweek, Time, et al, really doesn’t know the difference between men and women? If so, why do all the major media carry advertisements drenched with sexual motivation?

Ads directed at women appeal to the “ME” aspect of their personalities. By going to a certain store or subscribing to a specific service a woman will become more fulfilled, desirable, and important. In the case of men the sex in advertising is more blatant; the promise of sexual fulfillment sells automobiles, cell phones, and nutritional supplements. If those who control the media believe in a genderless society how come they spend so much money to motivate the sexes?

It’s done for financial gain and societal control. The suppression of male authority and feminine nurturing has led to the dissolution of the family and the control of society by the government. Those that support the government and control it, reap fat profits from sexual exploitation through advertising.

The second area of activity that I will address deals with the mutation of the race. We learned recently that the South African woman runner of recent acclaim is really a hermaphrodite. While hermaphrodites have existed since the beginning of time the mass and self-imposed mutation of the human species is a recent phenomena—if it weren’t recent we wouldn’t be here. The toxic air, water and food that we ingest accounts for a large part of the mutations developing in the race; however, the genderless philosophy and the resultant activities that it encourages lead to mutations of the body, mind, and psyche.

Women are getting broader shoulders, narrower hips, smaller busts, and more sinuous flesh. This is contrary to the way they have been designed, which was to have wider hips than shoulders, large busts, and soft flesh in order to bring forth life and nurture the race. These mutations are affecting women’s ability and desire to propagate the species. Since these mutations are not natural the response on women has been an incidence of depression and female disorders that is beyond epidemic proportions.

What then are the women to do? What can they do? They are responsive, adaptable, accommodating and passive. The ethical standards that men established for their well-being have been removed and the family structure necessary to their secure functioning has been destroyed. Women are responding to the media and the government, there is nothing else for them to respond to—men have been emasculated.

In order to better the lot of women their environment must be changed and only men can do it; however, the majority of men have been neutered. This leaves women and society in a quandary. What women can do is pray that the divine power will motivate Real Men to rise up and start to assume their responsibilities, obligations, and considerations to the race. The men are going to have to be reborn. They must come to the realization that providing the environment and means for women to nurture the race is their paramount concern.

It is time to stop the whining and take action especially among the Men’s Rights Organizations and conservatives. Its time to change the focus from attacking women and defending the system, to caring for women and attacking the system that created this genderless society.

In keeping with that objective I am launching a video series on youtube titled The Natural Woman, which will discuss the environment conducive for the well-being of women and the negative surroundings into which they have been manipulated and how it affects them.

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I thank you for your participation and trust you will enjoy the first video.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


At a subway station in downtown Manhattan a man handed me a religious tract titled The Long Trip. The small 12-page tract contained a cartoon story illustrating the life experiences of a man named John from birth until death. He gets married, has a couple of kids and becomes deeply enmeshed in the “rat race” of modern life. They pass a man holding up a sign The Good News and his wife says “Hold it John, We need some good news.”

I interrupt the description to point out that the person who recognizes the need for change is not John, the man, husband and father, but the woman, wife, and mother. Getting back to the story in the tract, the man holding the sign explains there is only one way to heaven, and that is the narrow path…and Jesus is that way. The wife and children choose the way but John hesitates. His wife calls to him, “Come on, John.” The children say, “Aren’t you coming daddy?” Daddy says, I’m not ready for this, I’ll think about it.” The story ends with the wife and two children saved and John going to hell.

The religious tract skillfully promoted the modern philosophy extolled by all communications media and advertising—men are buffoons and women know best. Think of how this message resonates with unwed mothers who now comprise 40% of American motherhood and close to 50% of European motherhood. They already believe that children don’t need a masculine presence in the home and this tract adds religious reinforcement to that thinking. I wrote the minister of the church that distributed that tract and suggested a more appropriate title would be The Wrong Trip.

This tract illustrates the results of Western feminine and materialistic thought. The feminine psyche requires direction from outside of itself—that viewpoint is rarely challenged. The point of contention is where that direction should come from, an example being The famous Virginia Slims advertising “You’ve come a long way baby,” which implies that smoking expresses freedom from the domination of husbands and fathers. Female smoking eventually increased the incidence of long cancer in women, which resulted in the starting of a decades-long campaign against the cigarette companies and the establishing of various laws limiting or prohibiting smoking. For the government to ban smoking at a cost of billions of dollars is called freedom but for husbands—at no charge—to prohibit the mothers of their children from smoking is called female suppression. Tragically this viewpoint has received public acceptance.

European thought will always look outside of itself for solutions to its problems; therefore, it will always create institutions to deal with them. It gives these institutions complete power and eventually becomes enslaved by the very institutions that it created. Western thought has created all forms of government and all of them result in the enslavement of people.

In the natural patriarchal order the female attempts to mate with the strongest, most courageous, and devoted male who will provide the secure environment that will enable her to bring forth life and nurture it. The duty of the male—its paramount purpose—is to provide that environment and the means for the nurturing of the race. Western thought has turned that function over to the state with the result being disempowerment of the male, destruction of the family, loss of protection for women, and neglect of children. I have addressed these issues in other essays, and will maintain the focus of this essay on the spiritual basis of patriarchy and the Western penchant for creating institutions—including religious institutions—that destroy the family and enslave the masses.

The Biblical allegory of Eve being born of Adam’s rib illustrates that all things and all movement come from the masculine principle, there is no place else for anything to come from. Also, have you ever wondered why the serpent spoke only to Eve? She represented the receptive feminine entity. With the protective influence of Adam not present the serpent said, “Eve baby, I have a deal for you,” and seduced her.

Many centuries later when the Magi saw a sign in the heavens that a master was coming, they got on their camels and rode to Judea where they inquired as to who was born about that time. When Herod heard about this he had all the male children that had been born in the two-year period up to the time of the arrival of the Magi killed. There was no doubt in Herod’s mind that the Master would be a man, and he knew as the serpent did, that without the opposition of the male he could do as he pleased.

Revelations contains the story of a woman pregnant with a male child and Satan in the form of a dragon waiting to devour it. The dragon knew that with the male child and its seed out of the way, there could be nothing to oppose him. Upon its birth the male child is snapped up and brought to heaven while its mother takes refuge in the wilderness as the fight between good and evil commences. The issue between good and evil or any other aspect of control entails the necessity of isolating the masculine influence and neutering it. There is no other assertive influence in the physical universe.

Paul states “The man is not of the woman but the woman of the man.” This truism is also contained in the Koran, which states “He created you from a single being, then from that single being He created its mate.” Both of these statements are in accord with recent scientific findings that only the male contains the Y chromosome, therefore the male cannot come from the female. The motivating force of the physical universe can only come from itself, there is no place else to come from.

From the first book of the Bible to the last book and many places in between we find examples of the principle of gender and the patriarchal structure. What accounts for the clergy not understanding this truth?

The clergy, like their non-clerical brothers, confine themselves to feminine materialistic thought, which looks outside of itself instead of inside of itself, contrary to Jesus’ teachings. He said, “My kingdom is not of the world.” He further stated, “The kingdom of God is not in one place or another, the kingdom of God is within.” Those statements were not understood 2,000 years ago nor do they receive better understanding today.

To the 99% of the readers of this article who are of European ancestry please recognize that your personal, family, vocational, professional, and societal lives will not reach contentment until there is a realization of the inner being. It is this inner being that controls the outer world. To expect the outer world to make the inner being content is to court disaster.

Western thought by continually seeking to improve its lot by changing the outer world creates institutions that enslave it. The elder President Bush actively promotes the New World Order as an international government of law. Laws enslave people. The more people are in tune with the spirit the fewer laws they need. Jesus did not add laws. He gave the great universal law—love thy neighbor as thyself.

Through spiritual understanding people come to the realization that they have responsibilities, obligations, and considerations to give to human kind. The more these traits are practiced the fewer laws are required.

Getting back to the tract that opened this essay, by debasing and neutering the authority of the male the woman and children had to go to another authority for their survival—the church. By debasing and neutering the authority of the male society has to go to another authority for its survival—the government. Government and church are the two institutions Western man has had to wrestle with since the beginning of European society 2,500 years ago. They are institutions of his creation to which he continually gives unlimited authority through law and then finds himself fighting to free himself of their clutches.

By realizing the power within—by being reborn—man will no longer put his dependency on institutions. Instead he will realize the spiritual power within that enables him to control the world without. He will realize that it is spirit that controls the material world and not the reverse. He will come to the realization of his manly responsibility to provide the environment and the means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. The structure that enables him to do that is called patriarchy; it is based on love and understanding and does not require law for its functioning.


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