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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Most of us have two images of ourselves, the one on the inside that only we see and the one that we project on the outside for others to see. The difference between these two images produces stress within us; the greater the degree of difference the greater the degree of stress.

Some of the outer projections that we concern ourselves with might focus on how we appear to our fellow employees, the boss, our customers, the opposite sex, our family, our neighbors, or those we socialize with.

Various self-help courses and support groups that have as an objective the improvement of our outer image only make matters worse. They increase the distance between what we think of ourselves and what we are trying to project. The preoccupation with how we look on the outside causes great stress on the inside,

This same dichotomy of images appears on the national level as well. The Western world focuses on the outside, on gross domestic product and the acquisition of things. Society bombards itself with motivations to buy a better car, more stylish clothes, more expensive vacations, higher paying jobs, more profitable investments, and more ornate homes as part of efforts to become “somebody.” That “somebody” is the image that we try to project.

Projecting one image and living a different image causes anxiety and stress on a national level just as it does on the individual level. In essence we are living a lie. Living a lie causes great pressure on the mind and psyche because it involves acting on a continuous basis and also makes us unduly sensitive to the comments and evaluations of others.

While the Western world gives the image of strength on the outside it is crumbling on the inside. The World Health Organization announced that the number one health issue of England, the United States and Canada is mental illness. The National Institute for Mental Illness estimates that at any given time 25% of Americans suffer from mental issues. The number one debilitating illness of the American woman and European woman is depression.

Just as individuals suffer from focusing on the outside, nations and cultures do so as well. All of Western society and all nations that have accepted the Western culture suffer from stress and the mental, physical, and spiritual effects resulting there from.

Another way to live consists of focusing on the inside. When I lived in Harlem one of the songs sung in the black churches was titled “Working on the inside, changing on the outside.” That song expresses a great spiritual truth. Who we are on the inside governs what we express on the outside. Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” When we change ourselves we change what we express and the responses of others as they react to what we express. That’s how we can change the world.

A loving mother who devotes herself to her family and who constantly pours out nurturing love changes the world. She fills her environment with peace and calm. She has an aura of love about her that fills the home. Her children reflect this environment in their joy, happiness, and contentment; anxiety, tension, and anger do not reside in them. The man who provides the safe and secure environment and means for his wife to function in enables her to manifest her unconditional love.

There is no greater contribution that can be given to humankind than the raising of well-balanced, caring, and obedient children. They will grow up with an attitude of giving rather than taking and of sharing rather than owning. What a child learns when he is young he will remember all his life. The place for good learning is a happy home and that can only come about through the dedication of a caring mother and father.

The finest universities and the most brilliant professors cannot do for this world what a stable and loving home environment can do. Long after this era of material information and technology passes, loving and caring homes will remain. They will prosper as the decline of materialism accelerates.

It’s time that we live outside of the materially focused and government dominated environment and start living our lives simply and lovingly. It’s time to get rid of the individual anxiety and national angst produced by the environment of an uncaring and selfish society.

Let not forget that this world was designed by a great power. That power sent prophets throughout the world since the beginning of human existence to teach us how to live in this world. Problems ensue when we start to live outside of these teachings.

Our present society has made a God of materialism. It has created a multitude of material edifices that it worships. The power that created this world in the snapping of his fingers can bring down the works that man labored years, decades, and centuries to create. In the snapping of his fingers he brings about earthquakes, floods, and storms that in moments destroy and wash away dams, bridges, tunnels, buildings and all the other edifices of material accomplishment and worship.

As this year begins we are witnessing the accelerating destruction of, and the discontent with, the world that man has built. Every continent witnesses continuing demonstrations of discontent by people of various races, religions, and ethnicities. We know that something is wrong but we don’t know what it is yet. Eventually circumstance will force us to recognize the balance of nature, the Yin and Yang of existence, and the divine purpose of propagating and preserving the species while on our spiritual journey.

We are receiving help from our creator as with increasing frequency he brings down the works of man and the power of the mighty. The meek shall inherent the earth is a great spiritual truism. They always do. Let us be meek and work on the person within. The more that person develops the greater the good he will be able to accomplish in this world. Let’s get rid of the false person on the outside and let the true person on the inside reflect our goodness.

My thoughts are with you all as we enter this year of challenge and growth. Let’s live simply, share what we have, love God and be kind to all. That will produce inner peace along with a great image.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


In 20 years of writing and lecturing about gender I have never endorsed a political candidate or party at any level of government here or abroad. If an organizational structure is fundamentally unsound, there is nothing that can be done within it to make it sound, healthy, or viable. My thinking has not changed concerning this matter; nevertheless, I will make comments concerning the political field for the forthcoming presidential elections as it relates to the control of the media and its manipulation of public opinion.

In my previous essay titled Herman Cain and Media Gossip I indicated that the world financial interests controlling the media used gossip to destroy the masculine influence in society. This essay will show the influence of the media in determining who runs for the office of President of the United States. To those in other nations who subscribe to this website you will find that the media in your country also has a manipulative and often subtle influence in the political sphere.

Republican presidential activity has produced many candidates of various abilities and persuasions although Mitt Romney has maintained his position as the frontrunner. Many have reached the number two position only to fade away as the campaign progressed. Palin, Bachman, Perry, Cain and Gingrich have all had their time in second place in the polls. This change of position is a natural occurrence as voters become aware of and then evaluate candidates and their political philosophies.

The media appears to give each candidate fair coverage within the philosophy of the program doing the reporting. However, there is one candidate who has consistently held third place in the polling, has never lost momentum, whose name is mentioned infrequently and whose picture only rarely receives publication. That name is Ron Paul, and he has been in the shadow of media political reporting for the entire year. Now that Gingrich is fading the media can no longer keep Ron Paul in the shadows, they now have to acknowledge his presence and address it.

They address it in a very negative but subtle manner as occurred on Meet the Press when David Gregory interviewed Ron Paul. On the surface it appears that Meet the Press gave Ron Paul national recognition, but closer examination will reveal that David Gregory’s questions focused on what Ron Paul thought of Romney and Gingrich. They did not focus on Ron Paul’s views. The millions of viewers who tuned in to that program knew little more about Ron Paul after the interview was over than before it started.

Nevertheless, Ron Paul’s popularity in the polls continues to increase, which required more aggressive and subtler reporting. On Hardball the panel addressed the negative effect on the Republican Party if Ron Paul developed a stronger following. Why the concern about the negative effects that Ron Paul’s ascendancy can cause within his own party? They should exhibit joy at the prospect of the republican’s rallying behind someone that would be injurious to themselves. Why not give him a lot of exposure to help him become a divisive factor in the party? Hardball, and all the political programs of MSNBC are liberal and Democrat oriented. Why this feigned compassion for their enemies?

The media ignored Ron Paul for all of 2011. Now that they have to address him they have begun to attack him. The early attacks have been subtle, but as the days pass the attacks will become more direct and vicious. Watch how the media conducts itself regarding the candidacy of Ron Paul in the time remaining before the Iowa caucuses. They are starting to mention Santorum and Huntsman as viable candidates with more frequency while digging up what dirt they can find in Paul’s past. This by the way, is more gossip and subterfuge.

Regardless of your political persuasion ask yourselves why this is so. What accounts for the fear of little 77 year-old Ron Paul by the forces that control the media?

Any comments will be published under Member Editorial.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Herman Cain dropped out of the American presidential campaign due to the negative media attention given to the claim by a woman that she had an intimate relationship with him for 13 years. Why did she feel compelled to make that announcement after thirteen years and why was the focus of impropriety on Cain and not her? He didn’t date a married woman. She dated a married man and in her own words, not for love but for sex and money.

Actions like hers have been traditionally viewed as whoredom, and the Cain affair provides an excellent opportunity to address the subject in the context of Western society; however, the focus of this essay will be on the timing of the Cain revelations and the reason for it.

A review of occurrences similar to the Cain affair will show that they follow a certain pattern. Adverse media publicity also affected the career and domestic life of world famous golfer Tiger Woods for his sex relations with porn queens, hookers, and an assortment of groupies. Negative media publicity concerning sexual activity adversely affected the career of then governor of New York Eliot Spitzer. The presidential campaign of Gary Hart came to an abrupt halt when the media publicized his trysts with a single woman. Justice Clarence Thomas’ nomination for the Supreme Court became jeopardized and his reputation tarnished forever when a woman accused him of improper sexual conversation and remarks. John Edwards had to dropout of the 2008 presidential race because of media hounding due to his relationship with a staff member. These men were all at or approaching the peak of their careers.

None of the above men had sexual relationships with married women, nor did they invade the sanctity of someone else’s marriage; nevertheless, their careers and reputations were negatively affected.

The women who had sexual relationships with these men did invade the sanctity of another marriage; they committed adultery and whoredom. They also prospered from their activities. The accusing women appeared on television and radio talk shows, wrote columns for magazines, had their pictures featured in magazines, lectured, and even got jobs. The most flagrant example of a double gender standard occurred in the case of Eliot Spitzer who had to resign from his post in disgrace, while the prostitute he consorted with got a job as a columnist with a New York newspaper.

What motivated these women to have these relationships, why did they step forward and announce their behavior to the world, and why did the media harass and denigrate the men while not even casting negative aspersions towards the women?

The first two parts of this question relate to whoredom; the third part has the most significance for this essay. Why did the media harass and denigrate these men? Why at that critical point in their careers did the media choose to focus a fusillade of criticism at them? Why did it highlight every allegation of impropriety whether substantiated or not? These questions probe the very heart of the moral issue in America and the Western world. The power that controls the media has focused on the destruction of male authority and influence.

Men provide the ethics from which moral behavior derives. No men—no ethics—no ethics—no morals. The subject of morals never arose in the attack on these men. When a society lacks a moral system laws and punishment must be developed to prevent chaos form spreading throughout society. The growth in the number of laws relates to the growth of government and all aspects of law enforcement. The prison population continues to increase and security measures such as inspections, hidden cameras, and the ever present security guards, abound in all facets of society

Government influence has entered into every area of private and public life including the raising of children, form of education, medical practice, licensing of vocations, marriage licenses, incorporation of business and a host of other activities that impinge upon every aspect of daily living.

Examples of government involvement in the lives of Western society abound in my books and previous essays; this essay focuses on the controlling powers in Western society who by working through the media maintain a constant and concerted effort to debase the male.

This effort works through the entertainment media as well as the news media, although the line of distinction between the two has become blurred. In essence all media have become vehicles of entertainment. Talk shows, panel shows, and political analysis all provide entertainment value. Women love gossip, and since the majority of viewers now consist of women, the shows maintain a gossip orientation. The proliferation of women in the media provides a large pool of those who have the capability and motivation to create gossip. Male panelists and journalists now gossip the same as women do—they have all become gossipy entertainers. Gossip permeates sports programs as well.

A reflection on the downfall and/or negative images that accrued to the men mentioned at the outset of this essay will reveal that all of it occurred as the result of gossip. Gossip fueled by well-orchestrated efforts of the media in accordance with the directives of those who control world finance now fells the mighty.

The organizations that the accused men in this article belonged to did not attack, reprimand, censured, or expel them; nor were they subject to litigation other than for possible misuse of funds. These men were brought down by gossip.

Any organization that condones gossip will self-destruct, which is the reason that all female organizations eventually fail. They cannot sustain themselves. The Western world cannot sustain itself; it is based on gossip. Gossip destroys. It destroyed Herman Cain.


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