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Sunday, August 19, 2012


The accommodating, responsive, and receptive nature of women precludes the ability to create structures and the values necessary to maintain them. Men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it, and they do this by providing the structures and ethics necessary from which security and moral behavior ensues. When the masculine influence is removed, all structures and ethics necessary for security and moral behavior and the development of the race deteriorate resulting in the degeneration of society.

The degeneracy is ushered in by the unrestrained conduct flouted by growing numbers of women. I call these women the Teehee Girls and the following comments are indicative of the lack of values that they willingly and anxiously share.

“I’m hoping that my husband finds a girlfriend because I’m getting bored with this marriage and want out (teehee).” “I cheated on my husband and perhaps I shouldn’t say this but is marital fidelity really necessary? (teehee)” “Having an affair really strengthens my marriage (teehee).” “Men aren’t necessary to raise children (teehee).” “Men are only around for a good time when we want it (teehee).”

Comments such as the above are published almost daily in articles and essays on the internet and have received such wide acceptance that they now appear in mainstream media. The article motivating me to write this essay appeared in the Sunday Edition of The New York Times on August 12, 2012, written by Katie Rophie and titled In Defense of Single Motherhood.

Katie states that she has two children from two different men, lives with neither of the fathers, and does not see anything wrong with that arrangement. Of course she doesn’t see anything wrong—men make standards—women left undisciplined, tear them down.  

She states, “If there is anything that currently oppresses the children, it is the idea of the way families are “supposed to be,” an idea pushed — in picture books and classrooms and in adults’ casual conversation — on American children at a very early age and with surprising aggressiveness.”  Katie doesn’t understand that all societal structures are based on preserving a particular grouping of people; without structure society crumbles. The universe has structure, the solar system has structure, government has structure, and family requires structure. Without structure all institutions collapse.

Regarding raising children in family environments that are “supposed to be” a certain way, the Maoris raised their children with certain values, as did the Hopi Indians, as did the Africans, as did every society in this world, because “supposed to be” is what sustains the grouping, otherwise it degenerates into chaos.

Katie Rophie goes on to say, “At 2, my son, Leo, started to call his sister’s father, Harry.” This statement clearly indicates a lack of training her children to respect parents or elders. According to the Teehee Girls, we are all just persons.

Every indigenous society throughout the world teaches respect for parents and elders except the current Western society. The measure of a person today is how much money he or she makes and nothing else.   Money aside, if there is no respect for parents or elders, what determines proper behavior in society? Who determines right and wrong? The Teehee Girls include in their writings that there shouldn’t be any such standard as right or wrong, that we should all be free to do our own thing—something they love doing. Well then how do we maintain order and civility? By the law of course. The Teehee Girls have no trouble in dealing with the law because they observe the letter of the law, which can usually be circumvented, rather than the spirit of the law, which men adhere to and is necessary for societal functioning, especially in the absence of ethics.

The result of reliance on the law in lieu of ethics for proper societal conduct has resulted in America having the highest prison population in the world, the most violent boys in the world, and ten percent of the adult female population suffering from debilitating depression. The Teehee Girls never write about those matters—they’re too busy doing their own thing.

 They are too busy announcing their adulterous affairs with celebrities, bragging about their extramarital affairs, and flaunting the conventions designed to preserve the family, tribe, and race. As Paul said in his letter to the Philippians, “They glory in their shame.”

Throughout the world the purpose of the marriage ritual and the mini rituals and societal mores leading up to it ensured the tribe that the two people that were about to be wed would benefit the tribe and add to its propagation and preservation. If the tribe had misgivings about the marriage it was not approved.

It is only Western society that has no control over who gets married or who begets children. The well-being of the family, tribe, and race has little importance. Individuality and rights take precedence over obligations, responsibilities, and considerations.

The concept that we are all equal has been subverted to imply that all conduct is acceptable. It is not. We must have standards. As Paul also stated in the same letter to the Philippians, “Let our conduct be consistent with the level that we have already reached.”

Every spiritual text throughout the world emphasizes the importance of the chastity of women and the pitfalls of whoredom. The great prophets of the Bible exhort the people to abandon whoredom. Every book of the New Testament cautions against adulterous behavior.

In modern Western society sluthood, whoredom, and adulterous behavior are not frowned upon, but receive publicity, money, financial support from the government and assurances from the President.

The financial drain on society of unwed motherhood is humongous. Ninety percent of the 2.4 million men in prison come from single parent homes, as do 95% of the members of street gangs. Unwed mothers receive financial aid, preschool care and after school care for their children, employment and educational preferences, and medical help above and beyond the scope of Medicare.  

The loyal wife and caring mother who raised children, taught them manners, provided them with love and attention, kept them free of substance abuse, inculcated a respect for elders, steered them away from relationships and into marriage, and became a helpful and wizened grandmother, does not receive any assistance from the government, or calls from the President. She is not featured on the internet, and mainstream media, instead she is the subject of derision from the Teehee Girls.   

Western society is imploding at an increasing rate and in order to survive we must live outside of this madness and create a society that focuses on the propagation and preservation of humankind while on its spiritual journey. The Teehee Girls and all they represent will ultimately pass.

However, this will not happened until a few courageous men step forward and recreate the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In my last essay, The Sally Ride Legacy, I pointed out that society now accepts women having mastectomies as part of the price of becoming a CEO or attaining other highly financially rewarding positions. Another recent case is that of Kathleen Mason, CEO of Tuesday Morning who is suing her former company claiming she was fired because of her breast cancer. The majority of female CEO’s do get fired; however, the focus on this essay is not on female competence but on the price paid for this supposed competence, which is a mutation of their natural body functions.

This mutation now plays out on the other end of the age spectrum in children’s sports, which can be clearly seen in the current Olympic competition. Gabby Douglas at the age of 16 became the first American woman’s gymnastic gold medalist. She has a pretty face and a pleasing personality; she also has shoulders broader than her hips and no tits. Ye Shiwen the Chinese swimmer who set an amazing record and who was investigated as a possible performance enhancing drug user, explained that she worked out 2 ½ hours every morning and 2 ½ hours every afternoon; that’s five hours a day of grueling physical abuse that mutated her body. She, like Gabby is broader at the shoulders than at the hips and has no tits; I wonder if either one of them has experienced menses.

The motivation for this mutation of the species is Money!

We now have a society in which mothers can literally say to their daughters, “Mommy is going to make a few million dollars next year but she’s getting her tits chopped off next month.” Or teen-age daughters can say,“Mommy, I have no tits but I’m going to make a few million dollars next year.”

Besides being a societal sickness, this mutation for money also represents the activities of a whore society. Pedaling one’s ass for a buck is whoredom. We live in a whore society. All activity and performance is measured by the level of income generated; physical, mental, and spiritual tolls exacted in the attainment of this income are not addressed. It seems as though the greater the mutation of the body, the greater the material reward.

I am reminded of the Asiatic conqueror Tamerlane who when embarking on one of his military expeditions told his minister that there were too many beggars on the streets of Samarkand, and that he wanted this condition remedied by the time he returned. The minister instituted severe disciplinary measures to reduce the number of beggars but with minimal results; the minister then started to chop off the hands or feet of the beggars in his attempt to remove them from the streets. The result of this aggressive campaign was that beggars whose limbs had not been cut off complained that the beggars whose hands and feet were cut off—those that had been mutated—were earning more money.

So it is in modern Western society, the greater the mutation the more money it seems to produce or conversely, the greater the material accomplishment, the greater the mutation. To be precise, the greater the abuse of the feminine body, mind, and psyche, the greater the resulting mutation regardless of the financial outcome.

In most indigenous societies the goddess of fertility was worshiped in gratitude for the fertility of their women. Sometimes young virgins were sacrificed at the altar of the fertility goddess in the hope of ensuring the propagation of future generations. All indigenous societies understood the basic purpose of human existence was to propagate and preserve the species while on its journey of spiritual growth.

Western society also sacrifices its young women, not on occasion but constantly and in ever growing numbers, not to the goddess of fertility, but to the bitch goddess of whoredom, not for the purpose of propagating the species, but for the purpose of material gain and self-aggrandizement.

All young women are subject to mutation today, beginning with school sports programs, and continuing to participation in “health clubs.”However the greatest mutation consists of putting them in management positions in business and in government, situations that they are not suited for by nature, resulting in stress that creates hormonal imbalances, which in turn creates various deleterious effects on the female physiology such as dysmenorrheal, fibroids, cervical cancers, frigidity, infertility, unnatural child birth, inability to lactate, and the inability to give warm loving care to their children. In addition to the negative environment causing malfunction and dysfunction of the female body, mind, and psyche, we can add the effects of putting chemicals into a woman’s body to disrupt its natural function of producing a child. This is all madness.

Have women complained about this madness? No! Their adaptable and receptive natures have them believing the propaganda that they are benefiting from this mutation of their bodies, that they have been liberated (from what?), become independent (from whom?), and can now do their own thing (such as what?). Every woman knows that women do not make things better for other women, they rely on a source outside of themselves for their well-being, and the outside source designed to care for them is known as man. Men have now been replaced by a government controlled by ungodly financial interests, resulting in the mental, physical, and spiritual breakdown of women. The Tao states that without the Yang the Yin will disappear. We are witnessing the stages of disappearance of women. First, they are mutating, then they will no longer be able to reproduce, then they will disappear.

Every society in which men lost their authority degenerated into whoredom and self-indulgent values. Every society that degenerated into whoredom did not survive. Our present society is imploding. It is time to learn to live outside of it and create a new society based on a natural order of living. Only men can create that society.

Unfortunately, the men have been mutated as well; they have been neutered, emasculated, disenfranchised, and miseducated. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives to survival. The few men left that have insight as to what is happening to society and who have courage must step up to the plate and create the conditions conducive to the propagation and preservation of the species, which consists of providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race. It will require men of courage and action, each one performing in accordance with his ability and temperament. The time is at hand for action my sons and daughters, I’m not talking about the future—I’m talking about the now.

Men’s Action will be revamping its website shortly and will be offering specific information on the action to be taken to live outside of this imploding society and how to survive in an alternate environment. In the interim I ask that you promote this website and get as many people that you know to subscribe to it.


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