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Thursday, November 18, 2010


On November 14th the media reported the results of an American study that showed the negative effect on women’s health of job related stress. The study indicated that stressful job conditions increased the incidence of heart issues and various forms of cancer. It had less impact on the general public than stating that driving without seatbelts increases traffic fatalities; media coverage disappeared the next day.

The report did imply that women have less control over their jobs than men do. Of course they have less control than men—they are responsive and men are assertive. The steadfast refusal or inability of Western thought to recognize gender differences is responsible for the problems of society.

I will not dwell on the effects of jobs in this essay as I addressed that issue in a blog titled Jobs Are Destroying Us, which appeared in May 2007 on mensnewsdaily.com and which I have reprinted at the end of this essay.

Today’s focus will be on the stress induced in women caused by putting them in the unnatural environments of the workplace and single living. Of the many attributes that women have that enable them to nurture the race adaptability, responsiveness, and accommodation especially require that they be in a safe and secure environment. Mother’s milk flows freely when she feels safe and secure. Western thought does not have a priority for the supplying of mother’s milk and all that it represents, and therein lies the problem of women in particular and all society in general.

The material orientation of Western thought causes it to focus on a life of material gain and self-indulgence. It places a great emphasis on the rights to attain those ends. The propagation and preservation of the species is incidental at best, while humankind’s spiritual needs remain ignored.

Consequently the function of housewife and homemaker no longer elicits high regard from society, whereas the earning of money—especially lots of it—indicates an independent nature and modern thinking. The primary method of earning money is to have a job.

Taking women out of the secure environment provided by men—whether fathers, brothers, or husbands—has resulted in unnatural stress being place upon them on a continuous basis. This stress has led to severe mental and physical deterioration.

On the mental plane the number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression with 10 million women or close to 10% of the adult female population suffering from this malady. In Europe 15% of the women suffer from depression.

The high levels of breast cancer and heart ailment are also directly related to the unnatural lifestyle of Western women. I have mentioned previously that among the Dogon tribe in Mali there has never been a recorded case of breast or cervical cancer. I learned this week of another African nation where the rate of breast cancer is one per 500,000. That would be two per million. In America where there are 100 million adult women that rate would result in 200 cases of breast cancer per annum. The actual figure in America is 300,000 per year. In so-called third world or less developed countries the incidence of female suicide and mental breakdown is miniscule by Western standards.

Can we conclude that we are doing something fundamentally wrong regarding the care of women in Western society?

The mental physical and emotional breakdown of women deprives children of the nurturing love required for their development. Children are thrown into governmental programs when still in diapers while mothers go to their jobs. Sometimes the toll of jobs on mothers becomes so great that they can no longer provide the “care” that government mandates and the children are taken away from the mother and given to others who will provide that care. They might be put in the foster care system or placed for adoption.

An increasing proportion of these children become under-performers in school. The academic failure of our children is not a result of poor teaching, it is a result of children who do not receive adequate nurturing love, which only mothers can provide. But their mothers are too busy working at jobs. Children that do not receive nurturing love at home have high rates of teenage motherhood and high dropout rates. They have high rates of ADD and millions of them are drugged with Ritalin. Street gangs members come from broken homes lacking in nurturing love as do most prisoners.

Our job-oriented society has the highest incarceration rate in the world and also the largest number of men in prison. America has more men in prison than China and India combined.

Lets’ take a quick review of Western society; it has high incarceration rates; women who are becoming dysfunctional as a result of mental, physical and emotional issues; and children who under-perform at best and who end up as delinquents, prisoners, suicides, or murder victims at worst. The World Health Organization announced that the number one health issue in England, the United States, and Canada is mental illness. The national Institute for Mental Health indicates that at any given time 25% of Americans suffer from mental health issues.

Western society is literally going out of its mind.

The government does not address these issues because the government has created them; it considers the primary issue of America to be jobs, Jobs, and JOBS.

Are you content to live under these conditions or do you understand why some members of society of teats and others have testes? If you do, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

The following essay was posted on mensnewsdaily.com in May of 2007


The unnatural repetitive activity that jobs call upon people to perform has created so many human problems that a whole field called occupational therapy has sprung up to deal with them. Every bodily part from the top of the head down to the toes has been subject to severe strain. Doing one application for an extended period distorts the body and produces trauma. Sometimes the trauma can only be relieved by surgery; sometimes it can’t be relieved.

Jobs have a negative affect on the mind as well. Most jobs require people to perform a task, which deprives them of the satisfaction of seeing a completed product resulting from their labor. As one autoworker said many years ago, “I’m well paid, but there’s got to be more to life than hooking up the chassis to the beginning of the production line.” Yes, and there is more to life than putting the headlights in to the car, than being a key punch operator, than sewing tote bags all day, than doing telephone sales, than being a checker at the supermarket, than loading and unloading trucks, or adding numbers all day long. Reducing the productive process to its smallest component makes for efficiency; it also makes for the dehumanization of people.

Work on the other had enables people to use their many talents for the benefit of humankind. Original work activity consisted of developing the environment and providing for the needs of people. Men would clear fields, build shelters, plant crops, and hunt for food. They used all their muscles and all their brainpower in the course of their normal activities. Women, while their work was never done, had the healthiest work of human existence. Not only did they use various muscles as they cleaned, cooked, sewed, dressed and suckled their young, they had the psychological satisfaction of seeing the results of their effort; a clean home, a decorated home, healthy children, and an appreciative husband. They had the spiritual satisfaction of function in an environment that permitted them to give out their love on a continual basis. Constantly emitting love not only does not tire a person, it energizes them. Women of old did not have mental illness; they had very few physical problems and they needed no vacations; why would a woman want to take a vacation from happiness?

Men took from the oceans, rivers, forests, and land what was necessary to sustain the family. They did not attempt to shoot every pheasant in the forest, or catch every fish in the river. They took what they needed. Men worked from Sun to Sun, but they were relaxed and contented.

When men and then women gave up work for jobs their problems began. Instead of working for the needs of the family, tribe, and race, they began working to satisfy individual greed. They peddled their asses for a buck and created a whore society. The whole basis for feminism in wanting the rights of men is that so they could have equal opportunity to make money, Money, MONEY.

This whore society has lost its God consciousness. It does not understand the biblical illustration of the birds that neither sow nor reap but are taken care of. The whore society wants more than that; it wants the rights and opportunity to fulfill its insatiable need for self-indulgence and self-gratification. It does not work for the benefit of humankind. It works for the benefit of self. Consequently all who think like that suffer.

People hate jobs, even though they beg for them. They want the money that the job pays, but they hate the work that they had to do to get it. Tamerlane, the Tatar conqueror said in his sura, “The reward of slaves is the destruction of the fruits of their enforced labor and the impoverishment and humiliation of their masters.” I was reminded of this sura when the airline unions had their last strike against Eastern Airlines. A woman striker said, “This strike will probably cost me my house, but we’ll show them.” It did cost her the house and she did show them. They put Eastern Airlines out of business. The mentality of people has not changed; they want to destroy the fruits of their enforced labor. Jobs are bad for the health-very bad.

In writing this column I thought of an earlier comment made to one of my blogs in which the person said, “Just look at what we (Western society) have done in the last 400 years.” I ask that person to reflect on just what we have done. We have built edifices to Mammon throughout the world and have dehumanized the race. Are these not the comments that abound in our blogs and in response to them? We are unhappy, angry, lonely, and dispirited-hardly the makings of a healthy person or society.

Our materialistic and self-centered psyche has created jobs, feminism, and an all-powerful state. Quit your job and do some work. It will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It might even get you to support change.

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