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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Escape from the Madness
The last four essays described the feminine nature of Western thought. It illustrated that all knowledge came from outside of itself and that its lack of spirituality caused the natural feminine industriousness to focus on the manufacture and accumulation of matters material, which manifests as money and the goods and services that it can buy.

The feminine principle is adaptable, accommodating, responsive, and passive. Without a male to provide the proper environment to support her nurturing activities she will degenerate and cease to exist. The Taoists teach that without the Yang (the masculine principle) the Yin (the feminine principle) will disappear. This is a universal truism.

The absence, inhibition, and misdirection of the masculine influence negatively affects the behavior of animals, humans, and nations. Every species of animal life has dominant males that lead the herd flock, pride, school, troop, gam, or bevy. Without the males the groups deteriorate. The abusive and suffocating environments of laying hens, broiling chickens, and animals raised for meat could not have come about if the males of each species were available to defend them. Only by eliminating or neutering the masculine influence can the various animal species be exploited and put to work.

Among humans when a woman does not receive masculine direction and protection she too is exploited. Like the laying hens, she has been removed from her natural environment of bringing life into this world and nurturing it, and has been thrust into a restrictive environment where she is measured by her productivity; a situation that results in mental and physical suffering. She has been propagandized into believing that her condition reflects, liberation, freedom and independence; therefore, she endures the aberration of natural behavior willingly.

Aside from economic exploitation, when a woman does not receive masculine direction her natural responsive, adaptable, and accommodating nature will make her vulnerable to negative influences around her. She will adapt to and accommodate those influences and become excessively involved in them for her nature is to do things in extremis. Her language becomes coarse, her behavior immoral, and her demeanor disrespectful. This behavior takes a toll on her thinking because she instinctively desires to mate for life for the purpose of propagating and preserving the species; the licentious lifestyle that she has fallen into leaves her wanting. She does not have stability and security in her private life. Finally her body deteriorates physically from stress and the damages of living an un-natural lifestyle.

When a woman does not function effectively society suffers from a lack of nurturing; a condition prevalent in the entire Western and Westernized world and which will be addressed in a separate essay.

The same fate that befalls a woman without a competent masculine presence befalls society when it does not have a competent masculine influence. People are removed from their homes and thrust into restrictive industrial environments where they are measured by how much they can produce. They either comply with this arrangement or they don’t eat, since financial interests now own everything that God gave to this world. Like the women who have been propagandized to believe their condition reflects, liberation, freedom and independence, the workers of the Western world believe they are independent and live in a free society. They are so conditioned to the restrictive environment of Western productivity that they beg for jobs.

An absence of ethics leads to a decrease of morals resulting in debauchery and decadence. Disrespect increases between people, and selfishness prevails as financial gain and self-indulgence are promoted. Corruption reigns at all levels of government, business, and society. Loyalty between husband and wife, employer and employee, and government and its citizens decreases. Mental health deteriorates, crime increases, and the physical well being of society declines. Escape from the consequences of the lack of a competent masculine presence is not possible.

The European continent and the Western world suffer from the lack of a competent masculine influence. Every facet of societal well-being is declining. Nations face bankruptcy, mental illness has become a major health issue throughout the Western world, and divorce and adultery continue to increase while marriage decreases. The family has been destroyed and an international angst has developed. The prison population continues to increase and in the United States it has continued to set record proportions for the last 40 years. The educational system continually produces graduates with high grades and low performance scores. On the international level Western nations are in an almost continuous state of armed conflict.

In the preceding essays we saw that all knowledge came from outside of Western thought. To compensate for its lack of masculine talent within, Western society had to continually exploit not only the resources of the world but the human talent as well. What it did not and has not recognized is that this talent contained the masculine influence that was sorely needed by Western society. The cultural mores and traditions brought to the West by immigrant groups were a result of masculine understanding, leadership and direction. These traditions helped to maintain order in society and also provide the initiative for business ventures. Immigrants own a disproportionate number of shops and small businesses throughout the Western world.

Eventually all immigrant groups lose their cultures and become Westernized and their positive impact fades away. Additionally Western society has conducted a vehement anti-gender campaign through the political, legal, and educational system, thus snuffing out any traces of masculine influence in society. Since most of the world is now Westernized there are few places to go to supplement the decreased vitality of the Western world. Without the vitality and knowledge of the assertive masculine influence society deteriorates and collapses.

The condition of the Western world has fallen to a level beyond repair. It is not worthy of repair. It is built upon a weak foundation—upon a false premise. Its gross materialism lacks any sense of human purpose. Self-destruction has begun.

What then can people do? They can learn to live outside the system and associate with like-minded people who recognize the importance of family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it. These people will establish societal mores for marriage, community and interpersonal relationships. They will share with each other. They will have a spiritual understanding that will be reflected in worship in a manner of their own choosing. Most of the world lived that way until the advent of Western influence.

It is with an understanding of the way of life just described that Men’s Action developed a mission statement that calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. I ask that you review this statement and if you are in accord with it to then become involved with Men’s Action and share in the opportunity to live a more natural way of life.

You have two options and one choice. Either accept things as they are and go down with a sinking ship, or make preparations to live differently now and survive.

If you have made the latter choice then contact me and I will provide you with a multiplicity of activities that will enable you to share in bringing about change.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Productive Ability

The feminine principle does the productive work of the universe, and Europe having a feminine psyche naturally tends to industriousness and productivity. The man-made world derives primarily from European and Western productive ability. Airplanes, railroads, automobiles, ships, high-rise buildings and the myriad of technological inventions necessary to make them possible evince Western productivity. Computers, cell phones, and all the various electronic communications products that every consumer seems to own result from high productivity factories. Just about every product that a person touches derives from Western created productive procedures regardless of the country of its origin.

However, Europe does not have the understanding that the purpose of human existence is to propagate and preserve the species while on its spiritual journey. Instead of men providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it, the assertive masculine principle focuses on the manufacture and accumulation of things material. This focus does not give women much of an incentive to fulfill their natural inclination to nurture the race. As productivity grows the desire for material accumulation increases and becomes the motivating factor for European activity.

Production provides the means of attaining the Western goal of accumulating material assets and the power that is believed to derive there from; therefore, productivity has become the measuring stick of Western society. It has become a fetish. More that a fetish it has become a disease that has infected the Western world and all who emulate it.

The words Gross Domestic Product (GDP) describe the productive ability of nations and have become the measure of the their well-being. Every news magazine, business and financial section of a newspaper, and political commentary in all media refer to GDP. Universities teach the importance of GDP and all facets of society are motivated to do their share to increase GDP. Factors such as environmental pollution, physical and mental health, and marriage and divorce rates elicit little attention when compared to the fanatic concern with production.

Productivity has become an entity requiring worship, dedication, and supplication. For a person to indicate that he doesn’t care about increased productivity borders on blasphemy and garners looks of incredulity. U. S. Treasury Secretary Geitner stated that the nation must produce its way out of the recession. The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates so that money will become available to business so that it can increase production. World governments have collaborated to lower interest rates so that the world economy will revive and that productivity will once again increase.

A continuous effort to reduce costs accompanies the intense pressure of increasing production. The business mantra calls for producing more and more for less and less. In the process of producing more for less, jobs are eliminated through standardization, automation, and robotization. The elimination of jobs causes the need to produce more product so that more jobs will be created. A portion of these new jobs will eventually be eliminated through efficiency thus causing the need to produce more so that people can be hired again. This procedure has produced a self-perpetuating madness.

People have been reduced to automaton production workers measured by their product output per unit of time. The disturbing of the natural gender balance always causes a dehumanization of some sort.

The same fate only to a greater extreme has befallen animals as they have been drawn into the high productivity culture. The abusive and suffocating environments of laying hens, broiling chickens, and animals raised for meat is inhumane to the extreme.

As stated earlier Western thought focuses on the manufacture and accumulation of things material, which means ownership. Western thought desires to own the material world and has become extraordinarily successful in achieving that goal. It was primarily through commerce that the Western world laid claim to an unprecedented accumulation of material.

The primary vehicle of commerce consisted of trading until the time that European exploration of the world began. Products of one area of the world were exchanged for products of another area of the world. Commerce consisted primarily of trade, and trade consisted primarily of barter. Money served as a sophisticated vehicle to improve the efficiency of bartering.

When the Europeans entered the age of oceanic exploration of the world they decided that it was more profitable to take than to trade. They took what they wanted from the Americas, the Polynesians, Africa, and the Middle East. The trading done with the Far East was mostly on an exploitive basis. The taking of the land from the indigenous peoples of the world was not the key issue in European economic thinking; it was owning it that set the stage for the enslavement of humankind.

The colonists in North America did not immediately seize the land from the Indians but they made early attempts to own it. Every grade school child in America learns that the Dutch bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for $24 worth of trinkets. The Indians couldn’t understand why the white man would pay for something that God gave to people for free. Centuries later chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee said, “No tribe has the right to sell even to each other much less to strangers. Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn’t the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?”

The world is now owned. People must pay to live and walk on the land, for its water, and for its food. There are air rights and ocean rights. Man must now pay to survive. He must pay those who own the land—the financial interests of the world. These financial interests are greater than governments—they own and direct governments.

As world financial markets rise, the cost of land also rises. People then have to work harder and longer to earn sufficient revenue to live on the land and to obtain food and water from it. Productivity and the technology used to increase it merely serve as vehicles for the gradual enslavement of the world to those who own it—international finance.

People have become frantic and suffer from angst as they realize that they must work longer and harder for less and less in an increasingly inhumane society.

The next essay will focus on a course of action for those who want to escape from the madness.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The European Source of Knowledge

Just as all spirituality came from outside of Europe, all knowledge came from outside of itself as well.

Arabic numbers, Euclidian geometry, Pythagorean theorems and the entire mathematical and geometric knowledge used by Europe came from Asia and/or Africa. Pythagoras introduced to Europe the symbol for the Greek letter Pi for the value of the diameter of a circle divided into its perimeter. The altitude of the pyramid in Giza divided into its base is exactly Pi. Pythagoras spent 20 years in the East and returned to Europe and introduced the knowledge that he had acquired.

The Greeks served as the conduit between the Afro-Asian masculine thinking and the European feminine thinking. The early Greek scholars from the sixth century BC and earlier such as: Thales, Anaximander, Anaxamenes, Anaxagoras, and Pythagoras, dealt with abstractions and concepts. Topics they addressed were the origin of all things, God is in all things, and mind controls matter. Pythagoras, whom we credit with the formula for determining the length of the sides of a right triangle, was a mystic. He introduced to Europe the knowledge of numerology which be obtained from the Chaldeans, and established a mystery school in Crotona, Italy. These men exhibited abstract masculine thinking.

Greeks, whom we credit with conceptual thinking such as Ptolemy, Euclid, and Epicures, were all students of Afro-Asian learning. Euclid and Ptolomy had their headquarters in Alexandria, and Epicures’ mentor Democritus (who taught him the atomic theory), traveled extensively in the East.

The Athenian Greeks were more mundane. Aristotle started the scientific approach of gathering materials, classifying and grading them. Archimedes is credited with two famous statements: the first “Eureka” when he discovered that a floating body displaces its weight in water, and the second “give me a fulcrum and a place to stand and I will lift the world,” when he discovered the principle for the operation of levers. By the time of Hero who in the first century invented the steam engine, conceptual masculine thought had decreased significantly among the Greeks as their thinking became increasingly Europeanized and materially oriented.

All of the principles necessary for the development of the industrial revolution came from the knowledge that the early Greeks brought to Europe.

While the industrial revolution enabled Europe to spread its mark upon the world, a prior event caused the initial imprint. This event was the development of oceanic navigation.

Isn’t it strange that at the end of the 15th century the Europeans suddenly had access to the navigational information necessary to circumvent the globe and chart it? Isn’t it even stranger that Portugal and Spain led this exploration rather than say the United Kingdom—a nation surrounded entirely by water?

These events are only strange if we rely on European history books in which knowledge of the eight-century stay in the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors was expunged. For those who were able to learn that the Moors had built a society that housed great centers of learning and whose ships plied the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean it does not come as a surprise that Portuguese and Spanish ships began their world exploration as Europe expelled the last remnants of Moors.

It becomes less strange when we learn that Columbus’ navigator was a Moor. And when we further learn that as Columbus’ ship passed Cuba he noticed a Mosque on a mountainside, it should serve as proof positive that the Moors knew navigation of the oceans long before the Europeans. Like all knowledge used by the Europeans, oceanic navigation was brought to it from the outside.

The lack of understanding of things unseen by European thought transcends the spiritual and the mechanical and applies to nature as well. It looks upon the earth as a huge finite commodity to be exploited and has no concept that behind everything seen something unseen motivates it.

The ignorance of how nature works has led to the belief that it can be altered and/or improved upon without negative consequences. The pollution of the water of the world—whether rivers, lakes, or oceans—, the air of the world, and the land of the world continues unabated with little thought as to the consequences on all life.

Western thought believes that nature must be tamed and then improved upon. By creating dams, levees, and sea walls it has altered nature. Western thought believes that it can make a better apple than God, a belief that provides the thinking for genetic engineering.

It believes that it can cure illness. It does not know that there is nothing to cure, that disease has a causative factor, that people are healed when the causative factor is removed.

Western thought has made a God of materialism and its extension—technology. It believes that through technology all things can be made better and all problems resolved. It does not understand that technology represents a sophisticated extension of materialism responsible for an increasing number of the ills facing mankind.

Western thought’s ability to produce material things will be discussed in depth in the next essay, the point being made here is that whatever knowledge of the environment, nature, flora and fauna, and the workings of the physical world that Europe has came from outside of itself.

Even the practice of bathing came from outside of Europe. Mediaeval Christians considered bathing to be a heathen custom and they took pride in themselves that they never bathed. The Moors introduced public baths to Europe and were condemned for it. As late as the 17th century Europeans still did not bathe. Henry the VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I never bathed. Public baths existed in Japan and the Middle East. The indigenous people of the Americas bathed, only the Europeans didn’t until it was introduced to them from the outside and then only accepted after much resistance.

Western thought continually produces theories. It has theories about everything. Theories come from those who do not know. If they did know they wouldn’t create a theory. Western thought in its focus on matters material—especially money—has conjured up a host of economic theories. Some of the more known economic theorists are Malthus, Veblen, Smith, Marx, Friedman, and Keynes. These economic theorists believe that the proper relationship of money and goods will resolve the issues of humankind. None of them realize that the more focused society becomes on money, the worse the health of society becomes.

Western society continually searches for the truth but never finds it. Its philosophers, economists, sociologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and environmentalists all have theories. They don’t have the truth because they look for it in the wrong place. They look for it on the outside—in the material realm. The truth is contained on the inside—in the spiritual realm. Something spiritual resides behind every material thing. Europe, having a feminine psyche has no awareness of this truth.

To this day Western thought thirsts for knowledge from outside of itself. The United States with 300 million people and some of the best universities of the world continually tampers with immigration laws because it “needs” the talent necessary to maintain its edge in the high-tech era. Europe has a similar population and also a history of great universities; still it too seeks talent from outside of itself.

The West is really searching for the input of masculine assertiveness, vitality, and the conceptual thinking behind it, but does not realize it. All knowledge originates from the masculine principle—it cannot be otherwise.

The next essay will describe the extraordinary productive capacity of feminine Western thought.


Friday, May 20, 2011


European Spirituality and Religiosity

Every human society evidences a tradition of worship. Mankind built temples as instruments of its worship wherever the tools and materials available enabled it to do so. These temples can be seen in Egypt, Central America, the Andes, on Pacific islands and throughout most of the world. Even where tools and materials were insufficient to enable the erection of durable temples, societies still incorporated rituals of worship into their social mores and practices. Tribal cultures throughout the world include worship to a greater entity in their singing and dancing.

A look at the European continent will reveal that from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains temples of European origin cannot be found. The Acropolis did not come from within Europe; it was brought into Europe through the Peloponnesians from the East. Stonehenge did not come out of Europe nor did the structure at Newgrange. Knowledge of how to build these edifices did not exist in Europe at that time.

Prophets, gurus, sat gurus, and shamans traveled the world since mankinds beginnings teaching the populace about matters spiritual and how to live a better life. The Buddha, Lao Tsu, Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Quetzalcoatl, Hermes, Nanek, and Rumi are but a few of the enlightened teachers that came to motivate mankind out of its ignorance and into spiritual knowledge. A history of prophets exists in the Americas and in Africa as well, even though Western authority has largely expunged this knowledge. Europe stands alone as a continent that does not have a history of prophets and spiritual teachers.

Nor does it have any history of spiritual texts originating from within the continent such as the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita, Tao, or the Dhammapada.

Europeans, like people all over the world, have an innate desire to worship; however, they are unable to find a spiritual source of worship from within. The early European worship of Mithras was an entity introduced from the East. The Druidic influence came from the shores of Ireland and how they got there remains a mystery.

Local practices of worship existed throughout Europe; however, Europe had no spiritual source. It had local superstitions and practices but no spiritual teachings or text that could long support a religion.

Why did Europe have to go outside of itself to obtain spiritual truth?

Europe represents the feminine principle, which is the receptive entity of the universe; all knowledge comes from outside of itself. Religion is feminine. It requires a source upon which to base its behavior. It requires an authority to tell it what to do. Authority in the Western world comes from government and/or religion. The nature of the European psyche is to make of its religion a government and of its government a religion. It does this because it lacks spiritual understanding; its thinking is grossly materialistic.

Religion is not an entity unto itself but is a belief system that relies upon a spiritual foundations or other authority. The masculine principle deals with the unseen and the feminine principle deals with the seen. The European psyche does not have an understanding of gender or the unseen; therefore, it focuses on what it sees—the material world.

Nothing spiritual ever came out of Europe. From the time of the earliest Greeks, Europe rejected spirituality. Anaxagoras was accused of impiety, Socrates was accused of corrupting Athenian youth, and a host of other Greeks were persecuted for the Afro-Asian spirituality they introduced to Europe. Even in latter times the Druids were called snakes and exterminated.

Not only was Europe devoid of spiritual understanding from the earliest times, but also to this day it serves as the center for atheist thought. Whether Marx’s statement that religion is the opium of the people to the activities of the Fourth International Conference of Women held in Beijing in 1995, the joint objective of Western thought is to eliminate spirituality and gender from government.

Three centuries after the birth of Jesus, Emperor Constantine took the Bible and removed the parts he didn’t like or understand and converted this great spiritual training manual into a rulebook. He mixed the teachings in it with those of a few other religions and created a potpourri of a liturgy, which the government enforced. This religion evolved into the Roman Catholic Church and fulfilled the European need for an authority to tell it how to live.

This European need to be told what to do has not changed; only the vehicle that fulfills that need serves as the source of debate. The issue that has divided the Western world politically and religiously from its very inception to the present day is not whether there should be an authority, but rather the nature of that authority.

There has never been nor is there now a Western understanding of the unseen. The whole premise of Western values is based on materialism. Consequentially there can be no understanding of right living. In order to maintain order and an attempt at responsible conduct it focuses on legal and illegal.

A society that has no spiritual basis, that relies on materialism, and that does not practice some form of tribalism, will have not have a structure to provide it with cohesion. In its effort to substitute for the lack of the masculine influence, the European culture relies upon the law.

From the earliest European Greeks there existed a great dependency on the law. Draco instituted a system of law based on an aristocracy (the feminine form of government.) Solon developed a system of law in which eligibility for political power was based on wealth (a feminine value.)

From Draco, to Solon, to Justinian, to Napoleon, the Europeans prided themselves on their legal institutions. After a 2,000-year history based on law, when the Europeans came to America the Indians said of them, “white man speak with forked tongue.” Indeed he did, for the law is but a poor substitute for the masculine influence. The manly way is “let your yea be yea, and let your nay be nay.” The law is for those who can’t live by that code.

A code of behavior other than the law derives from ethics, which come from those men who realize their purpose is to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it as humankind proceeds on its spiritual journey. The indigenous people of America and most of the world had these ethics, because they had a balance of the masculine and feminine genders.

Europe represents the forlorn woman who for all of her existence has waited for a suitable mate. Instead of the natural male authority that she craves she has received a variety of substitute authorities in the form of government, religion, philosophy, education, and finance; none of which has provided the stable spiritually oriented environment necessary for her natural nurturing ability to flourish.

The next essay will focus on Europe’s source of knowledge.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Part 1 The Creation and Gender

The following essay is the first of a five part series that addresses the history of Europe on the basis of gender.

These essays do not purport to show whether the inhabitants of one continent are better or worse than inhabitants of another, inasmuch as people on all continents belong to the one family of God. These essays will however, explain the nature of European thought and by its extension Western thought and its effect on Western culture, which now dominates the world.

Western thought exhibits an almost total lack of understanding of the workings of gender and the universal purpose of human existence. This lack of understanding or ignorance does not derive from willfulness, but rather from a natural position of not knowing; ignorance pervades all human activity. The purpose of human existence is to expand its knowledge of matters spiritual and gradually lessen its ignorance.

However, when ignorance becomes empowered it then develops into suppression followed by oppression. Western ignorance of gender has caused its society to develop in an extremely unbalanced direction, which it has willfully imposed upon all that it has come in contact with. This imposition of its ignorance has created a great evil; it is the evil that Jesus referred to when upon the cross he uttered the words “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Evil becomes oppressive, but as its power expands it begins to degenerate from within and then ultimately collapses and disappears. Western thinking covers the world and has entered a state of internal degeneration that will lead to its total collapse.

Western thought and the world society that it produced cannot be fixed. Anything built upon a false premise cannot be repaired. It will come down of its own accord, thus paving the way for something more enlightened. Western society has arrived at that point and these five essays will attempt to show why this has happened and how to survive its demise.

These essays will be posted one at a time on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your response is welcomed.


Part One: The one creation and gender

The Bible states that God created Eve from Adam’s Rib. Most people have an awareness of this Biblical story but they give it little credence, especially if they view it from the perspective of Western materialistic thought. In today’s era of sexual equality the concept of the woman coming from the man does not garner much support, especially since it can be readily seen that all humans and mammals are born from the womb of a female. Why then does this great spiritual text make such a bold declaration within its first few pages?

First we have to consider the fundamental operation of the universe. There can only be one assertive force in any area of activity. As explained in depth in my book A Gender Handbook for Western Man, activities such as hot and cold, sound and quiet, light and dark, have three not six assertive influences. These influences are hot, sound and light. If there were two assertive influences in each of these three areas it would be impossible to set a temperature, level of sound or degree of light.

There is only one assertive motivating force in the universe, which is referred to as unseen, positive, and masculine. The universe could not function if there were two motivating forces. Eve came from Adam because there was no place else to come from. Adam represented the assertive influence of the universe from which all things come. All.

Adam said, “Bone from my bones, flesh from my flesh—this shall be called woman, for from man was this taken.” All existence comes from the same source.

Similar knowledge comes from the Koran, which states, “It was He who created you from a single being. From that being he created his mate.” The entire universe comes from the one “something.”

Upon the creation of the physical universe gender came into existence. Without gender there would be no movement. Gender provides the assertive influence that initiates activity and the receptive entity that provides the activity. As long as the physical universe exists all life within it will depend upon gender for its operation and survival. This indicates duality, the positive and the negative, the assertive and the receptive.

All life having come from the one substance indicates oneness and not duality. The duality of function forms the oneness of existence. The Sun provides the environment and the means for the earth to bring forth life and nurture it. This duality between the Sun and the earth forms the oneness of the solar system. The duality between a man and a woman forms the oneness of the family. Through spiritual growth comes the subjective realization that we are all part of the one.

As we look into the night sky we see it aglow with the light of burning suns. Planets do not float independently through the universe; they orbit about a specific sun. All planets were spun off from the gases of a sun. They came from the sun because there was no place else to come form. There is only one source of everything. The Godhead created the physical universe. The physical universe then evolved into the universe that we now see. It continually changes but always within the divine plan.

As we move on to subsequent essays let us remember that there is but one creation and gender makes it work.

The next essay will address European spirituality and religion.

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