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Monday, January 26, 2009


My essay Elimination of the Family received an excellent response world wide, as did others that recently addressed family and the well-being of society. This response indicates an increased awareness on the part of a small but growing minority of people worldwide that something fundamental has gone wrong with society. They have begun to realize that conditions will force them to choose sides between those who believe in surrendering their lives to the government, and those who prefer to maintain responsibility for their own well-being.

With each passing day Western governments cement their control over the people by enacting onerous laws that make people completely dependent upon an omnipotent and omnipresent ruling structure.

One of the many devious methods they use to maintain their hold on the populous is to pass laws that seemingly increase justice and fairness to all, such as anti-discrimination laws against race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. However, the effect of these laws eliminates an ethical basis for society to live by; it also punishes those who promote such values. A Canadian Roman Catholic Priest who was accused of committing a hate crime against homosexuals because he quoted form the Bible represents the invasive and constricting effects of government laws. I don’t think it is far-fetched that I could be accused of committing a hate crime because I espouse patriarchy and the rule of men. I could probably be accused of a hate crime because I have the temerity to preach that men and women are different.

We have reached the point where our government considers itself the establisher and administrator of all societal values. I challenge that position. However, before pursuing that challenge I want o make my personal position regarding humankind clear.

I consider every man and woman to be my brother and my sister, my son and my daughter. Every is an all-inclusive word and does not require further elaboration. However, loving every human being does not mean that every human being can fit into any role in society. Equal worth does not mean sameness. Every organization has its requirements and its standards. All drug users are my brothers and sisters, but I would not want them in key positions in my organization.

Walt Whitman expressed this dichotomy of thought in his Song of the Open Road, in which he states….”The diseased, the illiterate person are not denied; the beggar, the drunkard, the escaped youth; are all included in society.” But then later he states, ..”None may come to the trial till he or she bring courage and health, come not here if you have already spent the best of yourself, no diseased person, no rum-drinker or venereal taint is permitted here.” His words may seem to be a contradiction; he accepts all of life, but those who travel with him must be of a certain standard.

Jesus administered to the wine imbibers and all manner of social outcasts and misfits; however, his inner circle of disciples was made up of intelligent and spiritually tutored men. He had his standards.

So we as a society must have our standards. While none are denied, only those who understand and adhere to the standards will lead.

The issue that I take with the government and its proponents is that they have no standards; they offer rights, which only they can bestow. They have made unlimited self-gratification the objective of society. I believe Ethical values need to be re-established, and that the propagation and preservation of the species serves as a primary determinant of ethics.

It is on this point that you will choose your side. You either work for the propagation and preservation of the species in a structure administered by men called patriarchy, or you support laws that preserve the right to equal self-indulgence for all and is administered by the state. All political systems, which by the way came from Europe, have failed. Therefore, choosing government is choosing failure. Patriarchy on the other hand, is the natural structure of the universe and the natural structure for humankind. It has been with us since the beginning of time.

If you choose to work for the propagation and preservation of the species you will associate with those people whose values and temperament support that objective; they will be drawn to you and you to them.

This is the issue.

Men make ethics that govern moral behavior; men set standards; men determine what is good for the preservation of the race. Women bring life into this world and nurture it. That’s our partnership. The value to society depends upon people’s ability to contribute to the propagation and preservations of the species including its spiritual growth.

The time has come to make your choice; will you help to draw the battle line, or will you submit to the growing tyranny?


Thursday, January 22, 2009


All groupings have an authority from which all direction emanates.

This truism applies to insects, fish, flora, mammals, and humans. It also applies to what we refer to as inanimate life such as planets and suns, and atoms and molecules.

All organizations such as clubs, teams, businesses, and religions have their authoritative heads. Community, fraternal, educational, governmental, and social groupings have their top authority. This authority might be elected, appointed, inherited or just agreed upon by its members and might be called, chief, chairman, president, manger, coach, captain, priest, rabbi, imam, pastor, or leader.

Every grouping contains a directing influence that guides it to its collective destination, or at the least, helps to preserve it. This structure and activity is a manifestation of the universal principle of gender; the assertive masculine influence providing the environment and direction for the receptive feminine entity. No action can take place in the universe without the interplay of gender.

The largest celestial groupings known as galaxies consist of millions of stars and planets held together gravitationally and moving collectively in the same direction through space. A subcomponent of a galaxy is a solar system. All the planets within the system move in the same direction as the Sun and are completely under its control. In the atom the electrons—the feminine principle of electricity—rotate about the nucleus. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy the unseen power of the masculine principle provides the direction and structure of the grouping.

Every flock of chickens has a rooster at its head and every gaggle of geese has its gander. Every herd of deer and cows has it stag or bull to lead it. The male lion heads the pride. No group can survive without a head, leader, or final authority. We all know this.

Why then has society removed the head of the family?

There are those who say that the family has become obsolete. It hasn’t become obsolete; it has been eliminated. Removing the man as its head had the same effect as removing the Sun from the solar system, it would collapse and cease to be. We have removed the man, family has collapsed and ceased be. We have produced a generation that believes in government as the provider of its well-being. It has no choice; the family has been eliminated.

The elimination of the family has been accepted on a national basis. None of the presidential candidates mentioned family in presidential primaries, neither party mentioned it in their platforms, and the inaugural address made no mention of it. The psyche of the nation no longer focuses on family.

The philosophy of Plato—which called for the turning over of children to the state—has now become a reality. Mothers actually brag at how early they have entered their children into pre school programs. We insist on schools feeding our children instead of parents preparing their lunches at home. We have eliminated home taught ethics and the resultant moral behavior and substituted it with after school indoctrination of legal and illegal. We have become a nation of automaton workers and programmed consumers—jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production—while the government controls every aspect of our lives. We brag about that condition as though it were an enlightened way of life.

We ask the government to provide health care, economic well-being, and educational opportunities. Government has been made into a God upon whom our very lives depend.
Accordingly, we worship this God and the priesthood that carries out its instructions.

Let me be clear—the family has been destroyed by ignorance of the universal principle of gender. No amount of legislation or government tinkering can re-establish the family as a viable grouping. Government destroyed the family; how could it possibly re-establish it? Re-establishment of the family can only occur by working outside of the government, outside of the system, and by realizing that a family must have its head and that head is man.

The function of all life is to propagate and preserve itself so that we can grow spiritually. The masculine principle provides the environment and the means for the feminine principle to bring forth life and nurture it. It does this through organization, structure, and ethics. The traits and characteristics of each gender become the attributes that enable the propagation and preservation of the species.

Family is an organization. Like all organizations it requires leadership. The male is designed for that role. There is no substitute.

If you understand that family is the only viable structure for human kind and want to do something about it, then become involved in Men’s Action. We have a message. We understand the universal principle of gender and know that society can only function properly with the natural interplay of gender called patriarchy. Patriarchy is family.

Our mission statement: To Foster a Natural Way of Life for Humankind, is patriarchy.

Men make families. The state makes slaves. You have two options and one choice. Which will it be, the rule of men or the rule of the state?


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Government statistics indicate that crime has fallen in the aggregate and in most categories over the last 20 years. Why then does the installation of surveillance cameras increase at city, state, and federal governmental facilities? Why do increasing numbers of businesses employ security guards? Why do we see increased security measures at social functions? Why do some retail operations employ off duty policemen to supplement their security staffs?

Why with crime down does America have the highest incarceration rate in the world? A recent blog illustrated this fact in a more glaring way by stating that America has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prisoners—an alarming statistic and something you might want to reflect upon, especially if you have sons. Why does one man in six between the age of 18 and 30 have a relationship with the law?

The proponents of strong security measures, early apprehension, and lengthy prison sentences point to the reduced incidence of crime as resulting from these practices. By their reasoning if all men were put in prison crime would be eliminated entirely. We certainly seem to be moving in that direction.

A society that has low crime rates because of intense security measures and punitive procedures lives in fear. A fearful society is not a cooperative society, nor does it offer good will. It cannot nurture effectively either. We in America and all of Europe live in such a society. We say that we live in free democracies but in reality we live in fear of imprisonment, fines, firings, and/or loss of various privileges necessary to our functioning and survival. Western society leads the world in litigation, imprisonment, and various forms of punitive action.

What we call primitive societies have low crime rates without extensive laws and punitive procedures. They do this because they work in a spirit of cooperation for the common good. Such societies are not limited to the Polynesians, Africans, and those living in the remote corners of South America; they existed up in America as well, and until recent times. I had the opportunity to be part of such a society in my early youth when I stayed at what can be loosely described as a boarding house on the Hiris farm in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Farmer and Mrs. Hiris were Austro-Hungarians who came to this country shortly after World War I and started a small farm and a big family. They had eleven children—six girls and five boys—and were so poor that the early children all wore dresses, and for two reasons. First, Mrs. Hiris made all the clothes, and it was easier to make dresses than pants and shirts. Secondly, it was also easier to raise and lower hems on dresses and let seams in and out than to do the same on pants. All the children were educated in a one-room schoolhouse a quarter of a mile up the road. The Hiris’s lived off the land and off the money Mr. Hiris earned from delivering coal in the winter.

One summer a friend stayed with the Hiris’s for a few weeks and had a very pleasant and relaxed vacation. His monetary offer was refused when it was time to leave, but he insisted on paying and asked if he could bring a friend the following year. This event started the Hiris’s in the summer boarding house business

By the time I started going to their modest boarding house most of the children had gotten married and left the farm; however, they all lived nearby and helped with the chores as necessary. I never heard the family members raise their voices. They worked in a spirit of cooperation. Everyone knew the activities necessary to maintain the homestead. The cows had to be milked, the pigs slopped, the horse groomed and led to water. Firewood had to be cut and stacked for the seemingly insatiable appetite of the wood-burning stove in the kitchen. The men knew how to hunt, fish, trap, and in general keep the farm safe from predators. Inside, the women churned the butter, prepared the food, mended the clothes, and cleaned the rooms; they also knew how to fire a rifle if the occasion demanded it.

These children were raised during the Great Depression. Their parents were uneducated immigrants, and they received no governmental assistance. Most of them obtained their academic learning from a schoolmarm who taught eight grades in one room. These children had no contact with the law, and when they grew up, did not use drugs, only imbibed alcohol occasionally and socially, and earned their own way through life.

The glue that held this family together was the common purpose of sustaining themselves. That activity created an ethical core that governed family behavior. They also had a religious affiliation though their church attendance was limited to the winter months.

As you read the above it might seem like a fairy tale, but the activity that I described represents the way most of the world once lived. It did not need laws, police, prisons, orphanages and old age homes.

Getting back to present society, another gruesome statistic indicates that America has the most violent boys in the world tends to support the need for early incarceration. Its proponents would argue that we had better get the most violent boys off the streets before they become the most violent men and really do us damage. Why does this land of material abundance produce the most violent boys in the world? What motivates them to commit crimes? What kind of value structure do they have?

In my previous essay Laws Instead of Ethics in Western Society, I pointed out that men of ethics build organizations, and that without ethics all organizations will collapse. 90% to 95% of the boys and men in prison came from broken homes; they were raised without fathers, they were not exposed to ethics, and they have few morals.

The prospects for crime are growing rapidly as we churn out more children raised without the benefit of a family environment. When these children roam the streets in a society that appears to be in the throes of severe economic collapse the potential for thievery and all sorts of crime will increase. The amoral environment in which they were raised, and the lack of identification with members of society, will have left them without regard for anyone.

The powers that influence our nation know what they have created by removing male authority, destroying the family, and making religion impotent. They have removed all ethics from society and reduced our behavior to what is legal and illegal. They have paved the way for a police state, which will be the only option left to maintain order and relative safety. Increased surveillance is part of the preparations for that eventuality.

If you want to combat that tend then start living the most patriarchal way possible. Patriarchy is family. All values begin with the family.


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ethics consist of unseen values developed by men that serve as a basis of conduct. Ethics originate from a desire to preserve and propagate a community or organization. Without such a desire there is no basis for the development of ethics. Instead laws must then be enacted to provide rules of conduct between people.

Primitive societies have few if any laws; they have ethics interwoven into cultural and religious practices that serve to sustain the community. Laws only become necessary in the absence of ethics.

Ethical values transcend the letter of the law; they serve as the basis for the spirit of the law. Organizations and societies can endure without laws, but they cannot long endure without ethics.

Western thought focuses on the self, the feminine ME aspect of life; it has little desire to propagate and preserve the community. It is selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent and relatively devoid of ethics; it relies heavily on the establishment of laws to preserve itself. In my information booklet 20th Century Decadence: 2,000 years of Western Materialism, I state, “From the earliest European Greeks there existed a great dependency upon the law. Draco instituted a system of law based on an aristocracy (the feminine form of government). Solon developed a system of law in which eligibility for political power was based on wealth (a feminine value). From Draco, to Solon, to Justinian, to Napoleon, the Europeans prided themselves on their legal institutions.

After a 2,000-year history based on law, when the Europeans arrived in America the Indians said of them, “white man speak with forked tongue.” Indeed he did, for the law is but a poor substitute for the masculine influence. The manly way is to let your yes be yes and your no be no. The law is for those who can’t live by that code.”

Laws can only attempt to contain evil; they cannot promote good. Societies with few ethics and many laws will incarcerate many people. America has become the most litigious nation in the world; it also has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the highest number of men in prison.

America keeps enacting more laws in the hopes of curtailing evil, instead every form of immorality continues to prosper and expand. The laws have become so numerous that for any issue that arises we are advised to get a lawyer. Men can no longer resolve disputes among themselves because they have no common purpose and therefore no ethics. Our dependency upon lawyers to determine how we shall associate with our fellow man is but one of many examples of the slavery that evolves under a nation of laws instead of ethics.

The European feminine psyche requires laws for its behavior. It even takes religious teachings and reduces them to laws because the unseen ethic in these teachings is not understandable to them. Western thought requires laws and ritual as substitutes for ethics or any quality that is unseen such as spirituality.

Jesus, seeing the myopic material interpretation of Western thought during his time, gave many parables illustrating the difference between law and understanding. The story of the Pharisee and the publican in the temple is such a parable. The Pharisee in essence did his best to live as a good Jew. Moses said to fast, and he fasted, Moses said to worship on the Sabbath, and he worshiped on the Sabbath, Moses said to give alms to the poor, and he gave alms to the poor. The Pharisee obeyed the law as best as he could. Jesus in comparing the Pharisee to the publican indicated that was not enough, that the law and ritual will not produce salvation; understanding and supplication will. Jesus’ direction to love your neighbor as yourself put the emphasis on understanding rather than law and ritual. Jesus always focused on the unseen as the basis for the activity of the seen but the Western mind could not grasp the essence of his teachings.

Western institutions are built on law and ritual and are devoid of ethics and understanding. They are losing their influence and effectiveness in all areas. Its educational institutions graduate students who know less and less. The health care institutions of the United States have produced a nation where one third of the people are overweight, and one third of the people are obese. One quarter of the nation now suffers from chronic disease; autism and Alzheimer’s disease are on the increase along with a host of relatively new ailments.

The legal system continues to incarcerate more people (2.4 million in prison at last count) as it enacts increasing numbers of laws limiting the freedom of the populace.

Religious institutions are failing on every front. Divorce is up, marriage is down, and unwed motherhood continues to increase among their congregations.

Every segment of the population suffers from the lack of ethics in society. Only 12% of 18 year-olds live in the home with both their natural parents. 24 million children go to bed at night in a home without a father in it. America now has the most violent boys in the world. That’s what happens to boys who are not exposed to ethical behavior of fathers.

Western women suffer from high rates of breast cancer caused by birth control pills and other un-natural attacks on the body; they suffer from increasing baldness in their 30’s do to the un-natural stress they are subjected to, and they suffer from debilitating depression do to the un-natural environment they live in.

Conditions in Europe are much the same but worse. France now has an unwed motherhood rate of 50%. Italy, which functions under the presence of the papacy, has the lowest fertility rate in the Western World. Upwards of 15% of European women suffer from depression. The number one health issue in England is mental illness and the French take anti-depressants at a rate two and half times that of the English. A society of laws has created these negative conditions. Laws do not make for contented mothers and happy children.

Men with a well-developed sense of ethics provide the secure environment that enables women to nurture the race. Men who realize that the number one material goal of their existence is the propagation and preservation of the species—which includes its spiritual development—will provide the means and the environment for women to bring forth life and to nurture it. These men will also keep their brothers out of prison.

We have had 2,500 years of the rule of law in Western society and the results have been devastating and are approaching the catastrophic. It is time to return to the natural rule of men. It’s called patriarchy and it supports family.


Monday, January 5, 2009


The terms morals and ethics tend to be used interchangeably, but the former depends upon the latter. Ethical standards determine moral conduct. Moral behavior is the manifestation and personalization of unseen ethics. We have here another example of the principle of gender at work. The unseen assertive masculine influence acts upon the seen receptive feminine entity. By eliminating the authority of men Western society has destroyed its ethical base, rendered its organizations impotent, and fallen into a state of increasing chaos.

Ethical men form organizations to achieve certain purposes. Ethics and discipline provided by leadership serve as the glue that holds organizations together. Rather than address what constitutes capable leadership, effective discipline, and a high level of ethics, this essay will focus on the fundamental reality that men build organizations and that ethics play an intrinsic role in their operation.

Men build organizations when they realize the need to cooperate with others in order to accomplish an objective, whatever that objective might be. They build teams, armies, associations, crews, brotherhoods, hunt parties, and families.

The fundamental objective of human association focuses on the propagation and preservation of the species, which is accomplished through the family—the first organization. All the other organizations that men developed centered on sustaining the family and then the extended family or tribe. Men create defense groups to protect the tribe, they develop hunt parties to obtain food, and they develop mating rituals to propagate the tribe.

In order to determine who can best fill certain positions in the organization men observe and judge each other’s abilities. They do this in a spirit of cooperation for they all understand that they need the most capable man in each position to best ensure their own survival and that of the tribe. It is important to know who can run the fastest, yell the loudest, lift the most and last the longest. Sports were developed as a means of evaluating the ability of men to serve the needs of the tribe. It also gave women the opportunity to assess potential mates.

Discipline develops the reliability, dependability, and constancy of the group. Rules of conduct develop in order to maintain the stability, viability and growth of the organization. Ethics provide the base for these rules; a major ethic of non-western society is to share. Ownership is minimal in non-industrial societies; people share what they have with others, and others act to assist those in need such as helping to repair another’s hut, wigwam, or house. Widows and orphans are cared for and no one is left out. Ethics developed in non-industrial societies focused on the training of the young, the care of the aged, and the safety and well-being of all.

All organizations at their inception are patriarchal. As the masculine influence is reduced in an organization its vitality declines and its ethics disappear, a condition spreading rapidly throughout Western society, and as we will see, by design.

Men create organizations that are inclusive. Women develop cliques, which are exclusive. Cliques develop among pre-kindergarteners, continue through grade school, high school, college, the work place, the community, and in any organization that contains a group of women. The formal name for clique is aristocracy. Feminine oriented Western society always creates aristocracies. Apartheid, segregation, and economic classes are manifestations of the Western feminine aristocratic nature.

Certain advantages do accrue from aristocracies, but they will not be explored here other than to say they cannot be established, but instead evolve out of an existing structure. All organizations at their inception are patriarchal.

Some will point to the National Organization of Women as being a large powerful international and independently operated women’s organization. It is nothing of the sort. Why aren’t they located in Chicago to be equally accessible to women from all over the country? Why not in California with its large liberal base? Why not sunny Florida? NOW locates its headquarters in Washington DC so that it members can maintain a tight grip on the weak-kneed wimps who run our country. How do they maintain their grip in Washington and in all the state legislatures where they have lobbyists to promote their cause? Where do they get the millions upon millions of dollars necessary to carry out their activities? Who gives them direction? What is their dogma? What have they contributed to society?

Feminists are nothing more than the dupes of an international elite bent on controlling the world. This elite provides the thought, money, and direction for feminist activities.

At the 4th International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995 the feminist objective was to eliminate gender and religion from all societal structures. The powers behind the feminists knew that if gender were eliminated, dynamic virile organizations could not be formed or maintained. The elimination of gender also weakens religion—a necessary component of ethics.

The results have been spectacularly successful for those behind the intent of that conference. There are no virile organizations remaining in America. Western Christendom is completely impotent and has been reduced to conducting empty rituals. All standards and values have declined. The adage “do not judge” has been taken out of the context of its spiritual meaning and has become a mantra that condones all behavior.

Male organizations have been eliminated under the guise of providing equal opportunity for women. Opportunity for what? To make money? Making money for its own sake is whoredom, which is a subject for another essay. The true purpose behind the elimination of men’s organizations is to destroy the source of ethics. Without ethics all society degenerates. As the degeneration continues people cry out for help. With the elimination of viable men’s groups the government looms as the only alternative source of help. We beg it for help. We beg it to protect us. We beg it to feed for us. We beg it to be our masters and for us to become its slaves. We are getting what we begged for.

As I write this article the realization of the magnitude of the destruction of society caused by its lack of understanding of the difference between those who have testes and those who have teats, overwhelms me. My brothers and sisters willingly walk into the lair of the demon unable to do otherwise.

The elimination of tyranny and the slavery it produces, can only occur when men of good will band together and act. Good will is a function of ethics, and the banding together is organization. Action comes from the WILL of organization members. No ethics—no organization. No organization—no constructive action. No constructive action—no escape from tyranny.

The only species of life designed to provide for the well-being of women and children is called man. Men provide well-being through ethical based and active organizations.

You can learn more about such an organization on www.mensaction.net.


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