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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The family unit is the core of human civilization, nourishing its physical and mental needs, and providing the training grounds for its spiritual evolvement. When that core becomes weakened or destroyed humanity degenerates, mentally, physically, morally and spiritually.

The natural full-time activity of men is to sustain the family by providing the environment and the means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. This activity is not limited to the physical needs of the family, but to its mental, moral and spiritual development as well. The body must be strengthened, the mind developed, ethics instilled, and the spirit unfolded, making exercises and rituals to develop these components essential to the survival of the family.

If men devote their energies and activities to any purpose not related to the benefit of the family, it will be at the neglect of the family, and ultimately result in its detriment. When men fulfill their obligations, responsibilities, and considerations towards the family women can readily and easily nurture the race. When mother is safe and secure her milk flows easily and plentifully and her ability to transmit love becomes infinite.

Family is the core and fundamental unit of human society just as the atom is the fundamental unit of matter. The feminine electrons, rotating around the masculine nucleus, comprise the structure of the atom. Just as the atom combining with other atoms forms a molecule, the family combing with other families forms a tribe.

The atom, family, and even the solar system have the same structure; an assertive influence at the core around which the receptive entity (or entities) revolves. This natural patriarchal structure pervades the universe.

The attempt to make men and women equal in performance exhibits an ignorance of the purpose of life and a lack of understanding of the nature of gender.

Heat, light, and sound are assertive influences; cold, dark, and quiet reflect the absence of these influences. Two opposing entities cannot operate in one area of activity. If cold were an entity that opposed heat, a temperature setting could not be maintained. If darkness opposed light, a level of illumination could not be set. If quiet opposed sound, a level of sound could not be maintained. There can only be one assertive influence in any field of activity otherwise equilibrium could not be established. To disregard gender differences is un-natural, and unworkable.

Western society has lost its equilibrium, enacting un-natural laws to make men and women equal in function, necessitating the enactment of more laws in order to maintain order.

The purpose of life, is to grow spiritually while propagating and preserving the race, utilizing the unique characteristics of both genders, providing a warm and caring environment, generating a sense of belongingness, and maintaining equilibrium. Patriarchy provides the structure that enables those activities. Western society, not understanding the purpose of life, living outside of the patriarchal structure, believing in the exploitation of the earth for personal gain, making consumption its key activity, creating an aberration of natural behavior, has destroyed the natural order of things.

Family has no viable substitute.

The above could serve as an essay as it stands, and in a society that has an awareness of its purpose in life it would be understood; however, current Western society does have that awareness, consequently almost everything in it is subject to challenge, if not ridicule.

Women serving as devoted mothers, loyal wives, nurturers of the race, and comforters of the forlorn, no longer elicit admiration, but rather scorn and deprecation. In their stead we have independent women unencumbered by any requirement s of marriage, family, or responsibility to society, doing their own thing, whatever that means.

One such woman, a 30-year-old law student sat before Congress recently asking it to pay for her birth control costs because she apparently has yet to figure out her fertile period and how to control herself during it, an issue already buried by the more recent comments of one Hillary Rosen who stated on television that Amy Romney (wife of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and mother of five) never worked a day in her life; a clear expression of the corrupted value structure instilled in a growing number of women in Western society.

These values (or lack of them) have been drilled into the minds of young women for a long time, perhaps the most newsworthy expression being the reaction to the choice of Barbara Bush to give a commencement address at Wellesley College in 1990, when more than a quarter of the student body signed a petition that she was not a good role model for career oriented women. At that time, Barbara’s husband was President of the United States, one son Governor of Texas and the other Governor of Florida. Aren’t successful husbands and children related to the influence of the homemaker? Isn’t creating a home atmosphere that produces stable, well-functioning, and dedicated offspring a major accomplishment?

Does having an education mean that a woman should no longer dedicate herself to doing her share towards propagating and preserving the species as it progresses on its spiritual journey? Does raising children belong to the lot of the uneducated woman? Is not education compatible with the rearing of children?

The conduct and activity of Thomas Edison’s mother concerning his development provides an alternative viewpoint. Early in grade school Thomas performed poorly and his schoolmaster described him as addled or slow. His mother took him out of school and read the classics to him in addition to providing some form of home schooling. He went back to school during his eighth year and left permanently in his 13th year after which he went on to become an engineering and entrepreneurial genius. He said of his mother, “My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt I had some one to live for, some one I must not disappoint.”

If Thomas Edison were a schoolboy in today’s society he would be given Ritalin to calm him down and his mother would be motivated to enter the workforce and “be somebody.”

There is no greater accomplishment for a woman than to bring life into this world and nurture it. The race needs nurturing, and only women can do it. They can only do it in the secure and stable environment that men establish called family. All other activity in life either supports that function or is superfluous.

Family is the core of human civilization. There is no viable alternative.


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