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Sunday, November 25, 2007


The material world expresses the spiritual thoughts behind it; this viewpoint does not require proof but does require understanding. Another viewpoint holds that material actions control material conditions and events, and comes from European, feminine materialistic thinking, which requires belief, and has prevailed in Western society causing it to implode upon itself.

Those who realize that the material world represents the thoughts behind it attempt to increase their understanding of the created world and how to live in it with the consequence that they grow spiritually. Those who believe that material actions control the world continually run afoul of natural law, suffer the consequences, and then try to correct these consequences by material means. They try to “fix” the damage created by their ignorance.

The term “fix it society” derived from a conversation I had with a Kenyan woman living in America when we discussed the efforts of Bill Gates and Bono spending billions of dollars to improve the health of Africans. A magazine article covering their activities indicated that every 27 seconds an African dies from malaria. I opined to her that if Africans had always died at that rate from malaria, then there would have been very few Africans living on the continent when Europeans first set foot upon it.

Her response was: “I came from a family of 12 children and my mother took care of an additional 12 orphans or needy children, and none of us died from malaria. We had a way of treating malaria by making a poultice of leaves and herbs and wrapping the body in it. The person returned to normal health in a couple of days. When the Europeans came to our land they offered us chocolate and sweets, and then bread, and then told us not to eat our own food but to eat theirs instead. Eventually our diets became out of tune with our environment and we began to lose our natural immunity to conditions around us. We got sick and then they tried to heal us. They destroyed our health and then tried to fix it. The Europeans are fix it people, they destroy what is natural and then attempt to fix it.”

I felt that her analysis was apropos of all the problems of our present society. We destroy all morals and ethics and then attempt to fix the increase in crime by putting more men in prison, and then we attempt to fix it even more by making surveillance cameras ubiquitous. We foster sexual activity among our youth and then when rates of teenage motherhood soar, which we attempt to fix it by distributing condoms free to our children. We get people to eat all sorts of manufactured concoctions and then attempt to fix their indigestion by offering antacids. We remove male authority from the home, which results among other things in more women smoking and drinking with the consequence of increased cirrhosis of the liver and lung cancer, which we attempt to fix through medication and surgery. The loneliness caused by the breakdown of the family has caused a national angst, which we attempt to fix through drugs and therapy. Western society believes that all conditions can be remedied by providing more money, information, and/or police power. Yet, with each application of these three ingredients, conditions continue to degenerate.

The book of Jeremiah clearly addressed this materialistic approach. It states, “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, nor the valiant of his valor: let not the rich man boast of his riches.” These words beat upon the deaf ears of Western man to no avail. Further, the word of God spoken through Jeremiah states, “Two sins have my people committed: they have forsaken me, a spring of living water, and they have hewn for themselves cisterns, cracked cisterns that can hold no water.” That again explains the condition of Western society; we have forgotten the spiritual source of all things and replaced them with material things of our own creation and they do not work. We are not in tune with the world that God has created. We actually believe we can create an apple better than the ones God created. Genetic engineering attempts to improve upon God, and it continually fails and results in the destruction of the race.

Scriptures of every faith point out the dangers of the material world and conversely espouse the need for spiritual understanding; Western man does not understand this fundamental teaching. He confuses religiosity with spirituality. Religion is the materialization and personalization of matters spiritual. All religion is female, and its efficacy depends upon the environment in which spiritual truths are presented. The Europeans managed to give a material slant to every spiritual concept presented to them.
Religion is a belief system; spirituality is knowledge.

Every aspect of Western life is disintegrating because it is all based on gross materialistic thought. As I began writing this article I received an Email from Thurston Bell containing articles written by Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer in which he indicates that the suppressed in America are the majority. He articulates very well the demise of Western society and I will send you a copy of that transmission under separate cover because I believe it to be germane to this article. The enslavement referred to is a direct result of Western man’s ignorance of the universal principle of gender. He does not realize that when this physical world was created the masculine and feminine principles were also created in order for it to function properly. Adam represents the assertive masculine influence and Eve represents the receptive feminine entity. The Adam principle was necessary to establish the patriarchal structure that is inherent throughout the universe.

Western man not understanding these spiritual concepts decided that men and women could function similarly and therefore could not establish patriarchy; instead he experimented with various forms of governments none of which have ever endured. He continually developed theories not only of government but also of everything else in his life. Theories come from people who do not know; they create theories that become belief structures. Whether the theory or relativity, the theory of evolution, and economic theories such as put forward by Smith, Malthus and Marx, Western man is always trying to arrive at material solutions to unseen causes. His biggest error of ignorance was in establishing government in lieu of patriarchy. He legislated away his god-given authority and put the government in charge of his life. He’s angry about his condition and is searching for someone to blame, when all he has to do is look into the mirror to find the cause.

Instead of looking within himself he looks externally for solutions to the problems he created. Should he join up with the militias and shoot all the feminists, liberals, republicans, democrats, conservatives, Zionists, Jesuits, trilateralists, Masons, Bilderbergers, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Christians et al? Who then shall rule? We are beginning to behave like rats on a sinking ship; we turn on each other for lack of another course of action.

Each day that we are passive about these conditions the worse they become. Today a friend told me that the Governor of California passed legislation limiting the term gender in some fashion so I decided to check Google for details. Read this paragraph: "Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" effectively have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.” This does not surprise me. Hate crime legislation is being expanded to include gender. Perhaps Men’s Action to Rebuild Society will be outlawed. Maybe I’ll get thrown in jail for espousing manhood and family. The time to act is now, but the majority of the nation can’t act because they don’t know the cause of its problems so how can they work on a cure?

The solution is an understanding of the principle of gender and the implementation of a patriarchal way of life; the only societal structure that has lasted for millennia because it is natural. This is not a theory. I have never presented you with theories. This is truth, as I understand it. The patriarchal structure not only preserves and propagates the family and tribe; it creates a spiritual awareness. All so-called primitive patriarchal societies have an awareness of matters spiritual and have worship central to their environment.

The high rates of divorce, adultery, incarceration, substance abuse, pornography, mental illness, and angst are not fixable. The low rates of marriage, morality, academic performance, feelings of well-being are not fixable. They and everything else that our modern writers indicate is wrong with society are but symptoms of gross materialism that emanates form an ignorance of the universal principle of gender and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain society.

My brothers and sons, it is time to take action. It is time to realize who you are. It is time to stand up and say I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN, and join with others who think as we do and start making change.

Let me hear from you indicating that you are ready to move forward.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tomorrow most Americans will observe the annual Thanksgiving holiday, which commemorates the meal of thanks held by the Pilgrim settlers in gratitude for their survival in the New World. Family and friends tend to come together on this day to have a traditional turkey dinner and express thankfulness for their many blessings. The expression of thankfulness or gratitude enables us to increase our spiritual development, for it reminds us of all that we have been given. As Paul said, “There is no single gift that you have not received.”

Gratitude increases our awareness. It aids in our spiritual development, which we can enhance by taking a few minutes or more each day and thanking God for all that we have. This practice increases our awareness of all that we have received, not only materially but also in the form of nurturing and help from others. The education that we received, the homes in which we received nurturing and guidance as we grew, the places we visited, the jobs we held, the people we met, and the challenges we encountered all contributed to our growth and therefore warrant our gratitude.

Feelings of gratitude help us to think positively in life, and positive thoughts produce positive actions; light washes away darkness. When we do not express gratitude we tend to focus on what we don’t have, on what is going wrong, on our shortages, poor health, broken romances, and financial hardship. The more we focus of what we don’t have the less we seem to have. The more we focus on our ailments, the sicker we tend to become.

The American health care system, which is really a sick care system, exemplifies the focus on sickness. The more it focuses on diseases, the more it finds. We have illnesses that did not exist 50 years ago, and the more we try to combat these illnesses and find “cures” the more we diseases we uncover. We give sickness a reality by focusing on it and it grows.

The same applies to our political issues, which seem to grow in complexity and magnitude. Addressing the so-called men’s movement in particular, during the last 30 years two hundred or more organizations have pumped out articles describing what is wrong; consequently conditions have only gotten worse. These articles have given a reality and power to liberalism, feminism, and all sorts of conspiracies that they did not have. By acknowledging them and publicizing them we expanded them.

It is necessary to define the problem before correction can be made, but unfortunately that is not what Western society is all about. To notice water dripping through the ceiling causing a stain in the rug, and then eventually the deterioration of the rug, and then the warping of the floor, expands the problem and does not cure it. Going up on the roof and replacing a few shingles corrects the situation. We as a society keep focusing on the negative, and it continues to grow.

The more we write and talk about feminism, liberals, the trilateralists, the Zionists, the Federal reserve, the Illuminati, the more power we give to them, whether real or imagined. This power that we give to them results from our negative thinking and lack of gratitude and understanding of what we have and who we are.

When we realize all that we have and the power within us then we have the ability to make positive change; we will shed light on the darkness and the darkness will disappear.

Let us be thankful for the universe that God has created and for the power that he has given to us men. We have the ability to understand the unseen, and the power to use it to make change. What we imagine will come to be. This is not “new age” thinking. This is knowledge of the universe. When a man prays and believes he has received it, it shall be his.

We now have an understanding of the universal principle of gender and the patriarchal structure of the universe. We have it within our power to bring order out of the chaos in which we live. We have the power to bring light where there is darkness. Let us show gratitude for what we have and take steps to fulfill our destiny.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yesterday a woman media consultant asked me what I would ask those who understood my message and were willing to support it, to do. A man asked me a similar question seven years ago. He asked, “If I had ten men who read your book, believed in it, and were willing to support you, what would you have them do?” It’s natural to ask that question, and I could point to our mission statement as an answer, but that is putting the cart before the horse. Those ten men would not be able to do anything more than any other men could, for the reason that they have been emasculated.

The degree of emasculation of the American male is so great that he hardly functions as a male anymore. He has become an automaton consumer—a jackass on the treadmill of production—a work unit and nothing more. He has no authority over anything. He can no longer change anything. The government has usurped his every natural role. When he bands together with those like himself they collectively cannot bring about change.

I have a list of 125 men’s movement organizations, and most of them are defunct; the few that have survived are ineffective. I learned that the National Center for Men recently shut down its New York City offices. The greater New York area consists of 14 million people and the NCFM couldn’t create enough of a following to sustain themselves. What has Men’s News Daily changed? What have any of the well-meaning writers and organizations changed? Nothing. Everybody is writing about what is wrong (that’s what females do) but no one is writing about what to do to correct the wrongs (which is what males are designed to do).

The emasculated male does not even know the cause of his neutering. He blames socialism, feminism, and various conspiracies all of which have their roots in the West, and all of which are effects of an underlying causative factor, which is ignorance of the principle of gender and the universality of patriarchy.

Even an understanding of the universal principle of gender and recognition that patriarchy is family will not be sufficient preparation to make change. In addition to receiving enlightenment men must be empowered.

The thinking of most Western men is that change will be brought about through the system and through collateral efforts on their part. They actually believe that they can keep their jobs, position in the community, family activities, and church involvement at an uninterrupted level while bringing about change. They do not realize that those who bring about change make change their primary activity and everything else becomes collateral.

The system created this mess and it will not be corrected by collateral efforts. Change never occurs through collateral efforts, it comes about from the action of men who make change their primary effort.

The Christian disciples made the propagation of the faith their major function. Earning a living served as the collateral function. The followers of Gandhi and Mandela made the bringing about of change their primary activity. Walter Reuther and the early union pioneers all made earning money the collateral effort to bringing about change. Fidel Castro started his revolution in the jungles of eastern Cuba with a motley band of followers each of whom gave up all that they had to be with him.

Western man has become inured to the feminine materialistic society in which he resides and like a woman he fully expects that if he complains someone else will make change for him. After all didn’t Congress and the various forms of state and local governments advance the feminist agenda? Why if we would just hire lobbyists and work on our legislatures we will be able to do just what they did. And what did they do? They destroyed every vestige of family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it. They were pawns of the liberal movement that sought to have government control humankind, which could only be done by the emasculation of the male and the consequent destruction of the family. They had a congress and nationwide governmental structure comprised of European limp dicks and black honkies tripping over themselves to accommodate them. That’s not what we want to become a part of, that’s what we have to get rid of.

The only way change will come about is for dedicated men and supportive women to make change their primary activity, and all else their collateral activity. Jesus said, “What does it suffer a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” Isn’t that what men do when they say they can’t become involved in change because they need to build their future security? And what of men who point to the personal obligations to their children? Are they going to send them to grade schools where they receive graphic instruction in oral sex, where they are taught alternate lifestyles, where grade school girls have sex clubs, where when they reach adulthood they can go to California and work as interns in pornographic films so that they can put together a resume saying that they are certifiable whores and then get jobs at big city strip clubs? Are they being taught to leave the home and nurturing of the race for jobs in industry, which in reality is peddling their asses for a buck and has been known since the beginning of time as whoredom? Is that the legacy that real men want to leave to their daughters? Is having every shred of masculinity torn away from their sons so that they try to escape the system through sports, entertainment, substance abuse, gambling, and pornography; the legacy real men want to leave to their sons? Is it not better to leave all of that behind and work to provide your children an environment that will enable them to be real men and women who together will fulfill their god given direction to propagate and preserve the species while growing spiritually?

And those single men who have only themselves to care for, what possible reason can there be for making change a collateral effort? A young intelligent single man told me recently that his job was his main concern but he could make participation in Men’s Action a collateral effort. What good is he to the organization? A man cannot serve two masters. Desire for change must be the all consuming thought and activity of men in order to get rid of the old and bring in the new. A young writer who had somewhat of a grasp of the issues told me he was moving to another country to ride out the storm. He has given up. When these young men realize that there isn’t any purpose to living in this unnatural society, they will be ready to make change. Men’s Action will welcome them.

Making change requires dedication and perseverance. Machiavelli said, “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain of its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” We at Men’s action are taking the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. To do this we need enlightened and empowered men.

Castro did not land in Cuba with 50 men, many of them seasick, to do battle with the Cuban military. He landed there to build and army; and he did. Walter Reuther did not immediately attack the industrialists; first he built an army, as did Gandhi and Mandela. St. Paul spent his life building an army.

To answer the question of the first paragraph, if I had ten men who believed in and were ready to support Men’s Action I would ask them to find ten more, and then 20 more, and then 40 more until we had a local army that could be empowered to implement our objectives. In the process of building this army we would develop a sense of camaraderie and also a sense of family—of knowing there are others who have similar views and who can be called upon in time of need.

Are you ready to make change your primary mission and take part in building an army? Then let me hear from you.


Monday, November 5, 2007


I met a 22 year-old college graduate on the subway who told me that she had majored in English. I asked if she had read Walt Whitman and she replied, “Who’s he?” I said that he is considered by many to be the greatest American poet and that much of his work can be found in Leaves of Grass. She never heard of that either. I asked if she had read Dante, Boccaccio, Rabelais, Cervantes, or Balzac, and she replied, “Who are they?”

I decided to drop my inquiry of her knowledge of western literature and instead decided to pursue her reason for going to college. The normal response by women to that question is, to get an education so that they can get a job and make some money and be somebody. She short-circuited the process by stating that she got an education to make some money. When I explained the usual response I get to that question I asked her what part of speech education, job, money, and somebody are, and she did not know. She did not know a verb from a noun or adjective. I normally explain that these are nouns and if women speak in nouns, they cannot possibly make change, since to make change requires the use of verbs. I went to school to learn, and then I went to work, where I had the opportunity to build, to create, and to make things. Men are verb people.

This exchange with the English major caused me to reflect on letters I receive from the Association of American Scholars in which they indicate that a test given to high school graduates was given to college seniors 50 years later, and the college seniors did not do as well on it as the high school graduates a half century earlier. In practical terms that means women who graduate from college today don’t know as much as their grandmothers who graduated from high school 50 years earlier. I went to school with their grandmothers and great grandmothers and they could write better, express themselves better and reason better than their grandchildren who went to college. They could also darn a sock and dress a chicken and be of other use around the house.

One would think that if college doesn’t teach more than what high school used to, people would stop going to college, but this is not the case with young women; their enrollment in higher education continues to increase. The reason for this apparent anomaly is because women do not go to school to learn. They go to school to be. Men on the other hand go to school to learn and when they recognize that they are not learning they drop out of college. High school boys cannot drop out; instead they commit truancy. Grade school boys can neither drop out nor commit truancy, so they are given Ritalin to endure instruction for noun oriented people. There is a dual issue here. Aside from men realizing they are not learning, why does getting a diploma satisfy a woman’s need to be? Or does it?

The feminine principal is the receptive entity in gender relationships. Since she cannot aggressively pursue, she must attract. She in essence is saying look at ME. I am worthy of being your mate. This natural and healthy activity attracts the male. The purpose of gender is to mate, and the feminine principle attracts the male so that he will mate with her. However, family has been destroyed in the Western culture and males have willing surrendered their naturally assertive role. A woman now has no purpose in saying look at ME. Yet in is part of her psyche to be wanted. This desire to be noticed and wanted is replaced by a piece of paper, a certificate, degree, or license. She is continually propagandized and motivated “to get an education and be somebody.”

Some who read this article will say that such a viewpoint is chauvinistic and misogynist. To those who reach that conclusion I call their attention to the recruitment add run by New York University which displayed a caption in all the subways over the picture of a young woman that read, “Making more of me, that’s why I go to NYU.” Is there anything in that caption having to do with learning? If we erase NYU and substitute in is place Marva’s Beauty Salon, the caption will still be valid, perhaps more so. The NYU ad appealed to the ME, not any desire to learn.

The recruiting slogan of the US Army “Be All That You Can Be” is geared to women. Many have opted to do just that and some went to Abu Ghraib prison and made pornographic movies, got pregnant, and were sent back to the states for an all expenses paid delivery.

A piece of paper is a poor substitute for marriage and family, it is a tragedy that women go to school in order to compensate for the lack of demand for their natural function-being a wife and mother. Is it any wonder that the number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression?

The only natural relationship between men and women is to mate and propagate the species. The fundamental unit of society is the family and it requires support. We need a change in our fundamental values. When that happens all the “big” problems that we address will disappear of their own accord; however, women are the receptive entity of society and they cannot initiate change. The challenge for men at this time in Western society is to rise to the occasion and bring about the needed change in values that will rebuild the family and tribal structure.

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