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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This past week members of the United States Congress and the media made it clear that the care of women has become a responsibility of the state. On Thursday February 16th a committee of the U.S. Congress held a hearing regarding abortion. Those asked to testify were apparently all clergymen. Two female members of Congress, Representatives Carolyn Maloney of New York and Eleanor Homes Norton of Washington, D.C., took umbrage that no women were asked to testify and walked out of the hearing.

Rep. Maloney made the following statement: What I want to know is, where are the women? When I look at this panel, I don't see one single woman representing the tens of millions of women across the country who want and need insurance coverage for basic preventive health care services, including family planning. Where are the women?

Rep. Maloney apparently considers the care of women to be a function of themselves and the state. She is probably unaware—or at the least does not like to admit—that the care of the family, tribe, and race has always been the responsibility of men. The responsibility of males extends to the care of the pride, herd, flock, gam, and most all groupings of mammals and birds.

Spiritual texts throughout the world and from all ages motivate men to take care of women and children, of widows, and orphans (that could account for the clergy being at the hearing). All cultures of indigenous peoples show an inherent understanding that men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. Western society worships materialism and has neutered the male, which has destroyed the family and now makes women dependent upon government largess and law to care for their well-being; and they have been told they are liberated.

The result of government care of women has had a devastating effect on their health. In the United States 300,000 new cases of breast cancer occur each year and the majority of women now develop fibroids. Ten million American Women—ten percent of the adult female population—suffer from debilitating depression; this malady also affects three million girls. The use of stress medication has become the norm as increasing numbers of women suffer from a variety of stress related disease; but that’s okay because they are liberated.

The removal of men from authority resulted in the elimination of ethics from which moral behavior stems. The sexual promiscuity promoted due to the lack of morals that men once established has resulted in increasing cases of chlamidia, human papilloma virus, and herpes; all very painful conditions for women. But then they are liberated.

The decline of ethics has wrought even deeper devastation on society. Forty percent of all births occur out of wedlock, 24 million children go to bed at night without a father in the home, 82% of children the age of 18 do not live in a home containing both of their natural parents. The liberated mothers that spawn these births are too busy working to nurture their children and the state has taken over their rearing. This has resulted in America now having the most violent boys in the world. The chances of boys having a relationship with the law, using drugs, joining street gangs, going to prison, being shot dead in the streets or all of the above increase with every out-of-wedlock birth. Still their mothers are liberated.

The Western ignorance of the purpose of men and women knows no bounds. The day after the media’s blanketing of its outlets with the abortion controversy the Huffington Post revealed that The New York Times Book Review used the term “chick non-fiction” in referring to the work of women non-fiction writers, as though they were different from men. Women’s Editor Margaret Wheeler Johnson wrote “So here we are again. I thought after the Great Jonathan Franzen Debacle of 2001, no man would ever again dare to suggest publicly that there is an inferior class of books that only women read.”

Get that, that a man should “dare” to suggest publicly. Well I ask that all of you who read this essay please send Ms. Johnson of the Huff Post an Email, a twitter, or whatever method of communication that you use and tell her that there is a man that says so emphatically and publicly and will continue to do so anywhere and without charge.

He will state unequivocally that a woman cannot do anything that a man can do; and that the reason society is degenerating is because male responsibility and authority have been removed. Every society that has seen the removal of male authority has disintegrated. The Taoists state that without the Yang the Yin will disappear. The whole non-Western world knows that.

Regarding women’s communication, women think in pictures and speak in nouns; men think in concepts and speak in verbs. The entire communications media deals in effects (pictures) and describes them in nouns. That accounts for why women’s health in particular and all of society in general continues to deteriorate. To change things requires getting at the cause (conceptual thinking) and taking action (verbs).

Representative Nancy Pelosi joined the fray concerning the abortion hearing by repeating the question “Where are the women” and then finishing off with “duh.” Send this article to all the “duh” women and let them know that the sickest and unhappiest women in the world are Western women because “duh” they don’t have men to care for them.

By the way, if you click the link on the Huff Post article you will find one of the articles available on that page titled, Ready to be a Single Mom? Isn’t that great? Screw up the race a little more, remember you’re liberated.


P.S. Please mail copies of this article to any media option available to you. E.G.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The economic conditions in Greece have caused renewed and intense rioting. Increasing numbers of people live in the streets, as they can no longer afford shelter. Many people find it difficult to obtain adequate food and clothing. Economists and financiers say that the Greeks did not have their financial house in order, which might be true, but who is to be the judge of this?

The answer is the free market; that vehicle created by international financiers that enables them to own the world and tell people how to live on it.

The Western worship of matters material has created a way of life that has enslaved it. People must now pay for the land they live on and travel on, the water they drink, and the food to eat. Soon it will be normal practice to have to pay for the opportunity to relieve oneself in a public toilet. Everything is owned—everything! Every natural need and activity requires the payment of a fee in one-way or another.

The concept of ownership has been ingrained into the psyche of the Western mind and it considers the activities related to ownership to be natural, the worst of these being qualifying for and obtaining a job.

Jobs provide the vehicle through which humanity shows obeisance to those who own the world for the privilege being allowed to toil for their sustenance.

The entire educational system is based on conditioning people to become jobholders. Universities have devolved into Vagina Vocational Institutions that prepare women, wimps, and neutered males for a life of toil and obeisance. The universities program the students to believe that having a job provides liberation for women, equality for wimps, and enlightenment for the neutered. Only a very few will grasp that they have been conditioned to live a life of economic servitude.

These Vagina Vocational Institutions indoctrinate people into an unnatural lifestyle that make them dependent upon government for every aspect of their thinking. These institutions also provide the vehicle for getting the students into sufficient debt so that in essence they will be beholden to the government for the rest of their lives. Thirdly, these institutions dumb down our youth who spend years in a university, get a degree, and end up knowing less than high school graduates did 60 years ago.

Modern technology has made it possible to produce more and more product with fewer and fewer people. Eventually a minority of people will be able to produce the majority of product. This activity will leave most people without jobs and in need of government dole. The people are already being psychologically prepared for this type of existence by the government as they promote receiving food stamps as being smart. Don’t be ashamed; be smart—go on food stamps. That will be followed by rent subsidies. We already have universal health coverage. The world is now owned by the few and they pay governments to dole out sustenance to the populace.

As this system becomes entrenched throughout the world, rioting will increase on every continent as the masses slowly begin to awaken to the unnatural lifestyle enforced upon them. Governments have already made significant preparation to control the masses as they begin to awaken. Security cameras have become ubiquitous and few people complain. The newer buses operated by the MTA in New York City enclose the drivers in Plexiglas and money is not collected on these buses. Loud speakers continually remind passengers that it is a felony to attack a transit worker. The message is clear: Beware of the government and all who work for it.

Big Brother is here now my sons and daughters, and he is intensifying his grip on the world. Even the rioting that will occur everywhere will not change things, because the thinking that created this monster has not changed. The OWS movement had no clear statement for change—their thinking was in accord with the system. Their only complaint was that they weren’t getting what they deemed to be their fair share. If the rioting in the streets of the world leads to the overthrow of governments they will be no more successful than the French Revolution, which had no clear alternative for change; consequently when it was over it had created a larger and stronger government.

The only lasting change will be brought about by a change in thinking, it requires an understanding that the natural activity of men is to provide for the propagation and preservation of the race, including its spiritual development. Men accomplish this activity by creating the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. This often requires a lot of work frequently accompanied by danger. The motivation for this activity is not money or ownership but the well-being of society. These activities are not considered to be jobs.

The time has come to take action. Our mission statement is clear. Are you working to bring about its implementation? You can do this by getting friends and like-minded people to subscribe to this website. You can invest in my books, or if you have already done so, get others to invest in them. You can meet with like-minded people and discuss these issues and how to further implement the mission statement.

Are you going to become active and prepare for change or will you sit by and become overwhelmed by the rioting?


Sunday, February 5, 2012


We tend to use the words wealth and abundance interchangeably in our society, and their usage conjures similar images in our minds eye; however, closer examination shows they denote entirely different conditions. The interchange of these words has adversely effected our lives.

Abundance generally means “a lot of” something. We refer to abundant sunshine or rainfall, an abundant harvest, or an abundant catch for fishermen. The Bible refers to living abundantly. Everyone can have abundant sunshine, rain, harvests or catches. Everyone can live abundantly if we define it as having all of our needs met. The American Indians lived abundantly, as did the Pacific Islanders and the Africans. They all had an abundance of what they needed to live healthful lives. Birds, fish, and mammals also all live abundantly.

The term wealth on the other hand tends to be a comparative word based on ownership. We cannot all be wealthy, because wealthy people have more possessions than the poor.
Wealth and poverty are interdependent. Rich and poor depend upon each other not only for the definition of their respective positions but also for the exercise of their positions.

Jesus said, “The poor will always be among you,” for the reason that the society that he administered to believed in ownership. A person can only amass great wealth if multitudes have little; having little means owning little or nothing. In a society that shares, poverty cannot exist; taking care of each other prevents poverty from forming.

We who live in Western nations, especially in the United States believe that we have the opportunity to be rewarded for our efforts and can attain great wealth. Children are told to go to school, get an education, get a job, make a lot of money and be somebody. Having money—more money than your neighbor has—is being somebody. This philosophy in essence causes us to wish ill of our neighbor, for success is measured by having more than him.

Last year America produced 43 new millionaires—a fact that was heralded in the media. That same year hundreds of thousands of food stamp recipients were added to government rolls. There cannot be wealthy people without poor people, nor can their be wealthy nations without poor nations.

The Capitalistic system teaches that wealth is not a finite quantity, that wealth is created and that we all share in it. New products create jobs and more wealth is provided for more people. As a former business owner I once bought into that argument. I owned a small manufacturing company and created jobs for the unskilled and semi-killed. However, upon introspection I realized that their families had been destroyed and land was no longer available to them. They needed me because the system we operate in left them destitute.

Free enterprise creates wealth and poverty; only God creates abundance.

We live in a world of rich nations and poor nations, and within these nations there are rich people and poor people. The rich people—the very rich—are united in their efforts to control the world, which they already own. This rightness of ownership regardless of the consequences is so embedded in the Western psyche that when candidate Gingrich boasted that he would establish a colony on the Moon with an American Flag on it there was local applause and no national outcry. Financial interests already own the world and the water upon it; the next move apparently is to start ownership of the solar system. We could be fighting wars over who owns Mercury or Mars.

There seems to be no end to this madness of ownership and self-indulgence. The vehicle that taught sharing and working together for a common purpose was the family. Now that it has been destroyed and the government has take over the indoctrination of our youth the concept of self-centeredness, material acquisition, and self-indulgence are considered to be normal. The government continues to create drones that become increasingly dependent upon governmental largess while fewer and fewer people own the world and run it.

There is no system of government that can successfully function in a society based on ownership. Liberals and conservative, communists and capitalists, and all the shades and variations of Western governments cannot survive because they are grossly materialistic.

We live in God’s world and it was created to sustain his people. This concept that we must be beholden to another man for our survival is unnatural and will pass.

I read in a metaphysical book written more than one hundred years ago that a battle is shaping up between the material and spiritual forces of this world. I feel this battle has already begun and will intensify. We can sit back and watch it and eventually become overwhelmed by it or we can start to live differently now and survive it.

If you want to become active rather than passive I ask that you review the Men’s Action Mission statement and determine what part you can play in bringing about a more natural way of life for humankind. What is natural will survive. What isn’t won’t. Gross materialism is unnatural. It is passing.

Prepare yourself for the future—live a natural way of life. One way to do this is by supporting Men’s Action.


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