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Friday, October 22, 2010


Greetings everyone. It has been three months since I posted an essay and most of you probably wonder why. Our website was hacked into and Google put up a warning for people not to enter it as a precaution against a virus infection.

During that same period I lost the services of a devoted and highly competent web designer who moved on to other interests. I have since engaged the services of another competent designer who has repaired the damage from the hacking and has motivated google to lift their warnings. This essay will test the one remaining venue—the automatic sending of this essay to our subscribers. Let’s hope that all goes well.

During the period of quarantine on our website my second book A Gender Handbook for Western Man was published. It is not yet on the website; however you can order it just as if you were ordering Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility and I will send you the new book. Postage and handling of $5 for shipments in the USA and $10 for overseas shipments is now required. You can add the postage by making a $5 or $10 donation as the case warrants.

This book contains 10 maxims of gender, and explains their functioning in the universe and in our daily lives. It includes 39 essays that I wrote over the last decade relating gender to various aspects of our societal activity. A Gender Handbook for Western Man clearly illustrates the Western lack of understanding of gender, the issues that arose from this lack, and the governmental activities created in its unsuccessful attempt to compensate for these issues.

After reading this book you will be armed with the knowledge needed to address the major problems concerning society, their cause, and remedy.

Getting back to the quarantine on our website for a moment, it did not unduly upset me as I have contemplated changing the direction of Men’s Action and saw no purpose in writing more essays and preparing additional videos until the clarification of this new direction.

Before elaborating further on the possible new direction, I will comment on my assessment of the Western world, which in essence is the entire world. Political turmoil is on the increase on every continent. Citizens are demonstrating in Thailand, Greece, France, Chechnya, Jakarta, India, and Venezuela to name the more noteworthy. Elections could not produce majorities in England and New Zealand. The prospect of a majority government in the United States is slim.

Governments can no longer afford the cost of services for activities people once provided for themselves. This is the major issue in England, France, and Greece and is becoming the major issue in America. The cost of government is breaking the backs of the governed. Eventually all Western governments will suffer economic failure, which in turn will result in political instability and then martial law.

The quality of life of the Western world is deteriorating as well. Prison populations continue to rise while depression and an assortment of mental illnesses continue to increase.

It’s over!

Men’s Action now needs to focus on how to live a more natural life outside of the system. What purpose does a philosophy, spiritual truth, or even theory have if it does not benefit humankind? It must benefit humankind not only in the conceptual sense but also in the sense of helping the individual to improve his lot.

Men’s Action planned for this activity more than a decade ago when it prepared its Mission Statement. The focus now needs to be on implementing the mission statement; in the process of serving the community it will build its membership.

Activities in that direction have already started. I have been given a slot on a Caribbean-American radio program in which I talk about family, proper nutrition and holistic healing. I have taken a course in pranic healing and have healed people and plan to offer these services along with others on a donation basis to those in need.

I have planned home economics programs and have roughed out marriage contracts to be used for those who want to start a family structure outside of the system.

The Men’s Action website contains 100 essays, six hours of videos, and offers two books. That information is more than adequate to explain the principle of gender the importance of family, and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it. The direction now must involve translating this information into practical help for the members of society.

Not everyone has the time to become fully involved in Men’s Action even if they believe in it fully as each person has their area of responsibility and obligation. I can appreciate this as I enjoy nature and believe in living in harmony with the environment, but my primary interests lie elsewhere. Nevertheless, each December I send financial contributions to a half dozen environmental organizations as part of my efforts to support the preservation of nature.

While I would like for each one of you to actively support of Men’s Action I know that you have other responsibilities. Perhaps you could show your support by investing in my books. As you read them you might be motivated to become more active and/or motivate others to become more active. If you cannot afford a book, perhaps you can handle making a donation.

Whatever you decide to do, decision time is at hand. You are in the midst of the collapse of a civilization that has lasted for 2,500 years. History is being made. Are you going to stand on the sidelines and watch it unfold and be sucked into the undertow of its departure or will you be a participant in the dawning of a new era? These are the only two options and they allow but one choice.

I look forward to your support.


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