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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I skimmed through the 2009 Personal Finance Issue of US News & World Report and reflected on the disproportionate emphasis placed on matters material by the media, all levels of government, and our societal institutions I became motivated to write this essay on the true needs of people.

Contrary to the hype we receive from the various institutions of our society, the main interest and requirement of people does not evolve around money and things. When people pray to a higher power or go to fortunetellers, astrologers, or seers of various sorts they have three to four basic concerns. These are romance, health, and finance. Career also becomes an area of concern but it usually represents an extension of finance, and the finance serves as a means of material security. People want to experience health, love, and security. They have simple desires, which the extended family usually provided for except in cases of war and/or natural disaster; even then the feeling that “we are all in this together” provided a sense of security.

In patriarchal societies, women awoke in the morning in a safe and secure environment. They knew the men provided the protection they needed and the means for them to go about their business of nurturing. The men did the hunting, fishing, and farming necessary to provide the means for women to nurture, and provided for their safety as well, whether from predatory animals or incursions from a hostile tribe.

Women function well in a secure environment. It enables them to express their nurturing love in all its forms. It relaxes them and enables them to carry out their womanly functions with confidence, warmth, and joy. Women of patriarchal societies do not suffer from depression or commit suicide, and their bodies are relatively free of disease.

Men of patriarchal societies express joy and happiness as well. What greater joy is there to a man than living in a home filled with the aura of a caring loving woman?

Children raised in these societies have a sense of belongingness, which gives them self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to the larger social order. They also learn ethics and the natural moral behavior that ensues from these ethics.

Compare this picture of tranquility, security, togetherness, and harmony to the chaotic, insecure, lonely, and dissonant environment in which Western men and women live. Everything we do is based upon monetary decisions because family has been taken away from us. This focus on matters material cannot provide the security and warmth of the family and tribe.

Our government, media, and present society in general have a preoccupation with matters material and an almost complete disregard for the basic essentials of living and quality of life. Every human need becomes quantified and reduced to a purchasable material quantity. People no longer experience joy; instead they have temporary ecstasies provided by various forms of escapism.

None of the political candidates during the primaries or presidential campaigns focused on or even mentioned family. In all the hoopla about the activities of the President since the inauguration nothing has been mentioned about family. Even with health care—which is really sick care—the emphasis is on the amount of money available to cover sick costs, not wellness.

Western society has never experienced the level of illness that now runs rampant among all its social strata. Chronic illness now affects 25% of the population, diabetes occurs at younger and younger ages, obesity among children continues to increase, respiratory illness has become the norm, 300,000 new cases of breast cancer occur each year, and the number one health issue of the English speaking world is mental illness. And we call those areas of the world that still practice patriarchy, primitive. We have lost all perspective.

This perspective needs to be addressed, for it lies at the very core of the problems of Western society. A single entity created this universe and we generally refer to this entity as God although that word comes from the Europeans or Indo-Europeans. Mystics sometimes use the term “the great absolute” when referring to the single creator. Whichever way a person refers to this entity, it exists and is the cause behind all causes.

God created a perfect universe and gave instructions through various prophets on all continents since the beginning of time on how to live in this universe and be in harmony with it. There is a way to live in it. I will capitalize Way to denote it as a particular entity. The Tao means the Way. Jesus said, “I am the truth, the light, and the Way.” When we live in the Way as best as we understand it and are capable of, we experience harmony, love, contentment and spiritual growth.

What we call primitive people lived in the Way. They had a balance between the material and spiritual world. They lived in harmony with nature, but knew all things came from the unseen spirit. They lived in harmony with each other. Patriarchy provides the structure for this harmony. It is the structure of the universe. It is an expression of the natural relationship and balance of gender. Western thought on the other hand is oblivious to the Way and therefore not in harmony with it.

Western thought only addresses the material world. It has little understanding of things unseen. It is feminine and materialistic. It is unbalanced. It does not acknowledge what it cannot see. It takes great pride in the scientific approach and use of empirical data, which one day I am confident will be regarded as an extremely unsuccessful attempt to access the truth.

Western thought has made a god of materialism. It believes it can created better food than God did, and that it can heal better than God can. Just look at the aberrations known as the American Medical Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association. It believes it creates abundance, not realizing that all abundance comes from God. It is not in harmony with anything and in disharmony with everything. Western thought has caused the pollution of the earth, and its inhabitants. All its political isms have failed.

Now as the economy continues to falter we hear continuous reports of the high priests in Washington calling upon the god of materialism to save us. The process of saving us will take away our every freedom.

It’s time for a re-evaluation, either men rule or the State rules. The rule of the State leads to tyranny. The rule of men—which is patriarchy—leads to health, love, and security.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


I do ballroom dancing and enjoy dancing with inexperienced dancers as well as the experienced, as the former give me the opportunity to utilize my teaching ability. One of the mantras I recite to the learners is, “Back on the right and forward on the left.” Not infrequently I have to stop to explain which is the right and left side. Women have difficulty relating to left and right, and also to North, South, East, and West. A woman’s difficulty with direction is well known and the general attitude is “So what?” This essay will deal with the “So what.”

First, let’s look at how much of daily activity depends on an understanding of left and right. We turn to the left or to the right when we walk out the door of the buildings we reside in. We use even numbers on the left-hand pages of a book and odd numbers on the right-hand pages. Newspaper articles are designated left and right. On highways we pass in the left lane, and get off using the right lane. At the doctors office we explain of pain we have in our left ear or right knee, left foot or right eye. Athletic equipment is designed for left handed players and right handed players. There are left tackles, right guards, and left fielders. Boats and ships have left sides (port sides) and right sides (starboard sides). We look for things in the right side of a closet, and the left side of a storage bin. Refrigerators have left opening doors and right opening doors. The number of daily activities depending on right and left designations borders on infinity.

North, South, East and West as designations influence all that we do. Streets are designated as running East and West, and North and South. We speak of the northbound lane of a highway or the southbound direction of an Avenue. We designate the side of mountains by the north face or south face. Subway and elevated lines are designated northbound or westbound. We speak of the southward flow of a river or the northward migration of ducks.

Women have difficulty with these designations of direction and others that will be mentioned because they cannot be seen. Not only are they not seeable—they do not exist. They are conceptual designations of men. Uptown and downtown fall into this classification, as do latitude and longitude. They do not exist. All of the movement of people throughout the world is dependent upon the conceptual designations of direction that men have created. That’s something for both men and women to reflect upon.

Now let’s take our thinking to a deeper level. Not only is all movement predicated on the unseen, but the rate of movement is also predicated on conceptual designations. There is no such thing as a minute or hour. They are arbitrary conceptual designations of the movement of the earth on its axis. Clocks are measures of conceptual thinking. The international dateline does not exist—neither do time zones.

Let’s go still deeper, all that we manufacture is according to conceptual designations that do not exist. There is no such entity as an inch or millimeter, gallon or liter, foot, or yard. There is no such entity as a mile, a degree of movement on a circle. All direction, movement, and product of this world are predicated upon the unseen conceptual designations of men.

The dependence of all earthly activity on the conceptual thinking of men is an example of the functioning of the universal principle of gender. The masculine principle provides the environment and means for the feminine principle to bring life into this world and nurture it. The feminine principle produces everything in accordance with the unseen parameters of the masculine principle. Men deal with what is unseen in order for the seen to function.

We tend to take for granted the roads, highways, buildings, and products of society. We act as though they were always here. They weren’t. They came into being as a result of the conceptual thinking of men. The attitude of “We don’t need men anymore” is predicated on ignorance.

There is another area of male conceptual thinking that most significantly affects society.

All ethics and the morals that are derived from them come from the conceptual thinking of men. Virtue chastity, honor, loyalty, and general rectitude come from the unseen standards of men. These standards came about as a result of the purpose of propagating and preserving the species. The enemy of our society had to disenfranchise men in order to brake down its moral structure. Removing the authority of men destroyed the family and the conceptual thinking within it that provided the standards for moral behavior. The enemy promotes the mantra “there is no right and wrong,” and replaces ethical standards with laws that define legal and illegal.

Just as the conceptual thinking of men provided the environment for the activity of the physical world, the conceptual thinking of men also provides the spiritual, ethical and moral environment for the development of people.

All forms of government other than patriarchy are parasitic institutions that feed off the output of others. The huge federal economic stimulus prepared by the government is for it own survival and control. People can survive a recession and depression. They can survive famine. They have done so before. The government can’t. It has grown too large. It needs tax revenue to survive. It must pump up the economy and in the process further destroy the environment.

We have a monster on our hands in Washington and in the nations of most of the world. That monster is destroying our lives. In the end it will destroy itself. That time is coming soon. For those who still think we don’t need men any more, when the time of destruction is upon us the following words of Isaiah 4:1 will be fulfilled: “Then on that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes if only we may be called by your name.”

Just as the conceptual thinking of God created the physical universe, the conceptual thinking of man created the material world in which we live.

I trust that the “So what” of the opening paragraph has been answered.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


As I review the societal landscape I see in its every activity a passiveness and lack of purpose. Life has become meaningless. Traditional practices, customs, and mores have become nothing more than empty rituals that gradually fade into oblivion.

Elders are no longer venerated; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members receive no special recognition and little respect, for they have been removed from any meaningful influence regarding the training and development of the young. Women no longer respect men and men no longer respect women, for their natural purpose has been suppressed.

Lacking purpose the only meaningful activity becomes self-indulgence. People who stand in the way of the attainment or expression of self-gratification become the enemy, regardless of their age or gender. When purposelessness engulfs a society its members become selfish and disrespectful; they develop a “dog eat dog” mentality, which requires an even stronger government to maintain order.

People seek escape from this un-natural existence in the form of entertainment, sports, substance abuse, gambling, and pornography. This entertainment no longer has meaning and has become a vehicle for the expression of more violent behavior and debauchery.

The purposeless society cannot endure; it will self-destruct. A purposeless society is an oxymoron. At best it is a temporary phenomenon.

Whether in the spiritual realm or material realm, purposelessness cannot endure. I will first address the concept of purposelessness in matters spiritual. Some of the new-age gurus preach of a society in which we will have made union with God and all conflict will have ceased. One sect established by such a guru holds that procreation will occur without sexual union and that desire and lust will have ceased to exist. I asked a member of such a sect what function the male would have in that society. She did not answer my question. She couldn’t. If males provide the environment and means for females to bring forth life and nurture it, what possible role could man have in a society in which God has provided everything and there is no purpose? Man would not exist in such a society. Nor would woman, for she would not have anything to do. That society is purposeless. After union with God is attained, there no longer is a purpose or a reason for living in the material world.

The difficulty with Western thought in addressing this spiritual situation is that it can only comprehend it within the limited confines of the space-time paradigm, and spirituality does not fit in there. However, whatever understanding we have of spiritual perfection, we will no longer exist in the material world once it is attained, for the purpose of human existence will have been achieved.

Before proceeding, it is well to reflect that when the physical universe was created, gender came into being. Adam represented the masculine principle, which gave direction to the world in its process of fulfilling the divine purpose of propagating and preserving the species on its journey of spiritual growth.

Just as ultimate spiritual attainment removes the need for the male, the reverse is also true. As the male is removed from society it degenerates, implodes, and then ceases to exist. Whether we have spiritual attainment or materialistic degeneration, there is no place for the male in either activity. In the former he evolved out of his position and in the latter he was removed from it.

No males—no purpose. No purpose—no society.

In the realm of human existence there are very few at the extremes—those that attain union with God or those that self destruct—but most of society tends to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, depending upon the virility and purpose of its males. Since males in Western society are impotent and lacking in direction and vitality, it is only natural that Western society is collapsing.

Whether or not one believes in the prophecy of the Mayans, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, Revelations, the end times, or prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, society has always been warned of the degeneration that takes place with the decline of the masculine influence. It happened, in ancient Israel, Greece, Rome, Spain, and now throughout the Western world. The words of the prophets are rarely heeded, and the lesson of history is that no one learns from it.

In order for a society to have purpose, or at least the ability to strive for goals, it must have virility. It must have the energy to fulfill its aspirations. Virility and the assertive action that it generates come form the masculine principle—from the male of the species.

No males—no virility. No virility—no action. No action—no accomplishment.

The neutering of the male in Western society has developed into a huge evil born of ignorance. It is leading to the demise of society and there is no “fixing” this demise. The health and well-being of men, women and children has never been in a worse state. Like an illness that must run its course before health is restored, the genderless thinking of Western society will wash away upon its collapse as the people face the issue of their very survival. That day is rapidly nearing.

We can stand by and do nothing, or we can start to prepare for that eventuality now. Those men and women who have supported Men’s Action from the beginning might now consider moving forward to another level of activity. While we all have the demands of our daily existence on our available time, talent, and treasures, these demands are more apparent than real. Jesus told the man who would follow him but had a funeral to attend to first, to “Let the dead bury the dead.” The meaning of that response is that most of the world is spiritually dead and let them care for one another. And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

The time is at hand for those who are awake, to act, and for those who can see, to move. No institution will bring about change; it will be made by those who are awakening and emerging from the comatose state in which society is engulfed.

Society will soon be forced to re-establish its purpose and will require direction to attain that end. That purpose is the something for which to give up everything.


Saturday, February 7, 2009


A review of career listings found in various locations on the internet and in print media reveals an increasing number of professions and occupations that have no purpose other than to compensate for the un-natural lifestyle that we lead. Careers such as urban planner, financial analyst, health services, human services, recreation worker, economist, government and public administration, agricultural and food scientist, and public safety, corrections and security, are all creations of Western society. Natural societies had no need of these careers.

Why do we need agricultural and food scientists? God made food and designed a certain way for it to grow and be harvested. God’s work cannot be improved upon. The abandoning of natural farming for modern productive efficiency destroys the natural balance of nature and requires the employ of scientists to figure out ways to produce food from an abused environment.

What do we need economists for? Productivity and the amassing of things material has become a fetish of modern society. God has given us freely all that we need. Paul said, “There is no single thing that you have not received.” What function do economists fulfill? They have generated a multitude of theories because they know nothing. Their predictions on economic growth are no better than guesswork.

Public safety, corrections, and security are only needed in a society lacking in ethics. Ethics come from the masculine principle and become imbued within society by family training. Jails did not exist in the Americas, Polynesia, or Africa before the arrival of Western man. Western nations all have huge penal and security systems to protect themselves from each other because they have destroyed the fundamental structure of humankind—the family.

Vocational activities such as occupational therapy, family counseling, childcare, elderly care, health care, investment counseling, legal services, social work, and drug and substance abuse treatments are all unique to Western society.

The un-natural activity of working at a job created the need for occupational therapy. Homemakers of old in all cultures didn’t need occupational therapy because they used all their bodily parts in the course of a days work. They lifted, carried, stirred, mended, scrubbed, ironed, peeled, laundered, and did a variety of other chores that exercised their entire bodies. Men, would plow, make fences, chop, hone, hunt, fish, and do a variety of other activities that would utilize all their muscles.

Jobs have people sit or stand in one position all day; they go through the same motions all day putting undo strain on their bodies. Their minds also become numb. They need physical therapy, mental therapy, and various supports for their bodies. Jobs are unnatural. People were not created to have jobs. They were designed to do whatever was necessary to propagate and preserve the species. In natural societies, if a child was sick and a mother had to go through the night without sleep taking care of it, that was her responsibility. If a man went on the hunt for food in dangerous terrain at the risk of losing life or limb, that was his responsibility. Men and women did what was necessary to preserve the family and tribe; they did not have jobs. Work is good; jobs are bad.

Jobs have become necessary in order to obtain money so that the essentials of life can be obtained, essentials that man once provided for himself before all the resources around him became “owned.” Jobs are demeaning, dangerous, and life threatening. Jobs are economic slavery. Yet the slaves today are begging the government for more jobs, so indoctrinated have they become to their condition of servitude.

Family counseling represents another vocation brought about by the aberration of Western society. Young college graduates certified as social workers call upon women with children and tell them how to be good mothers and maybe wives. These functions were normally learned from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins. Learning how to become a good wife and mother is not obtained from a book; it comes from observing how others do it. Family provides the environment for that education to take place. With the destruction of the family the center of learning for parenthood disappeared and family counseling was created.

Space does not permit going through each and every career and occupation developed as a direct result of the un-natural practices of Western society. However, the examples given will hopefully serve as a catalyst to explore all that we do that has no direct contribution to our well-being. Living in such a manner leads to stress, anxiety, angst, and unhappiness. It leads to spiritual as well as material poverty.

Do you want to continue living in this manner knowing that conditions will continue to worsen; or do you want to learn more about these issues and perhaps become involved with others who have similar concerns? You can receive these essays on a regular basis at no charge by clicking the subscribe button under my picture on www.mensaction.net. You can also subscribe to my videos at no cost through youtube.com. Should you become further interested and want to help share the word you can invest in my book and information booklets through paypal.com on the Men’s Action website.

Getting back to the conclusion of this essay, an increasing amount of our labor goes to support the payment of the consequences of the un-natural lifestyle that we have developed. You might want to refer to my extensive essay entitled, The Fixit Society, or, to learn more of the conditioning we receive for this un-natural lifestyle you can review Cubists. Each year we have to work harder to maintain the lifestyle we had the previous year because an increasing amount of what we earn goes to support non-productive activities and a growing government.

Government continues to expand its control into every aspect of our lives through overt and covert activities. The printing of money to stimulate the economy will result in inflation that will erode the value of social security benefits and retirement income. Ultimately we will all become wards of the state. It will decide on our health care, housing, education, recreation, and perhaps the length of our lives as well. In the process it will create more non-productive jobs necessary to for the administration of our control. You can do nothing and await the furtherance of these conditions, which are already upon us, or you can decide to get together with others and start to develop a way of life outside of the system. Men’s Action offers you a vehicle to do the latter.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


The first bill President Obama signed into law— the Ledbetter Wage Discrimination bill—focused on equal pay for women, which in essence erases any difference between men and women in the workplace. This signing supplements the legislation introduced by and passed during Vice President Biden’s time in the Senate called the Violence Against Women Act, which legally eliminated any difference between men and women in the home and made the government the sole arbiter. It also put more men in jail and had more children reared without a father. These two men will continue the government’s march towards a genderless and Godless society proposed at the International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995. The much-heralded change in this new administration will not come about; instead it will continue the usurpation of manly authority and individual judgment of its predecessors.

President Obama’s comments on 18 billion dollars worth of bonuses given on Wall Street this past year reflects the government’s intrusion into the details of business operations as well. We have a government that has extended its tentacles into the home, the workplace, and into business operations. Its present grip on healthcare and education will be tightened in the near future.

As I see the effects of Western man’s abdication of his natural authority I am reminded of the warning contained in the Mahabarata, which states, “Woe unto all when the tiara rules before the crown.” Mohammed said in one of his hadiths, “A nation that gives its affairs to women will never be successful.”

As I have said many times there are only two types of governance available, the rule of men or the rule of the State. When men become neutered the State takes over all functions of societal activity and then evolves into a tyranny.

Plato forecast these conditions in the Republic as he described the descent of democracy into tyranny. He said that as the time for tyranny approached, “There would come impeachments, and judgments, and trials of one another.” Sound familiar?

He also said, “The people have some champion who they set over them and nurse to greatness.” Sound familiar?

We stand at the threshold of tyranny. The proper description is sit. That’s the position of Western man, he sits and does nothing and hopes that his institutions will take care of things, little realizing that his dependency on institutions led to his emasculation. He seems unable to do anything about anything anymore. He’s been neutered. How sad; especially for the women who now have only the state to turn to for their well-being.

On the home page of the Men’s Action website I indicate that the World Trade Center had represented the phallic symbol of America, which was replaced by a large vagina, the new symbol for America. The New York papers had headlines for the last two years asking why there was no erection at ground zero. Vaginas do not get erections. And there is no other source to bring about action. This is the land of Viagra. As one women said to me, “We can’t get it up anymore.” How sad.

Barbara Hand Clow, astrologer and cosmic historian states. “Most cultural collapses have come from apathy and lack of energy.” The masculine principle supplies energy, it’s called virility. No men—no virility. No virility—no action. How sad.

Western man has gone through a modern neutering. Instead of being physically castrated as in the days of the eunuchs his castration now takes place by raising him in a home without a father, educating him with girls and told that there are no gender differences, sending him into a work place where he must work equally with women, be indoctrinated that marriage is passé, and be subjected to one-sided and onerous sexual harassment and sexual abuse laws. If he survives that indoctrination and still decides to get married he learns that he is not the head of the family, that the children belong to the state and that separation and child custody arrangements can be granted at the whim of the courts. How sad.

We live in a society of the neutered male, of the modern eunuch. Now that he has become completely passive he hopes that his institutions will somehow save him. If we could only go back to the original constitution, back to the tenets of this or that religion, back to conservatism or true liberalism, or some political philosophy that has never worked. He hopes that somehow these institutions will make change while he sits. How sad.

He complains a lot, he even sends letters to officials to so something about some particular wrong, but never about the underlying cause. He can’t see the underlying cause, and on the rare occasions in which he can, he is unable to do anything about it.
His women suffer from depression, and increased rates of breast and cervical cancer; his daughters no longer have any desire to become wives and mothers and engage in all sorts of debauchery which is now labeled sexual liberation and independence; he sees his sons developing into the most violent boys in the world; he sees his brothers rotting away in cages in the penal system for unjust accusations regarding sexual molestation, spousal abuse, and child support. Yet, he does nothing. He’s been neutered. He sits. It’s all over. The end of Western society is at hand. No one can save it.

Then what are the few who see the cause of this collapse to do? They can become active with Men’s Action to Rebuild Society, a spiritually based and gender oriented organization with a Mission Statement that calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. It supports family and the patriarchal way of life necessary to sustain it. Men’s action has a message, and defines the purpose of human existence.

Men’s action not only provides a voice but also serves as a vehicle for change. It can provide male enlightenment and empowerment seminars. It can provide seminars for women as well. It can provide home economics programs. It can offer low cost or free services of holistic health practitioners. It can establish marriage contracts that are outside of the purview of the government. It can re-pioneer family values and the security and spiritual growth they bring.

Most of all Men’s Action offers hope. Hope for a life of meaning and purpose. A life of human dignity. A life of dedication to the family, tribe, and human race. A life of belongingness, love, care, and security. A life of men and women who know their purpose in this earthly visit and do their best to fulfill it. A life outside of the reaches of the State. And lastly, Men’s Action offers the opportunity to plant the seeds for a new era of spiritual growth after the demise of this age of materialism.

Becoming active requires stepping up to the plate and giving of one’s time, talents and treasures, as one is able to. We charge no dues and only ask that you invest in a copy of Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility, along with a set of information booklets. If you can’t make that small investment then you are not ready to become active with Men’s Action. To those who have given and continue to give their support—and you know who you are—I consider you as precious as jewels. You have been with us from the start when there was nothing. To the women who have given generously of their support, which is an expression of your nurturing nature, I am grateful and look forward to you playing a bigger role in our outreach.

To all who have not yet taken steps to become involved with Men’s Action, now is the time. Do not become attached to anything that you do or own; you won’t be doing it or owning it much longer. The time to act is now. This moment. Order a book and set of booklets, subscribe to our website, send me an Email, and get involved. Assert your manhood and womanhood. Now. The State tyranny is readying itself for the throne.


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