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Sunday, July 19, 2009


The term “empowerment of women” has permeated the media, politics and education of this nation. It is a term that derives from the complete ignorance of gender abilities and relationships. The words power and empower are relativities. A power hitter in baseball gets more extra bases per hit than the average player. A powerful speaker moves people to accept a message more easily than the other speakers. A powerful car has more horsepower than most cars. To empower someone is to give them power relative to others.

To empower women relative to men in manly attributes is an oxymoron. A woman can never be empowered vis-à-vis a man in manly things. Men on the other hand, can be disempowered by castrating them, neutering them, and emasculating them, which has been done by law and their own ignorance. The result has not seen any increase in power of women—they are not hitting a longer ball nor do they have more horsepower—what has happened is that men are no longer permitted to exercise their power and the result has been a complete disempowerment of women.

The way a woman can be empowered vis-à-vis a man is in non-manly areas. When men’s power was unrestricted they built families. They could not do this on their own because only women had the reproductive ability. Therefore, women were sought after and they became empowered because they could do something the men couldn’t; they could bring life into the world and nurture it. This is what Professor Steven Goldberg author of Why Men Rule, called a “win-win” situation for women. No man can compete with being a good wife and mother. Being a good wife and mother was empowerment not at the expense of men but as a result of the power of men.

This female empowerment leveled up the entire race, because men set standards and women did their best to show that they lived according to those standards. Men married “the mother’s of their children” and were very careful as to whom they would select for that responsibility. Women were treated with dignity. A myriad of courtesies were extended to women such as opening the door for them, allowing them to go first, and having them walk on the sheltered side of the sidewalk. They were protected by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. They were not treated as similars because real men knew that women were receptive and responsive and therefore vulnerable and required protection.

In the current era of the emasculated male women have become completely disempowered. They have been reduced to work units. They have become automaton workers and programmed consumers. All the natural protection given to them by men has been removed and their moral conduct has degenerated. Their natural attributes of compassion and consideration have been suppressed and been replaced by a cultivation of aggressive behavior. They have been recruited into police departments to learn how to shoot people and they have been recruited in the military to learn how to kill people. The nurturers of the race are being taught to become the destroyers of the race. They are being motivated to become single mothers, dump their children while still in diapers into state run child care centers while they get on the treadmill of production. They see their children end up in street gangs, on drugs, in prison, and shot dead in the streets.

The result of this aberration of human behavior is that women are breaking down. The number one debilitating illness of Western women is depression. They have become so “liberated” that they are going out of their minds, and at an ever-increasing rate. Having the government act as their husband is not working in their best interests. Only men can empower women. REAL MEN who know their responsibility to the family, tribe, and human race empower women.

In order for men to fulfill heir responsibilities, which will result in the empowerment of women, they must understand the principle of gender and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain the family. They must also have the courage to regain the authority necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.


Friday, July 3, 2009


The June 29, 2009 issue of Newsweek contained a cover story by Fareed Zakaria titled The Communist Manifesto, which he subtitled Greed is Good (to a point). An excerpt from the article states “What we are experiencing is not a crisis of capitalism, it is a crisis of finance, of democracy, of globalization and ultimately of ethics.” To lump ethics into the same pot as finance, democracy, and globalization indicates that he does not know where ethics come from. Furthermore, for a proponent of “greed is good” to express a concern for a crisis of ethics indicates a lack of understanding of ethics.

A quality that derives from ethics called trust received attention from Burt Ross former mayor of Ft. Lee, NJ. He spoke at the Bernie Madoff sentencing hearing where he pointed out that the major effect of the financial fraud was the destruction of the public “trust.”

On the same weekend that I read Zakaria’s column and saw Burt Ross on a news interview, I also saw on Meet the Press a concern expressed for the “values” of this nation.

These three unseen and conceptual factors: ethics, trust, and values received the attention of the major media within a span of a few days, which indicates the growing concern of the citizenry about non-material matters. Values and trust derive form ethics, a quality not understood by the media, its authors, interviewers, and producers.

That ethics should be brought up in a national news magazine by non-other than Fareed Zakaria, is a travesty. If Fareed writes an article without mentioning GDP it becomes a collectors item; he is so enmeshed in the gross materialistic values of Western thought that he has become blind to the source and meaning of ethics. The making of money as an end in itself can never be ethical because it is an activity based on greed, which is unethical and self-destructive.

Men who devote themselves to the propagation and preservation of the species establish ethics. There is no place else for ethics to come from. Western thought—which worships the material world and developed a genderless society—is devoid of ethics. It has no sense of right and wrong. It attempts to make up for its ignorance of matters spiritual by developing laws for its societal conduct. Legal and illegal have replaced right and wrong leaving society without any meaning on which to base its behavioral conduct. Solomon said a nation without vision shall perish; we are that nation and we are perishing.

A report on the internet also this past weekend indicated that a growing proportion of our youth feel that they will not live long. Research has shown that youth who do not believe they will live long are seven times more prone to contact AIDS and other illnesses, use drugs, and become involved in negative issues than youth who have a longer life expectancy. Our youth have no purpose; they are perishing.

The race is perishing. The source of values, leadership and virility has been removed from society. In its place there is a constant barrage of anti family propaganda being promulgated to the public such as Sandra Tsing Loh’s article appearing in The Atlantic describing the end of her marriage. Titled Is It Time to End Marriage? Sandra not only has no inhibition about sharing her infidelity with the whole world, but also challenges the institution of marriage itself.

No society has ever survived the loss of male authority and its virility. One would think that Western man would have learned from the fall of Greece, Rome, Spain, and France, but he remains as ignorant of the cause as ever. He hopes that somehow the law will set things right even though the laws of Draco, Solon, Justinian, Napoleon, and the Constitution have failed to do so. He so desperately wants to find some legal precedent that if adhered to will make things all right again, or that failing, perhaps an aspect of his religion that if properly implemented will change things for the better. There aren’t any laws or institutions that will make things better. Only men can make things betters

Men make families. They also develop the ethics necessary to hold them together. The law is an ineffective substitute for manhood just as money is an ineffective substitute for fatherhood.

It’s time for men to assert themselves, re-establish the family and reinstitute the ethics necessary to maintain it. There are no other options for positive change.


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