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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Defining the Enemy

Those familiar with my writings know that I favor no particular political party or philosophy. I believe that extended family and the tribe are the natural societal structure and any deviation from this norm results in problems of various sorts. Nevertheless, I have always found it disconcerting to hear Rush Limbaugh use the term feminazi. Does he not know where feminists have their roots? I'll come back to the source of feminism later, but why do we refer to fascists as the ultimate in human suppression, rather than communist? When we refer to excessive intervention of the government into our private lives we call them Gestapo-like; why not KGB-like? Are we no better in history than Limbaugh? Has liberal revisionist media influenced the minds of MND as well as political conservatives? Let's take a brief look at the conflict between Nazism and communism in World War II and see who did what.

In the spring of 1941; when the German armies reached the Ukraine they were met by Ukrainian women distributing flowers to them. The general of the Ukrainian army attempted to negotiate the defection of one million soldiers to the Germans, which would have been the largest mass defection of soldiers in history. The Ukrainians treated the Germans as liberators because the communists had starved seven and half million of them to death in the early 1930's. This information is not conspiracy information; it is easily accessed. I saw the pictures of the Ukrainian women distributing flowers to the Germans in New York newspapers. A TV documentary hosted by Bill Moyers on Channel 13 verified the starving of 7.5 million Ukrainians. I went to the Ukrainian Consulate in New York and researched their files and verified that 7.5 million Ukrainians had been starved to death; that's a few million more than had perished in the holocaust.

The human carnage inflicted upon the Ukrainians was just the tip of the iceberg of what Stalin had initiated. He also sent to death 13 million Siberians. The most conservative estimate of the death toll during the Stalin era was 22.5 million people and this did not include wartime casualties. Yet these figures are rarely if ever referred to even though they dwarf the death toll of the holocaust.

The slaughter of human beings by communists did not end with the passing of Stalin. During President Carter's administration his National Security advisor Zbigniew Brezinski stated that international communism had been responsible for the deaths of 50 million people.

The communists are responsible for the greatest mass annihilation of people the world has ever seen. The mass slaughters conducted by the Mongols and Tartars were against the enemy. Communism annihilates its own people. The Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia exterminated 25% of its population. This is a key point. People do not willingly submit to socialism. They are forced to accept it. Communist riflemen posted in the rear of the Russian army would fire upon its soldiers if they surrendered to the Germans or retreated.

To hear people use the terms Gestapo, Nazi, fascist, and Hitler not only makes the liberals feel good, but they probably laugh inwardly at how they have kept the slaughter of tens of millions of people by communists out of the public mind. When Rush Limbaugh uses the term feminazis he compliments these liberal efforts.

Liberals are great proponents of freedom of expression when it comes to promoting their own ideology, an example of this is a store located in downtown New York that has a large communist flag hanging in the window and offers all sorts of communist and socialist literature and paraphernalia. If that same store had a Nazi flag hanging in the window it would be considered an affront to society and would be closed down. Former Hippy writer Harry Stein in his book, How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, relates how in a discussion with one of his colleagues where they had a point of difference, he was called a fascist. Anyone who is not in sync with the liberal thinking is a fascist.

Nazism as a national political force died when World War II ended. The same however, does not apply to communism, and the reason that I make an issue of it in this article is that we have a candidate for President of the United States, one Hillary Clinton who supports the communist ideology and work towards its implementation. She attended the 4th International Conference on Women in Beijing, China in 1995 with Bella Abzug and other heavy feminist hitters. Two primary objectives on the agenda were the elimination of God and the elimination of gender in society. That viewpoint is pure Marxism. The implementation of that viewpoint is destroying our country. All the moaning and groaning that I hear from men in this country about child custody issues, sexual harassment, divorce rates, and adultery, are issues brought about the godless and genderless political agenda of the liberals.

Doesn't Rush Limbaugh know this? If he does why doesn't he use the term redfemies instead of feminazis? When the Conservative Party complains about government intrusion into the privacy of people why don't they refer to KGB activities instead of Gestapo activities? Are Rush Limbaugh, Bill Riley, the Conservative Party, and liberals one and the same? I think so. They work hand in hand in carrying out the neutering of the male in society and the dominating of all aspects of our lives by the state; one of many reasons why change must come from outside of the system. Until then, defining the enemy is important.

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