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Sunday, November 6, 2011


The fourth item of the Men’s Action Mission Statement reads, “Foster respect for the environment and a life style that results in health and well being.” A part of the strategy to bring about this segment of the mission statement calls for promoting holistic health.
Two basic considerations led me to the decision to include holistic health in the mission statement

The first consideration came about as a result of the drug and/or cut philosophy of modern medicine, which I find lacking in understanding of the cause and cure of illness. This is not to say that that humankind has not derived benefits from painless and reconstructive dentistry along with bionic orthopedic surgery; however, these technological developments in essence deal with illness not health. Not infrequently surgeries need to be redone for the reason that they have addressed the effect and not the cause. Prescription drugs deal with effects as well and for the most part do not heal anything, but create bodily dependencies for these drugs.

The second consideration leading to the promotion of holistic healing was what I perceived to be the unsustainable ability to pay for the increasing use of drug therapy. The soaring use of prescription drugs has now contributed to an economic crisis in America and the rest of the world. Instead of focusing on how to pay for prescription drugs the emphasis should be on how to prevent the need for their use; however, this thinking has not presented itself on the medical or political spectrum.

My goal is to have practitioners of various alternative-healing systems provide their services at no-charge or reduced-charge to those in need under the auspices of Men’s Action. A segment of this activity has begun, and I take this opportunity to share it with you.

About two and a half years ago I took the basic course in pranic healing. After completing it I treated a Mexican woman who worked in a neighborhood store and the results are contained in the following testimony:

When elder George first started treating me my back ached across the shoulders, across the lower back and along the sides. I had migraine headaches, a chronic earache and congestion in my throat. I had also just been diagnosed as having a hypothyroid condition and had been put on medication.

After two weeks of treatment my back no longer ached. Then my throat congestion disappeared. After that my migraine headaches disappeared. On my next visit to the doctor he was amazed at how fast my thyroid improved and cut my daily dosage of medication in half. On my next visit to the doctor he said my thyroid was functioning normally. I no longer take any medication. Elder George treated me three times a week for two months. S.G.

After having achieved that level of success I began to practice on other people. Since then I have completed the advanced course and the psycho therapy course and am now in a position to provide healing for most any condition presented to me.

At this point you might ask the question, What is Pranic Healing? The energy of the universe is called Prana in India, Chi in China, Ji in Japan and flows through our bodies. When our bodies malfunction the energy flow becomes blocked and congested. Pranic healing wipes away this blockage restoring normal energy flow to the afflicted part. It also energizes the afflicted organ, muscle or bone to hasten its recovery and return to natural functioning.

Panic healing can be performed remotely. I treated a man in California who had cluster headaches for 25 years. He stopped taking pain medication after the first week and all signs of his affliction disappeared after four weeks of treatment. I treated a 69 year-old woman in Brooklyn who I never met and who suffered from an abdominal disorder and severe arthritic pain in her right leg. After six weeks of treatments she no longer has any discomfort. Most treatments are given two to three times a week and most of the time they are done remotely.

I have treated fibroids, irregular and painful menstruation, arthritis, and especially the effects of stress.

In accordance with my original plan I offer these treatments at very low prices. In New York City pranic healers receive $100 per treatment. I charge $35 and give discounts for extended treatment. Sometimes I do it for nothing for the needy.

Healing can be instantaneous or take years, depending on the severity of the ailment, how long it has existed, and the general vitality of the person afflicted.

There are pranic healers in most countries, and by using the internet you can probably find one near you.

If you would like to try my services I charge $50 for the initial examination and treatment and then $35 per treatment thereafter.

The collapse of Western society is accelerating throughout the world. To those of you who either subscribe to this website, have read my books, newspaper articles, and viewed my videos, you know that I do not believe in fixing the system, but in learning how to live outside of it. Item IV of the Mission Statement focuses on health, and one aspect of health is healing. I described one venue here. You choose what you feel is right for you. Your body is the holy temple given to you by your creator—take care of it.

At this point I will share with you my own physical condition, as I believe people who espouse a certain way of life should for the most part be representative of it. I was born with the average number of bodily imperfections and defects and had my share of surgeries that these defects eventually necessitated. Nevertheless, I plan on celebrating my 82nd birthday next month. I do not take medications—prescription or otherwise—and my blood pressure averages 120/70. This condition did not come about by accident but by a conscious effort to improve the strength and natural functioning of my body. During the past 25 years I added naturopathic health practices to the conventional care I received. I also became a vegetarian and no longer drink alcoholic beverages. I have done yoga exercises for most of my adult life. In short I try to live the natural lifestyle that I promote.

For those of you who would like to try my services I make a special offering, just make a $50 donation, (the donate button is a few inches below my picture on www.mensaction.net) send me you name, birth date, and a description of your ailments and I will give you two treatments and then get back to you with a treatment plan. You have nothing to lose except your aches and pains.

Thank you all for your consideration.


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