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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I recently completed a list of 10 gender characteristics along with explanations of them and in planning on how to present them on the internet and to the public at large my thinking was influenced by two recent newsworthy events concerning family.

The first of these events occurred in Milwaukee, where social workers conduct strip and search procedures in private schools as well as public schools to determine if parents had spanked their children. They conduct these invasions of privacy on an ongoing and routine basis. The second event, which occurred a thousand miles away, witnessed Texas authorities removing 450 children from the parents of a polygamous group. These acts serve as but two of an infinite number of examples of the government’s view whether on the national, state, or city level, that children belong to them and not to their parents.

These acts reflected the thinking of the Western psyche, and I planned to use those acts as an introduction to gender, but realized that I had already written an article titled The European Psyche, which I have since published under a Message from Elder George. However, an important consideration that I had left out had to do with the Platonic philosophy, which requires that the family unit have no place in the perfect state and that children should be turned over to the state in infancy. For the 2,500 years since the writing of the Republic the Europeans destroyed the family and cultural environment of every society they had contact with and have left in its place a monolithic government devoid of culture that has taken over the raising of children.

Organizations that believe in the importance of family blame communism, socialism, and feminism for the breakdown of family, but those entities are merely manifestations of materialistic feminine European thought, which began in Platonic Greece. Recognizing that what we see today is but an extension of that thinking, it is futile to make any changes within the system to strengthen family. A recent government statistic indicates that only12% of 18 year-old Americans live with both natural parents. For all practical purposes the family has become extinct and the state has taken over all functions of raising children.

The cause of the collapse and elimination of family does not lie with socialists and liberals, nor even with Platonic theory, but with the inherent value structure of Western man. He sees himself as a finite entity making a single trip through earthly existence. He therefore looks upon self-indulgence as his birthright. He sees the world as a huge ball of material that can be exploited for his pleasure. He lives in the here and now with no understanding of things unseen. He looks upon sex as a means of self-gratification rather than the vehicle through which the race is propagated; he has even developed chemicals to be ingested by women so that they do not become pregnant. The future of the race and world do not weigh heavy on his mind.

Western man does not see the opposite sex as being essentially different than himself, and since he considers the acquisition of material things, which he calls wealth, a prerequisite to happiness, he feels it only right and proper that women should have the same “right’ to amass wealth. This “right” was expanded to vote and be involved in governance, an activity that the feminine psyche is ill equipped to handle. Since women comprise the majority of the voting population they have voted away male authority in the home, which resulted in the destruction of the family; in the educational system, which has eliminated standards and reduced our children to reciters of information; in the workforce, which has created a whore economy; and finally in government, which has resulted in a multiplicity of laws to make up for the lack of manly standards. Western man voted away his inherent ability to rule and reduced himself to an automaton production worker—to a jackass on the treadmill of production. The thought that he did this of his own free will is a testament of his massive ignorance regarding his purpose in life. When Jesus uttered the words, “Forgive them for they know not what they do,” he was speaking to the ignorance of Western man that that had permeated the area for more than three centuries.

A view that serves as the antithesis of Western thought looks upon the purpose of mankind as one of spiritual growth and its primary activity to be the propagation and preservation of the species. It requires that he be in tune with nature (God’s creation) rather than attempt to control or alter it. The structure through which this activity is accomplished is called patriarchy, a concept not understood by Western man. As is his wont, Western man requires definitions of all that is not natural to his way of life. Wikipedia offers the definition of patriarchy as “The structuring of society on the basis of family units, where fathers have primary responsibility for the welfare of, hence authority over, their families.” That’s a satisfactory workable definition, but I offer a simpler and more universal one.

Patriarchy is the natural interplay of gender. That’s it. No parliamentary decisions to be made nor legislation enacted. No impirical data to be amassed; no theories to be proven. It occurs in the solar system and in the atom, and in everything in between. Western analytical and material thinking then brings up the question, “What is gender?”

To answer that question I present the 10 Gender Fundamentals listed below. I used the number 10 arbitrarily; they can be reduced to five or expanded to 15. Explanations of these ten principles are available for the asking.

Your comments would be appreciated.



1.Gender came into existence upon the creation of the physical universe and functions as an integral part of it. Gender enables all movement, expansion, and propagation.

2.For any activity to occur an assertive influence must act upon a receptive entity. Two assertive influences cannot produce anything, nor can two receptive entities.

3.The assertive influence is the masculine principle. The receptive entity is the feminine principle.

4.In the consideration of relativities such as hot and cold, light and dark, and noise and quiet there can only be one control influence in each set.

5. Any area of activity has only one assertive influence but can have many receptive entities.

6. Everything produced in the universe results from a pregnancy. The masculine principle initiates the pregnancy and the feminine principle brings it to fruition.

7. The receptive feminine entity comprises all that can be seen. Its movement depends upon the unseen assertive masculine influence.

8.The feminine principle materializes and personalizes the impersonal concepts of the masculine principle.

9.The “I” of the personality reflects the masculine principle and the “ME” reflects the feminine principle.

10.The masculine and feminine principles each have characteristics that serve as attributes enabling them to fulfill their respective functions of propagating and preserving the species on its infinite journey of spiritual growth.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The European psyche believes in unbridled freedom, self-indulgence, material acquisition, and a self-important nature that results in aristocratic societal structures. These are feminine characteristics, which when in balance with masculine characteristics become attributes, but when left unchecked lead to moral decadence, chaos, and a strong central government controlled by an aristocratic elite. We have such a government now, and for the most part that has been the nature of the governments of the West for the past 2,500 years.

We have moral decadence on a scale that encompasses every facet of society, and every profession including the government itself. Well-paid heads of large corporations embezzle billions; employee theft amounts to more than a billion dollars a week, and consumer theft known as shrink, amounts to one and a half percent of retail costs. Officials in sports, business and the professions accept bribes, as do members of government who legislate and enforce the law.

Marital infidelity and divorce run rampant among the populace and clergy as well. Children spend inordinate amounts of time in nurseries and after-school care, in orphanages or foster care. Elders are put in senior citizen homes. Young people live separately or cohabitate without marriage. The majority of adults are now single. Family—the prime source of values and character building—has been destroyed and right and wrong have been supplanted by legal and illegal.

Religion has taken precedence over spirituality. Church dogma supplants spiritual understanding and religious history (a record of the seen) takes precedence over the unseen meaning of scripture.

The Western insatiable desire to accumulate things governs all its motivations and its relations with others from individuals to nations. People go to school, to get an education, get a job, make money, and be somebody. They do not go to school to learn; instead they go to acquire information that will enable them to amass material things. At the national level government measures societal well-being in terms of gross domestic product—a barometer of how much consumable material the nation produces.

The Western psyche’s desire for material accumulation results in the need to “own” everything, and land consists of that which it can own. Wherever Western man has traveled internationally he received friendly greetings from the local inhabitants who contributed to his survival. He received this hospitable treatment form the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. In all instances of this hospitality, Western man took ownership of the lands of his hosts and made the people slaves, serfs, and indentured servants.

The Maoris in Hawaii exist at the bottom of the American economic ladder. In South America the indigenous people are referred to as those “Indians” and have little influence in the operation of their governments or economies. In North America those “Indians” live on reservations. The tribal ways of the African have for the most part been destroyed and Western interests control the land. Western man has divided Asia into two economic environments of his design—communism and capitalism—both of which have destroyed the cultural and social structure of their lands in the process of opening them up for economic exploitation. The destruction of cultural and religious practices in the lands he occupies results from the aristocratic aspect of the Western psyche and led to the segregation of non-Westerners all over the world.

In his insatiable desire to own anything and everything, Western man has destroyed and polluted the environment to a degree unheard of in all of recorded history. He has polluted the air he breathes, the water he drinks, the food he eats, and the thoughts he thinks; and considers this pollution the price of economic well-being. He shows an open willingness to sacrifice health for money.

This sacrifice of health has caused illness of epidemic proportions. The extensive use of prescription medications to treat these symptoms has caused economic hardship on the populace and is creating strains on the federal health care budget.

When Western man points with pride to his achievements, he does not realize that they consist merely of the rearrangement of the earth’s material done at the price of disrupting natural harmony. The continuous deterioration of all that he created requires continual maintenance.

The gross materialistic thinking of Western man has so blinded him to the natural functioning of the universe that he does not know how to live in harmony with it. His society crumbles before his very eyes, and he knows not why.

Western man does not realize his responsibility regarding the propagation and preservation of the species, an activity that cannot be accomplished outside of the patriarchal structure, which in turn requires a clear understanding of the principle of gender. Instead of assuming the responsibility for the well-being of the race he turned that function over to the government while he pursued material gain. A patriarchal structure never developed in Europe; the non-sustainable nature of the nuclear family established in its place requires government intervention to maintain it. Old age homes, orphanages, and prisons are the norm of Western societies. The institutionalized care of human beings has become a major European export.

By every mental, physical, and spiritual measure Western society is crumbling. In order for people to improve their lives under these conditions it is necessary to live outside of the system. The mission statement of Men’s Action to Rebuild Society calls for the fostering of a more natural way of life. The establishment of a patriarchal societal structure serves as the primary step in that direction.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


The sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright created media frenzy and they referred to his preaching as “hate speech.” Political commentators and talk show hosts blanketed the airwaves with what they referred to as the dangerous and divisive talk of this African-American preacher.

On the other hand, the remarks of Rev. Parsley calling Islam “anti-Christ” and Mohammed “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil;” and the remarks of Rev. Hagee referring to the Roman Catholic Church as “the great whore of Babylon” and a “cult,” calling it an apostate church and stating that this false religious system will be totally devoured by the anti-Christ, received relatively little attention.

The comments of Reverend’s Parsley and Hagee sounded like hate speech to me. They publicly condemned other religions in inflammatory and insensitive terms. Rev. Wright on the other hand didn’t say that his religion was better than others or that other religions were wrong. He complained about the socio-economic condition of African-Americans, which for the most part I agreed with.

Rev.’s Parsley and Hagee did not receive much condemnation, for it is not unique for Western man to consider his views to be right and everybody else’s to be wrong, but rather his normal modus operandi. As chief of Men’s Action I receive comments from Catholics, Protestants, constitutionalists, libertarians and others telling me that me that everyone else is wrong and if their belief system were implemented the nation would return to normalcy. Western man not only knows best, but also knows that he is best. The behavior then of Rev.s Parsley and Hagee might be a little irritating to the Western psyche, but not worthy of national condemnation.

Rev. Wright’s comments on the other hand were inexcusable for he had the temerity to challenge the status quo of Western society. How dare he even think to do such a thing?
He forgot his place, which is subservience to the Western oligarchy. He had to be brought up short and reminded of who he is and isn’t, and the media did that. And to support its efforts the media dug through its supply of black honkies whom it could call upon to make remarks condemning Rev. Wright.

Why must every African-American man speak up against some other African-American who makes inflammatory statements? Immediately after such an occurrence the media wants a response form the “black community.” It does not call upon a response from the “white community” or “the Jewish community” when one of their members makes inflammatory statements.

The only way to be totally accepted in this nation is to fully adopt Western values and denounce one’s cultural heritage. The Obama’s have traveled part of the way. They have gone to the accepted elite schools, adopted big government philosophy, and behave in an appropriate manner. If they can fully renounce their cultural and religious values they will be accepted.

Reverend Wright understands this.

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