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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On July 23, 2012 we learned that Sally Ride died. Sally was a scientist and the first American woman to travel in a space capsule; she hoped her activities would serve as an inspiration to all women.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote, “Sally Ride, a physicist, proved that women could be equal partners with men in space.” Perhaps she proved that she could learn to do what men had done first. Something else that men do that Sally Ride also did is to marry a woman. The desire on the part of modern Western women to emulate men seems to have no end or bottom, regardless of the consequences to themselves.

Riding in a space capsule cannot compare with bringing life into this world and nurturing it. Certainly our lives are much more affected by those women who gave birth to us, nurtured us, motivated us to live morally, created a loving and caring environment, and prepared us for adulthood, than by those who obtained graduate degrees, flew in space shuttles, and married other women.

The purpose of this article is not to focus on the negative effects of materially oriented goals, unnatural sex practices, and a family bereft philosophy, as bad as they are, but to address the repeated omission of comment regarding the physiological breakdown of the modern Western woman, especially those who have wealth, education, success, and fame.

The circumstances that caused me to focus on this condition occurredback in 2009 and 2010 when the news media trumpeted the affair of former Presidential candidate John Edwards and the shame of his cheating on his cancer stricken wife Elizabeth. Also the recipient of much publicity but to a lesser degree was the political activities of Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett
Packard who campaigned for a U.S. Senate seat in California.

The media attention that these women received focused on the marital environment of one and the political environment of the other. These women were educated, rich, successful, and famous. They both had double mastectomies and one died of her condition. The media never questioned why these women who had a lifestyle that denied them nothing, and access to the best medical treatment available, had their breasts chopped off. They accepted these severe maladies as part of the life of the modern American woman. You will not find one obituary on Sally Ride that will question why a highly educated, financially secure, health attended to (NASA showers its astronauts with the finest health and medical care known to them) woman, died at a relatively young age of 61 due to the complications of pancreatic cancer.

These conditions now regarded as normal—and they are for theWestern woman— are not natural. I learned last year that a majority of American woman now have fibroids, a condition of benign tumors in the womb that cause puffiness, painful and erratic menstruation. Even young women 20 years of age experience an increasing incidence of menstrual problems, such as pain in the ovaries, painful and irregular menstruation. The Western woman’s basic function
–to bring life into this world and nurture it—is being impaired because of the destruction of her physical being, especially of her reproductive organs. She has been motivated to participate in an un-natural lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The purpose of human existence is spiritual growth and the number one activity is the propagation and preservation of the species. The act of bringing life into this world is a reenactment in microcosm of the creationof the universe. As long as we fulfill the divine purpose of increasing ourspiritual awareness (including being in tune with nature) and propagating and
preserving the species good health among women and society in general, will be the norm.

It sounds simple, but there is little acceptance of this view by a society that is grossly materialistic and questions the existence of God. Atheism is a uniquely Western philosophy and its proponents have received extensive media coverage and political influence.

The atheistic gross materialistic thought causes Western man to attempt to adjust nature, as though God did not do an adequate job. The development of seedless watermelons and cucumbers, genetically engineered seeds, hormone fed livestock, and various other aberrations of nature reflect Western man’s ignorance of the universe in which he lives. How then can he create conditions conducive to the development of the health of women since he is unaware of their prime purpose, their needs in order to fulfill this purpose, and their contribution to the human race?

Dr. Phil Valentine of the University of Kemetian Sciences refers to the Western tolerance of the demise of woman’s health as “complacent pathology.” The Western world is complacent about the destruction of the female reproductive system. One of the many traits that women have that make them desirable to men is their ability to adapt; however, without supervision they
will adapt to anything and eventually destroy themselves. A glaring example is the deterioration of their reproductive systems, which is ignored by a media that instead tells women they are liberated and now live a better life than their mothers and grandmothers... Women have adapted to their poor health and believe the propaganda describing their modern lifestyle.

Sally Ride and Carly Fiorina, never brought life into thisworld, yet they are held up as examples of what women can aspire to and attain. While the majority of women are duped into believing
their lives are getting better, their health is deteriorating and their reproductive systems are degenerating as is the condition of Western society.


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